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Del Taco / drive thru experience

Vi Apr 28, 2019 Review updated:

We went to your store located at 1141 N Magnolia St in Anaheim shortly after midnight on Sunday 4/27/19. My wife was driving and we were a little confused as to where were to order . We didn't see an intercom at the menu board. I see now why we didn't see it. It was before the menu board and we drove past it to see what's on the menu. It was also covered by a banner for the Beyond taco and it was dark. Perhaps we were less than observant, but we didn't deserve to be treated the way we were. After waiting for quite a while at the menu board for someone to answer, we drove forward thinking maybe we needed to order at a later point. We waited in line another 10 minutes to reach the window to inquire. We explained to the male, Hispanic employee at the window that we didn't see an intercom there. We asked if we could order from the window instead and he said no. He said there was an intercom there. We would need to wait in line again. By that time there were several cars behind us and the line was slow to begin with. You lost a customer and quite possibly, depending on your response, earned a bad review on Yelp and Google for this location. Please make sure this employee realizes that behaving in such a rude, petty and punitive manner toward a customer is not acceptable. It wasn't as if we had somehow been negligent or sneaky and deserved to be made to wait in line punishment for not being compliant. Perhaps he was sick of people doing that several times a day, I don't know. Were that the case, it was only our first time there. If he felt too many people weren't understanding your set up, that would indicate the fault is on your store's end. For whatever reason, whether she was tired, wasn't observant, the fact is she wasn't clear on where to order. You just don't treat a customer like that. Granted, there were other orders that were waiting behind us but he could have asked her to pull up and park while they got our order. This guy should be suspended or fired. The hurt needs to be put on him one way or another. There is something intrinsically wrong with someone like this and he needs to be set straight in a way that he will remember. You will be doing this hot head a favor. He was very rude. Nail him!! Don't feel sorry for him.

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  • Bu
      Apr 28, 2019

    The fact that you want someone suspended or fired shows what a low life you are. Grow up. Telling you to do something you do not want to do is not the same as rude. You are selfish by holding up others because of your lack of being observant.

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