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I keep receiving unwanted calls from Degree Mentor who try to sell me their service. I asked many times to expel me from their calling list but it didn’t work and I keep getting called both day and night. I don’t want to change my phone number but how else can I stop this nightmare?


  • Sv
    SVMc Aug 01, 2012

    Degree Mentor seems to call my line every thirty minutes. I know the call isn't relevant because they choose not to leave a message. Their phone number comes up as 972.349.6336. Can anyone provide a way to get them to stop calling my phone? Please advice. Thank you.

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  • Oh
    Ohhh Rich Nov 27, 2012

    Degree Mentor has been calling my phone all day I've asked them to please stop calling.I'm sick and tired of answering unwanted calls I don't know how they got my phone number.I'm also registered on the no call list so I don't see how there getting through? I tried calling them with there phone number but you cant get through

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  • Ju
    juliaedwards Jan 07, 2013

    I'm having the same problem.the website doesn't exist.I didn't know they we're a scam, I simply asked if they could call back another wasn't a good time.all the other schools and what not haven't had a problem with my requests but these guys have been blowing up my phone all day! I finally answer only to get a recording asking me to wait!!! omg- wth...I entered the extension to get off the call list- I hope it works... I Will be blowing up their phone all day tomorrow.

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  • Fr
    Freaky1 Feb 15, 2013

    Degree Mentor called me. They are not the only ones but I was angry by then. I was soliciting a job not higher education and as soon as my job search started, so did these calls. When I explained to their representative that I was not happy, wanted to know how they got my number and did not want their calls, their representative laughed at me, for about a minute...laughing and laughing. i cussed her out and hung up. The number on my caller ID for DM was 608-286-3318. Others that have started calling me are : A place called W N, 608-509-4001, A number listed only as Florida 407-541-0043, Leavitt Group 801-736-0868, and "Uknown Namend" 800-233-0751...(So far)

    If this is not illegal, it should be.

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  • An
    annabanana1 Jun 27, 2013

    I too was looking at employment websites and had interest in going back to school at this time but I have had them call me 5 times while at work today and two times while I was making supper tonight and when I finally had time to call the number back, they were conveniently gone for the day. I cant answer the phone at work and so I cant even try to tell them to put me on the do not call list. I think we all need to report them to the FCC, I work for a call center calling customers of energy companies for them and we are only allowed to call people up to 3 times period let alone in one day and when we are told to be put on DNC my company does that immediately. The calls are out of Utah, maybe people in Utah think this is ok but I think it is harassment plain and simple.

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  • Me
    Merwin Jul 11, 2013

    Tell them you ar currently enrolled in college (I told them Ashford U). They end the call right there. Telemarketing is a pain because the operators that call and are blamed rarely are guilty of anything but getting paid minimum wage. The business model pertaining to calling lists to keep it as a recall if the prospect (you) does not answer a qualifying question or hangs up. The DNC list going into effect made calling lists much more expensive *less leads in each demographic area) and therefore they are re-used if there is any rationalization behind it. If a home improvement company calls tell them you do not own the house. I do not have re-accuring calls because I answer them, make them get to the point and then make sure they KNOW I am not a potential customer. I understand the frustration on these points but it is the product of a toothless law (how many organizations are exempt from the DNC. Are they all Government connected?) that aimed at an inconvenience. Take the time to deal with it correctly the first time and the under trained and under appreciated solicitor WILL correctly code your call, while the Ethically Challenged Call Center management team will not use your number until ithey purchase it again from a list broker (this does happen).. We are in a recession and for America to get going company's need and to make money creating a client base is costly. Telemarketing can be a cost effective marketing tool. You say you do not have the time to take the original call but look at how much time and effort you are putting into "getting them in trouble". Personally, we Americans would be better served if we started asking for things to be illegal that REALLY matter. Why are so many bankers not in jail for that Sub-Prime scam. We are still working harder to make ends meet, those bankers got bailed out even though they KNEW what would happen, more like BECAUSE they knew what would happen. Now they have a safety net provided by us who are struggling via Obama, and they have all that land and property that they forclosed on. This is something to shout about as if you shout at a telemarketer, they hang up in their tiny cubicle and have your phone number right in front of them. Most telemarketing companies that survive are fairly ethical. A few years back their was a company called California Marketing located in San Diego Ca (might still be there) and they cut the corners. You are obligated to have your number listed, they did not.They trained their reps to put your numbers back in the calling list and the inbound number (if you could find it) went directly to an answering machine that was never listened to. This comlpany also decided to go after Exempt business like political calls and the very shady "polling" numbers they produce. Back to my bottom line: this same California Marketing Company made many lead generation calls for mortgage company's specifically for Sub-Prime prospects. I chose not to bring those clients in as I would not try and sell Asbestos then I would not in essence sell a house that would be foreclosed on over 0 percent of the time. The management team of Samantha Tremble, John Mabie and Sebio De La Pena chose to go their direction. Last I heard Tremble and Mabie were still thriving at Cal Marketing (Mabie Marketing Group) while the Account Rep who brought these campaigns into fruition, Sebio Delapena took his commissions and bonus to InsideUp Inc in San Diego. There are no watch dogs for people in these business models. They helped perpetuate this financial crisis while still making their profit. It is true I do not agree with the people named, but the truth is out there for others to find. A company that is doing lead generation for a group of colleges might need to tighten their training, reporting and call disposition but they cannot do that without YOUR reasonable feedback.

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  • Ka
    Kathy Downey in VA Jul 13, 2013

    I have been receiving the calls to for some time. Today, my caller ID showed a Roanoke, Virginia land line number 540-206-3674 instead of the usual 972.349.6336, 800.000.0000, and so on... I did a phone number reverse such and Private Messaged the man the actual number belonged too. How are they using someone else phone number to call? Just be warned, you can't block these people. I've tried!

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  • Rm
    rmitch Aug 29, 2013

    I believe these "degreeMentor" calls may be connected to a survey that I answered. The following day the calls began. That was 2 weeks ago and have not stopped since!

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  • Be
    Ben Virdi Jan 06, 2014

    I have been receiving the calls to for some time Today from the Number they from call me 510-214-0516, my caller ID showed a degree Mentor. which ever the girl she call me with bad attitude, i ask her i did not want to go to school and can you remove my number thanks she did not say sorry, thanks, yes just hung the phone, when i call the this number back 510-214-0516 back then there is massage no longer in service. Please can some one stop this telemarketing people calling and harassing people, How are they using someone else phone number to call? Just be warned, you can't block these people. I've tried! thanks

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