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Deepa Travels,Adyar,Chennai review: Indifference to customer 2

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This is regarding my experience with a travel agent Deepa Travels in Adyar, Chennai. I approached them to book tickets for me and family to London and back and also to forward our Visa applications for process. I submitted the applications and submitted to them along with the fee, Bank pass book, P.O deposit books and a copy of my house document and also paid them the processing fee of Rs.1000/-per application. Because there was no update from them I called after two/three days only to know that the applications were still remaining with them. After persistent follow ups the applications were sent to the Visa agency after about 8 or 10 days. By the time I got the Visas the airfare went up by about Rs.2000 each. Well, I had to accept. They returned only the P.O. deposit books to me. The bank pass book and the house document copy were not returned. Lucky, I did not give them the original document as wanted by them Now it is more than three months since the incident. In spite of my repeated phone calls and e-mails I have not received any response from them. Even their Managing Director does not respond to the customer’s complaint. Height of indifference to the customer, I think. Their website boasts-At Deepa travels, customer is first! Do not know what they mean by that...

, IN
Feb 29, 2012 2:17 am EST

I too have a similar experince.i have asked them to process singapore visa .they told that ticket needs to be booked and no service charge will be take by them. after the ticket is booked thru tiger airways they did not give the fare amount in dollars.they will convert dollar amount to ruppes and told me some amount.when i verified in tiger airways site with the confirmation number i see some extra 5000 rs is take extra from me .when i asked them how this happened, they were telling me tiger airways have taken this amount..i asked them to write and give me so that i can complain against tiger.they wont do...again they tried mutiple ways to tally this 5000 rs and they couldnt do.. finally they told me we charged service charge for ticket booking for each person 1200 rs.also government tax for each person . purely cheating and time waste for me because they keep calculating and calcuating to tally the extra amount. pakka cheating .please make sure everyone verifies the amount properly before paying to them..very irresponsible .

Aug 25, 2008 10:41 pm EDT

we had a similar experience.The agency, deepa travels gokul arcade, informed us that they would process the paper work for our U.K visa.However when we were later informed that the visas were rejected, we were surprised.Perusal of the forms, filled by the travel agents & submitted revealed that there were gross mistakes .Since the visa fees are not refunded, we suffered a big loss ( the cost of four visas)& the agents fee which had been collected in advance.
very irresponsible & callous attitude, esp.the international section