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I am having the same problem as you all with the charging of the account for things I had not yet decided I was going to get. The Collagenta and Dead Sea Beauty Kit are from the same company and as far as I'm concerned if they had worked as well on myself as they did on the subjects they used (they had more wrinkles to take care of than I did at this stage of the game)I would have ben happy and continued on ordering. Their auto-Refills are $89.95 for the same size but if you don't continue with the program you get charged the $139.95. They are charging people before they have a chance to contact them and that is if you can contact them. Products came out of Israel, no idea if United States is location of business. I just recently, after much trouble been able to contact someone via email. They avoided every question I had. When I finally told them of other similar complaints the email I received from this young woman about the complaints board site is what I have copied/pasted below. I cannot believe this company actually belives that peole like us decided to complain just for the fun of it so we could help this site get money.. I am waiting to see my credit card statement comes in whether they have actually reimbursed me with the difference between what they were going to charge me and the price of the refills, which is $50. Thanks for taking the time to read. If anyone needs any help getting thru to them pls feel free to leave me a mressage here on the board. Thanks Deb British Columbia Canada

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The reason I was emailing you in the first place was because of the problem I stated in this email but also because I don’t seem to be the only one out there that is having the SAME problem. I send you a link for you to either ignore or as a reputable company take a look at and do right by the people who are not satisfied.,

Dear Debbie,
Let me explain something to you about those review websites.
Those website want from us money to contact the Customers who complain because of us.
We have a website and a telephone number, the Customers can contact us via our email and phone number and we will help them.
Customer Satisfaction Specialist
Dead Sea Beauty Kit, a product of DS Marketing Limited

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Update by Debbie51
Jan 05, 2013 9:27 pm EST

Just another note to ad to this. I have been poring thru all the complaints and am worn out to say the least and have noticed one common thread. They tell you that you can send back the product but to where...I was able to locate 3 different addreses thru the correspondance I have and the newest one I found was this:
Dead Sea Beauty Kit
c/o Paloma Dead Sea, Ltd.
PO Box 5381
Caesarea 30889
Notice that it is to a 'c/o', "care of", it is a P.O. Box, and it is in Israel. It is not a wonder people can't get there money back because if you send it to the wrong address who's going to acknowledge that. I would love to hear from anyone who has any other addresses so I can log those along with the ones I have. I'm going after these people and getting my money back. If your as upset as I am and want to help get some accountablility happening here pls let me know thru the board here. Thanks again Deb

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jiom, GB
Feb 10, 2013 3:50 am EST

as always...if it sounds too good to be true it likely is. these are scams and believe me if there was a product out there that can do these remarkable transformations we would know about it by the leaDers in the industry. companies who are likely to charge a fortune but who are regulated and have a moral and ethical obligation to their customers. Take for instance creme De la mer, i have bought this product, very very expensive, did not transform my skin and was on par with boots, Liz Earle, products. i wasn't ripped off when i bought it, it was my Decision to buy it, i maDe a conscious Decision to buy it, difference however is that i bought it from a reputile retailer. common sense dictates me think!

Vincent Wansink
Edmonton, CA
Feb 04, 2013 3:18 pm EST

I guess I'm not the only one having problems with these guys. I originally ordered the "free" trial bottle for which I had to pay $6.95 shipping and handling. I haven't even yet opened the bottle and I noticed on my credit card they charged me $138.82.

I started an email conversation with their "customer satisfaction specialists" to try to get that charge reversed and it turns out that the fine print says if you don't return the bottle within two weeks they will charge the full price. Obviously not happy with this tactic I demanded a refund or I would talk to my credit card company at which point Alex told me that if I try to get the charge reversed through MasterCard that I could get charged with fraud! Really? Wow. I couldn't believe this "customer satisfaction specialist" was threatening me with fraud for wanting my money back. Does he think I'm stupid?

After another email back, finally Greta replied and said I could return it, or keep it at a discounted price of just $69.95. Since shipping back to Israel with a tracking number would cost around $80 I guess I have no choice but to keep my "free" trial for the cost of $69.95. sigh. This is by far the most expensive free trial I have ever had.

Cranbrook, CA
Feb 01, 2013 6:00 pm EST

I tried to cancel the same day as I noticed the free trial was "bull".
I sent them messages and tried to call them (cannot get to them) .
I received the serum anyway, I sent it back to Israel.
I was charged the whoopi $138.60 anyway and have no serum. What can I do now?

London, GB
Jan 29, 2013 5:20 am EST

Dead Sea Kit and Collagenta, Google first plz.

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London, GB
Jan 29, 2013 5:17 am EST

Oh dear God thanks for Google and the testimony of this great people on this complaints board, I almost fell into this trap Dead Sea Kit advertised on Facebook..

Thank you guys!

teresa carolan
, IE
Jan 20, 2013 3:20 pm EST

got 2 items 1 @ 5.95 euro 1 @ 2.95 euro but now the company have taken 108.82euro from my credit card account without my permission so i dont know even know what it is for. what can i do?

Lake Cowichan, CA
Jan 14, 2013 5:52 pm EST

Helo LDMR! I here you. First, these idiots say that there is no such thing as Auto-Ship...they lie. When you go to your profile page there is a tab with a drop down box where you can choose how many months at a time you want for Auto-Refills and the very last one is a selection that says "Do Not Auto-Refill" or something to that effect. Also, when you first go to your profile page the "Do Not Auto-Refill" is checked off. So unless we, as the buyer, check the other boxes off they shouldn't be shipping anything.
I have so many emails back and forth between myself and Dead Sea Kit and Collagenta that I was asked to not email again. I pointed out to them that they are "Customer Support" and by telling me that they were saying that I did not have the right to complain if I wasn't happy. I then told them they would be the brunt of a YouTube video on my channel warning people of there practices. I also asked them why the refills were so much less than the initial cost they were planning on charging me. That is when Greta, Alex, Stephen and a slew of other customer support people decided to email me saying they didn't realize that was the case (about the price discrepancy...B.S. they didn't) and said they would refund me the difference of $60 and $70 respectively for the two different products. And they did.
Iwas also told by them that places like the Complaints Board were places that had called them trying to get money for info on the customers that had supposedly been complaining. I asked them how that made any sense at all...what does a site gain by allowing people to network with each other so they can get their problems resolved.
All I can say to you good people is DON'T STOP emailing them (customer support) because if you wait for them to get back to you they won't. I know it akes a lot of work and god it is a waist of our good time but if you bug these guys enough they will bend. Especially if they are threatened. Let me know how everyone makes out please. I am so livid at these people. Thanks for your time. Deb

Leeds, GB
Jan 14, 2013 4:30 pm EST

I ordered what I knew was a free sample at the cost of postage £2.95 which is nothing but as soon as I read further it was another auto ship if you weren't satisfied to return the product unopened. Immediately after completing the order form I realised there was going to be problems. I emailed them straight away cancelled auto ship and advised that they cancel the order and DO NOT DESPATCH. However this was ignored the email came through congratulations your serum is reserved. Continuous emails stating sorry I was missing out and that my serum was despatched. So all was ignored. I cancelled the card and explained I would not pay to return this. I said cancel and was ignored. I also stated I would report this and keep the product if I was ignored further. Still nothing.

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