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My husband and I stayed at this Holiday Inn on October 9, 2018. Upon entering the room, we found the floor to be quite damp. We thought maybe the floor had just been mopped and hadn't had time to dry. We left for awhile and returned after dinner. The floor was still very damp. I got down on my knees by the sink to wipe the floor so we didn't slip and fall and found a large amount of mold under the sink area. By morning, the floor was more than damp-it was wet! We had to be extremely careful not to slip. Also, my husband who suffers from sinus issues did not sleep well due to coughing-most likely aggravated by the mold.

I will attach photos.

I did mention these issues to the desk clerk, but I was not offered any resolution.
I feel as though I should be compensated in some way-either a full refund or a free night at another one of your properties.

My confirmation number was [protected], Room # 102.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Margaret Stevens

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      Feb 26, 2019

    If you cannot afford a hotel room sleep in a cardboard box or bus shelter if the weather is too cold. You are not entitled to compensation. If the conditions were really that bad you would not have stayed. Also it is obvious that you took those pictures of your own bathroom. Nice try. But lying to get a refund because you cannot afford to pay for your stay is wrong. If you had no issue staying you should have no issue paying.

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  •   Feb 26, 2019

    So you unpacked??? This is what I don't get about today's society. You people are either elitist t3rds who want four seasons service for McDonald's prices or completely BRAIN DEAD!!!

    What is with you?

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