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The vendor requires full payment in advance and requires the prospective customer to sign a lengthy and very strict contract, providing no recourse for failure to deliver. Then, the vendor will make verbal promises to suit customer needs, fail to deliver and then provide little or no remedy.

I spoke on the phone a number of times with the vendor beginning 14 September 2009 regarding my request for the vendor to perform a mass emailing of my text to 44.2 million email address from their database, with a strict deadline for completion on 27 September 2009. They stated that this could be done - actually within 24-48 hours of the start of emailing. Emailing did start on 18 September 2009 and by the end of 27 September 2009, the deadline, only 16.9 million of the 44.2 million emails had been sent.

The vendor charged me, in advance, $4550 for this service. However, they delivered only 38% of the required emails. I have disputed the $4550 charge through my credit card bank and, after many months of discussion, the vendor has agreed that they failed to deliver as promised and has agreed to accept that the charge be reduced 22% from $4550 to $3570.


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    Annaa1 Jun 05, 2011

    How silly!
    It is impossible to send emails to 45 million people in 10 days? And you believed their story of sending the email in just 24 hours? Your story is intriguing but fake.

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