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Dallas BBQ / customer service

My husband and I had family in town. So we decided to take his pregnant sister and her husband (4) to BBQ's for what we thought would be an great experience. Upon arrival to such restaurant. We were immediately seated but it took 32 minutes for a waiter to acknowledge our existence. When we were finally greeted by the waiter C.J our orders were taken. We sat patiently waiting for the arrival of our food while watching 6 other tables be seated. 2 of these tables had at least 6 people. After an hour we watched every single table that had been seated and greeted after us, receive their food. My husband then addressed the manager Mariano who told us the kitchen was backed up and that it takes awhile. The waiter C.J joined him in saying that cooking wings takes long. We were beyond irritated in that we had only ordered wings and fries and every table that placed their order after ours had wings. No one was apologetic but rather nasty to us as if we were wrong to complain. No one should ever have to experience being seated for more than an hour and a half without food. This experience was a complete disaster. We were not only treated poorly but the manager was very disrespectful. My husband who is a police officer showed him his badge and told him that he needed to do a better job at dealing with customer service. He just threw us the bill for our drinks and demanded that we paid. No respect for our inconvenience. In addition to this disaster we witnessed a waitress take drinks off of tables and place them in a freezer instead of discarding the drinks. Definitely an embarrassing experience.

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