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We went to this Dairy Queen off yelm hwy I have never in my life seen such immature and rude staff, it’s almost embarrassing to watch. I watched a young man that had a black soft cast like thing that Velcro together (looked like he had an injury to his left hand I believe) take his bare right hand and pick up the food and put it in a to go box for a customer.

Also the staff was just sitting around throwing things at each other playing around while there were quite a few people waiting for their orders. My mom went through the drivethru where she waited for someone to answer the ordering screen after 10 minutes she went through and seen there were employees inside they were just standing around.

The staff was very rude and unprofessional. Looked like a manager was on, but she didn’t care what any of them were doing. I will never step foot in this DQ again. Even if it’s a first job the stuff I was seeing was very disgusting and saw a lot of lazy people. Some were working, but some look like they need adjustments by a real manager. I waited about 12 minutes while this guy sat and picked the food up piece by piece with his bare hands. I’m reporting to the health dept too.

I know I am not the only one who seen as there were multiple customers in the lobby waiting while these two guys at the register sat around and played.

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