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On 7-10-19, we were at the drive thru at this DQ. We ordered 2 blizzards, one was oreo and one peanut butter cup. We waited about 5 minutes to get to the window behind other cars. At the window, the employee didn't turn it upside down and when given to me it had already started to melt and spilled on me. when I asked why it was so soft she said it had sat for a few minutes but didn't offer to re-make it. I had to ask for a lid so it wouldn't spill in the car and as usual received no napkins. When we got home, the blizzards were mostly vanilla ice cream, you couldn't taste the candy.
This DQ struggles, hiring all teenagers and their is never an adult there supervising. We have visited this location a number of times but I am getting extremely tired of the poor customer service and sloppy product.
This DQ is in need of some training.


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    ellie h Jul 15, 2019

    I used to work at a DQ and the cashier probably wasn't being rude. we make items as they appear on the screen. Which means those blizzards did probably sit for a few minutes while you were in line. Did you really want it flipped from the way it sounds it would have just gotten all over you. Just eat the melted ice cream and shut up. It tastes the same. Assholes like you are the reason customer service jobs and jobs like this suck so much

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