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I like to lodge complaint against the product PS3 Game "PES 2009" and the sale promoter named RIO of CYBER MAESTRO PTE LTD, #02-77 SIM LIM SQUARE, 1 ROCHOR CANAL RD. I came from Brunei and on 24 Nov 2008, I bought a PS3 set (upgraded cost $165) complete with wireless control dual shock and 1 piece of PS3 game named PES 2009. When I bought these items, I didn't tried them as the promoter Rio advised that these are genuine Sony item and they are covered with warranty. If its failed then I just have to call him or email him and they will tell me how to send the items back to them for warranty at their cost. I believe this shop is equipped with CCTV and you can confirm what I have said by looking at CCTV recorder on 24/11/08 at 17:58Hrs.
However, when I went back to Brunei, I opened the set and opened (new and still sealed) PES 2009 game just to find that the game cannot be played. I tried to call RIO so many times and the shop but failed to get an answer. Luckily for me, my brother inlaw was on his way to Singapore and I ask him to bring the game and the receipt with him to make complaint to the shop.
Unfortunately today 29/11/08, at 12:30pm, I spoken with Rio on my brother handphone, he refuse to take the complaint as he said the items were tested before we left and there should be no complaint. I told him so many times that these items were not tested as he ensure us of the warranty, furthermore the PES 2009 was sealed. But he insisted that we have tested and he accused us that the items were tested at another shop where we have bought a hand phone. I told him that we have never opened the items until we reached brunei. The next shope where we bought the handphone only show us if we want to buy the fan for the PS3 which we did not buy. What pisses me off is that he had lied about the items being tested before we left the shop and he accused us that the items been tested in another shop.
I wish that somebody would check on their CCTV on the date mentioned above and the shop where we bought the phone i.e Mobile Evolution LLP, #02-76 Sim Lim Square, so that people know this RIO is a liar!!! and his product is useless!!
I came to singpore to shop, I buy things that worth my money, what I dont like is that liar like RIO.
What Singapore would do to the people like RIO?

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  • Si
    Sivakumarnc1 Nov 09, 2014

    HI, Your voice had reached the singapore government now, i too affected by the shop october 21, 2014 . And i went to small claims and police and again to court and write down a email to government of singapore. As a result the shop was under permanent injunction as reported on newspaper and tomorrow i am going to court to deal this matter,

    we should proud that truth will wins., but take some time.,

    i need all your wishes to win the case., my victory is all your victory so pray for me all my brothers and sisters

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  • K4
    k4y Nov 03, 2014

    SINGAPORE: The High Court has granted a permanent injunction against electronics wholesale company Cyber Maestro, announced the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) in a press release on Monday (Nov 3).

    "The injunction restrains Cyber Maestro and their employees and agents from engaging in several unfair practices within the meaning of the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act, " STB said.

    The tourism board filed the injunction in response to numerous complaints against Cyber Maestro's trade practices. Complaints included over-charging, exerting undue pressure or influence to enter into a transaction and misleading consumers about prices and availability of goods, STB stated.

    The complaints did not cease despite notifications from the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) and requests to resolve the complaints amicably and refrain from further unfair trade practices, the tourism board said.

    CASE listed Cyber Maestro among the top tenants in Sim Lim Square with consumer complaints in July to September 2014. The store at #02-77 has had seven complaints made against it.

    STB encourages consumers to report unfair practices, saying that it takes a "serious view of errant retailers who besmirch the reputation of Singapore as a premier tourist destination".

    Consumers should "take the necessary measures to protect their interests such as researching on the product, conducting a comparison of prices, clarifying return policies, checking receipts or invoices for accuracy and verifying coverage of warranties before agreeing to the purchase", added STB.


    The Management Council of Sim Lim Square have said that they are "disappointed with the apparent lack of measures" which authorities are able to take against such retailers.

    It said in a press release on Monday that "Sim Lim Square has been cast in a negative light in the eyes of the public in Singapore and overseas".

    "The Management Council has always been greatly concerned over the problem caused by a few recalcitrant errant retailers in Sim Lim Square, " it said. "Instances of unethical business practices, such as cheating, over-charging and taunting customers are almost a daily sight, affecting the shoppers, especially tourists, at Sim Lim Square."

    "Despite our best efforts, the problem persists, " it added. "Business is still as usual for the 'black sheep' in Sim Lim Square and the use of scams and other dishonest practices are still common."

    Saying that it will do its "utmost to cooperate with the authorities", the management council called upon authorities to look into the issue of errant retailers in Sim Lim Square "seriously and urgently, and to take a tough stand against the recalcitrant retailers".

    - CNA/av

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  • Ra
    Raitha Oct 16, 2014

    This shop is a scam those who have had good experience, please provide your phone number do not say that it is a one of case. This shop is the greatest scammer. Till 2014 march there are 17 cases filed against them and in all of them orders have been passed against this shop. Bashir is one of them. SO BEWARE OF THIS SHOP, they are cheaters

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  • An
    Andrei72 Nov 19, 2013

    Exactly the same pattern, bought Iphone 5s and Note 10.1It is explained that the border will all return for maintenance services.Total deceived by 1700 sgd. Filed a complaint in small claims court.After a month back in Singapore, I'm going to deal with the police already.

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  • St
    Star80 Sep 12, 2013

    My wife and I had a flight to catch at 8pm, on 10th September. Since we had a few hours to kill, we went to sim lim square for purchasing smart phones. We decided to buy from the said shop as they offered us the Samsung galaxy s4 and black berry q5 at S$990. I paid the said amount through my visa debit card. While I was on a phone call, they told my wife that the warranty had to be changed from local to International, this had to be done online and would take about one hour. They made my wife sign a few papers which they said were for the International guarantee claim.
    As and when we got back to collect the phones, we were given a new bill of S$2400(approx.) in addition to S$990. I was totally speechless as they said that, this was for the International guarantee and software updates which they said my wife had signed to. The total cost of warranty and so called software update thus became 2.5 times that of the phone. When I refused to pay the amount, the said parties (one of them of Indian origin) turned hostile and started to threaten and blackmail me. The irony of all is that, we were in a hurry to catch the flight, and couldn’t overstay in Singapore. They too had realized this before us. The person of Indian origin claimed to have documents that my wife signed, which he could use to stop us from leaving the country. I was not in a position to argue with them as I myself was not sure of the laws of the land, even though I was pretty much certain that the two phones would not cost S$3500.
    We accepted their offer to settle wherein if I paid the cancellation amount of S$586, they would return back the initial amount of S$990. As of today 11.10.2013, I have not received it and totally more than S$1570 has been deducted from my account, and neither do I have the phones in hand. On recounting this to several people, I have been given to understand that this is not the first time that this has happened at Sim Lim square. We had such a wonderful time at Singapore only to be sullied in the end. I hope the tourism dept. would take strong action against such criminals

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  • Ni
    Nitin1254 Jun 10, 2013

    Hello All, i would like to report an incident that happened to me, cyber maestro offered me samsung galaxy S3 and iphone 4S in a total of 1000SGDs. I then checked the phone and both were working properly with indian SIM card. They then made me sign a paper which read that i have to pay some amount for unlocking and warranty, i enquired about the same from shopkeeper and he said that all is only for paper work as per company policy and thus i just need to write my name without paying anything extra of 1000SGDs and thus i payed them the agreed amount. They later told me i have to pay more 1156 as international warranty charges and unlocking charges. I even argued that they said i dont need to pay anything extra apart from 1000SGDs. However, they starting fighting and shouting on me.

    Since, i was not having any more money, they said they will deduct some cancellation charges ffor not buying iphone 4S and also including the extra warranty and so called unlocking chgarges, they just allowed me to carry the S3 for 1000SGDs.

    I would request Singapore government to intervene and do something against these cheats and frauds ruining the image of singapore.

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  • Pu
    Pue Oct 09, 2012


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  • Bh
    bhal May 12, 2012

    im playing pes 2009 im everton against chelsea Victor Anichebe has turned ptr cech and he took me out and i wasnt awarded a penalty when it should be and a red card

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  • Li
    Linggy Nov 26, 2011

    That's weird...I never had any problem with this shop.I find that the product is very good, prices are very reasonable n the service is excellent.

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  • Wi
    wiiir Jun 28, 2011


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  • Co
    concerned tourist Jun 11, 2011

    hi, im also a victim of this cyber mystro pte ltd.. i just bought a samsung galaxy tab 3G, the starting price was $480 plus a pouch, keyboard and a screen protector for $150. I agreed to purchase since that was the least price i had so far... when they broke the seal, then he tell me that i need to purchase the registration for android asn it cost me around $220... anyway, since im a new comer for all these android stuff.. so i just agree. not until they cahrge me $174 for GST!!! they guaranteed that i can claim back the money later at the airport... sadly, GST only $56!!! %#$^&*(&^T&$#%^$&... i had trouble with the 3G signal so i went back to brunei the day after, went to a renown mobilephone shop, ask for help, n guess what... the registration is actually... FREEEEEEE!!! $&%#&%&#%&&&^#######^&^*&*& IN TOTAL, THEY CHEATED ME $220 + $120 FOR THE GST, IN TOTAL $240 THEY MAKAN FOR FREE... someone please take action on these matter...

    concerned tourist..

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  • Jo
    JoeSoap Dec 25, 2009

    Well, almost a year later, these guys are still in business and going strong. My story is almost identical Harrold's - I was attended by one ALVIN, and bought a PSP-2006. The PSP cost S$250 and he promised to do a software "hack" and fill the 4Gb flash card with "free" games for an extra S$100. When I got home (Australia), the PSP reported "no games" although, browsing through the flash card I did find it full of CSO files. Also, the 4Gb memory card turned out to be a "fake" (not the correct Sony part) - I wasn't paying attention to that in the store either.

    I guess the question really is - under Singapore law is it illegal to promise to sell something illegal, take the money and then not deliver the (illegal) goods? As the buyer is engaging in illicit activity he has no comeback whatsoever, even though the vendor is committing fraud. A bit like a drug pusher selling you a joint only to discover that he has sold you an ordinary cigarette at an inflated price.

    I can't help thinking that this suits Sony to a tee - as they have nothing to lose, it may even benefit Sony as it "teaches a lesson" to those who try to undermine their business by buying illicit goods.

    The fact remains that Cyber Maestro are defrauding people and I wish their dirty little business a nasty demise in the near future. If you Google "Cyber Maestro", almost EVERY SINGLE link relates to a complaint. There is no doubt in my mind that they are CON ARTISTS. Any comments on this page which support them have been planted by the shop staff to sow the seeds of doubt.

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  • Si
    simm Dec 22, 2009

    hazel, if you have issues with the company and want a refund, why dont ya go to the shop and talk to the directors ? dont fret in the net . you might be a fake too . go to their email [email protected] and the directors will deal directly with you and your complaints like me. the boss not only give me a partial refund, but he gave me an exchange and freebies.thats why i am going back there.take care.

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  • Ha
    hazel.k3 Nov 09, 2009

    i find it funny how the cyber maestro staff kept on coming here to pretend as customers and praise their shop when it is rather obvious that their shop CYBER MAESTRO is a blackshop. YES. THAT'S RIGHT. AVOID CYBER MAESTRO AT ALL COST. until you guys refund me the so called "NEW" ps3... i'm bringing you guys down.

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  • Mi
    millier Aug 27, 2009

    i totally agree with lisha. many customers today r agressive, fierce, demanding, greedy and expected too much.all of us think that we are angels and these salemen are the devils.we consumers should not complain too much.we should all get our stuff at departmental stores.

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  • Li
    lisha Aug 14, 2009

    you got your money back rite?you r another piece of greedy ### whom deserved to be want a ridiculous price and expected the are such a stupid idiot born from your mothers backside.ha.ha!next time buy your stuff from your stupid country, or from sony and complain to your momma!!!

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  • Sc
    Scammed at Cybermaestro Aug 07, 2009

    CYBERMAESTRO IS RUN BY A BUNCH OF THUGS. Yesterday, I asked for a 160 GB PS3 and this indian con man said it was 400 dollars - I then said I needed a console, the AVI cable and the power supply, standard fare that comes in every PS3 box. He then said oh that's 470. When I said fine show me the set, some other guy - arrogant kid - said the GST is not included - at that point I left, and they spoke and said they can waive the GST. Realizing they are a bunch of frauds, I should have just walked away instead of returning, but I did come back.

    I gave them the money, and he was making a show of displaying the unit, when he asks me if I want a hard disk. I went - uh, I asked for a 160 GB PS3, and he says this is capable of holding 160 GB, does not actually have the hard drive (complete nonsense since you can put any hard disk in a PS3, there is no such thing as a holding capacity). Then I say well that's not what I agreed, and ask for the hard drive - he says no.

    I say fine, give me my money back.*** At which time he says where's the proof that you gave me the money***. I was completely taken aback by this brazen fraudulence.

    A half hour drama ensued, where he called back the Indian guy who showed me the piece and I told them I intended to call the police and make a complaint. The Indian smooth talker came back and tried to say he never said there was a hard drive and I did not state so clearly, but since the transaction has been entered - there is a cancellation fee of 10%. What nonsense, it took them two minutes, there was no receipt. They want cash to presumably avoid paying taxes and putting it on their register to begin with. I try to talk to him for 10 minutes, and he says take it to the small claims tribunal... I then realize there is no option but to call the police and make a complaint.

    As I do that, he asks the kid to give me my money back, and takes my magazine, folds it up, threatens to beat me, and tells me to get out of the store before I can count the money. While I am talking to the police.. When I leave he swears at me and makes me walk out further.

    Fraudulence and Assault. Nice gimmick they have going on there. DON'T PART WITH YOUR CASH TO THESE THUGS. AVOID CYBERMAESTRO - THEY ARE A BUNCH OF FRAUDS. #02-77 SIM LIM SQUARE. IF THEY TRY TO INTIMIDATE YOU, STAND UP TO THEM. Singapore do something and shut this store down. Prevent those thugs from ever running a business again.

    And there is no reason normal people would have searched this link to write nice things about them. They are likely people who work at the shop. Jimmy and Johnny indeed, can't even think of real names so use the most common nicks that come first to their mind.

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  • Re
    reDsKiDoO Jun 14, 2009

    OMG!!! guyzz i need your help me and my mom went to their shop last friday to buy a PS3 then yesterday we back here in the Philippines then when i opened the box the controller is missing and also the one cable and i was wondering about the service charge WTF? its not a damn restaurant! and also about the GST they told us that were going to get about $S60 back but in the airport we only got $S26 damn cheaters! help me plz!

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  • Ti
    tina Apr 27, 2009

    actually i got cheated by the same company also, i know nothing about psp and i jst surveyed for the prices as i know what i wanted was the psp can be modify and comes with a memory card...the person even said they do HONEST BUSINESS (bullsh*t) ok, so i got attracted to the price of $240 for the console 2006, modification & 8g memory card & i tot i was so lucky to get a good deal frm sim lim..they even helped me to install so called games which was only demo game.

    after paying and their so called "modified" for me, the guy David if im not mistaken, asked if i would want to buy the battery if i don buy it, i'll not be able to play outdoor..even hp comes with the batt!! and asked for $180 for 2 batteries (i bought 2 console) if i havent paid for the psp i'd get out from the shop...haiz...i sent back the psp to my sis n bf, they said they cannot install any games and the version 4.01 was unable to be modified..

    Now i've to transport the goods back frm my hometown and to get the psp check if it can be modify..

    A lesson learnt, an exp one.. my advise to all, please do not buy any products from this stupid cheater company, they ony want your money.

    If you buy any product, please do not reveal ur not local, don get cheated by the GST refund as u can ony get 7% out of the total amt. A piece of advise, wanna buy psp bring along a memory card which is preloaded with games just to make sure that the console is modified.

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  • Na
    nad Apr 23, 2009

    they cheated me..THREATHEN me to pay for other set if he opened.. s that called promoter or pai kiak?
    where on earth..selling console set without a batt included..
    and it's not modified..nor can it be modified cz it's version 3000.
    after buying, there's where i realised..put in ur shoe.. they're cheaters! i m doing all research and pursuing to small claim tribu.court..

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  • Fe
    fernan Mar 20, 2009

    I've been cheated by them 02-77, i brought a psp from them while i was abt to make the payments they claim that there is gst on top of it so i paid them. I didn't realise the tax they charge was abt 20 %. So i went back to look for them abt e tax. I was shock by wat they say, they say tis is e total amount i sell to u i nv charge u the tax as the receipt nv break down tax amount.
    After sometime i went next door to buy a H/P and told the saleman abt wat they have done. They told me i'm not the first person to be cheated by them on the tax. They claim that they usually charge customer a high % of tax an claim is refundable in the airport. Their very smart after they charge the amount they nv break down the tax amount n they issue a blue tax form n say u show this form n receipt to the airport custom n they will refund u the tax .
    By then is too late u have fall into their trap. They should issue a white tax refund receipt which inicate the 7% tax n the refund amount.
    ALL tourist dun fall into their trap .

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  • Ft
    ftcm Mar 18, 2009

    just stfu f**king liar, trying to use girl name somemore huh? Seriously you are the one who need to go to school and maybe elarn some etiquette and moral, dun pretend to be righteous and help the cyber maestro by saying you respect blabla, bulls***. except that you are motherf***ing idiot, after reading so many complaint then still go buy??wow.. I know that you are their affliate, but please stop it.. ppl with no conscience like you can just go rot in hell

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  • Sh
    sheryl Mar 18, 2009

    yo, idiot!i found this site first before i went to the shop to check it out. you stupid or what ftcm?you never read my postings earlier?or your parents never sent you to school?bloody b...rd

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  • Ft
    ftcm Mar 15, 2009

    wow, to sheryl: may i ask, how do you get to this site, if you dun hav any complaint and get cheat, yet u found this site? Can you tell me which idiot will still go buy after reading so many complain and further more spend 75 dollar? get lost you bloody liar!!

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  • Sh
    sheryl Mar 11, 2009

    yo edmund!so obvious you are also a liar dah dei!you want to buy something and suddenly your cousin told you not to go to cyber maestro??how the hell he know you want to buy something at sim lim square???he stay in your room or what???who is your cousin?/?you must be some one who are jealous or a competitor!!!

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  • Sh
    sheryl Mar 11, 2009

    after reading the thread, i got curious and went to sim lim square to see for myself how the shop conducted their sales.let me tell all of you that their inter personal skills, services, prices, products are excellent and not like how some of you complaint .i think you are ell the same complainants or their competitors.dont believe me !go ahead and go there to see for yourself.anyway, out of respect, i bought some stuff from them spending about 75 dollars.

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  • Ed
    edmund Mar 10, 2009

    I was about to buy something from cyber maestro. my cousin called me no to buy anyting from this store. its good that he told me about cheating, and misbehavior of their sales personnels. Alas! I was still lucky.

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  • Ed
    edmund Mar 10, 2009

    I agree with Michael! All write ups in favor to this crucified store are written by the store worker. Hey imagine if your money s robbed by the store, do u think u will come back again? Never, never. Believe us, dont ever buy anything, even batteries, from this store. U can try visit this store and secretly bring a police or a tourism board officer to handcuff the owner right away.

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  • Mi
    Michael Mar 10, 2009

    It's obvious that simlim square people, or tat damn store worker found this forum, people without conscience that can't be saved, and still want to scam alot of ppl, pls scram from this forum and stop using different name to post support to this shop, we don't complain without reason. There are few ten of shop at sim lim, you think we got something against the cyber maestro? No! it's just that every1 here also hope no1 will get scammed by this shop anymore.

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  • Ta
    tania Mar 10, 2009

    i agree wth mark!i think they should carry on far a lot of us buyers dont hve any problems at the shop.

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  • Ma
    mark Mar 09, 2009

    dear people, i just bought a ps3 yestrday wth my brother and happens to read this forum.i find everything okay leh!i double checked the prices and things they give with other stores but the shop cyber maestro is still giving a better deal with an extra warranty.aiyaah !i think all your complaints are just a bit emotional and childish.maybe out of anger.

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  • Va
    valky Mar 07, 2009

    I agree with harrold. who the hell will write something to customer complaint forum where this is the space given to customers who are victimized, cheated, being fraud, by this goddamn store and sales people. if you are happy by their [censored]tt style of selling then shut up! because you guys defending this soon-to-be closed cyber maestro are just mere workers or perhaps lucid owners of this shop. as others have mentioned, don't you ever patronized this store again. you are just helping devils to sprout inside singapore. my albanian friends are very much disgusted to these people.

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  • Ha
    harrold1 Mar 07, 2009

    I don't get it...this is a COMPLAINT forum...for people who are 'HAPPY' with their purchase and believe that Cyber Maestro is a just and honest shop...why the hell would you bother googling complaints against this shop?! HMM? Well I guess, that anyone who is 'defending' this wretched shop is OBVIOUSLY an employee or has an affiliation to it. Simple as that.
    Fellow readers...once again..this is an example of how the people of this shop will go out of the way to scam you..even as far as to defend their name on the internet posing as satisfied customers.
    jimmy, jonny, lincoln, liew, clinton, are obviously all the same person just using different names...seriously...its THAT transparent.
    try using the SPACEBAR after you use a fullstop. this is the first time i've seen so many forum users forget to use a SPACEBAR after the end of their sentence. must be a coincidence.
    READERS...Disregard the comements left by jimmy, jonny, lincoln, liew, clinton, guna...they are all the same person working for this con shop!

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  • Li
    lincoln Mar 05, 2009

    i am a supporter of the store and never got cheated or tricked.check out the place first before you guys decide.those who cursed will get the curse back to them or their loved ones.

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  • Ab
    abraham Mar 05, 2009

    if you want to be victimized and cheated, then go to cyber maestro. these guys are good at it. cursed to them.

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  • Sa
    sammy Mar 05, 2009

    we are not whining but i think the negative comments on the company is unjustified .try buying your product at gamecraft or playedge at sim lim sq and you find it even worse then cyber far i am satisfied eith the products i bought at cyber maestro.

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  • Cl
    clinton Mar 04, 2009

    i also think that people will just write in to support the store if they think the shop is doing a bad cousin is extremely happy and is recommending his friends to the store even in his blog.the service is good and the price is very reasonable.what ever you guys said is just words against words but once payments were made then it already seems that the buyer agreed with the sellers terms.i will continue to patronise the store and recommend friends there.

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  • Hi
    hillary Mar 04, 2009

    i dnt think people will just write something against the store if they are given what is due to them. my sister was also a victim to this store. i dont want to expound the event because she hated it very much. people who are happy and satisfied about the services and pricing will not whine her experience in the web but customers who are cheated, angry and victimes of this malpractice should echo her sentiments together with those statements written above.

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  • Gu
    guna Mar 03, 2009

    evryone shld check out the authencity of the complaints first.i bought quite a few stuff from them and wil continue to do so as their goods are genuine, cheap etc.the service are very issue for me here.dont comdemn the store b4 checking it out yourself.wel done cyber maestro!

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  • Mo
    mouse Mar 03, 2009

    people who were victimized shud lodge der complains thru this vehicle. i know a lot of people are victims of der dirty tricks. again, beware of this store. i will spell it "cyber maestro". beware of this store. i know der are still better stores inside or u go to funan instead or perhaps u buy ur thing in Hongkong if the govt. cant stop them.

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