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Gr Mar 12, 2019 Review updated:

This is the 3rd time this has happened to me in less than 2 months. Had a prescription called in Friday the 8th went to pick it up Monday the 11th, they said they did not have anything called in for me? I explained this is the second attempt from my doctor for this prescription, and asked why they don't have it? They had no idea and suggest I call my Dr again? Went home, called Tuesday the morning of the 12th to the lead nurse, she called CVS pharmacy personally at 407 and at that time the male Pharmacist verified it was ready to be picked up. The nurse calls me back and said it's ready…

OK, here we go again. I go up and they once again say to me nothing has been called in and can't find anything for me. I call the nurse while standing there and get her on the phone, to then suddenly find my prescription, SHAXAM they have my prescription but now need my insurance? Not sure why they need my insurance, my son and I have been getting prescriptions there for over a year on my insurance? Oh oops, wait they have my insurance but now have multiple accounts for me? Wait, what? Major CRM screw-up!!!

Totally incompetent, unprofessional, no apologies, just seriously bad business and piss poor management!!! As a result CVS has lost all of my business, it will be a cold day in hell before anyone in my family sets foot inside a CVS store and I'm telling my story to everyone who will listen! Thank god I didn't need lifesaving meds, or mislabeled them for someone else's, your Lewisville FM407 pharmacy sucks!

Greg Feeback

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  • Su
      12th of Mar, 2019

    I was thinking the same thing. But if they misplaced prescriptions, then they are poor pharmacy techs. Insurance needs updating yearly so that’s not a big deal. Multiple accounts is their issue for not thoroughly checking the system.

    I’d find another pharmacy to fill your prescriptions. I’d be afraid they’d give the wrong meds or dosage. If you’re dead, it’s not possible to complain then.

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