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Around 11am-12pm I tried to purchase a bottle of alcoholic wine on November 1st 2019. The cashier accepted my ID which was completely valid. She was about to continue the purchase when she made a very rude mocking face. I became slightly annoyed and told her that "I cannot help that I look young." She replied that she could refuse service to me and I asked her to please not. Then she decided to refuse my purchase. She embarrassed me and I left the store. I then became upset and walked back to the store asked for her manager and store policies to which she refused. I became upset and yelled at her to which she called the police. She called me Mexican on the phone to the police but I am not, I am Native American mixed. The police came and pressed no charges on me but informed that I was banned from the store. I believe I was treated unjustly and that the cashier may have been racist for assuming my race. Please look into my case and start an investigation on this store about how they treat their customers.

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    Decided taking action was not worth any time or effort. I never shop at CVS anyway.


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      Nov 11, 2019

    I went yesterday to the CVS on Military Trail and Atlantic. I just wanted to buy some Allergy pills the lady behind the pharmacy was so rude to me and I had a $4.00 off coupon for AllegraD. So I told her I live with a lady whom I am a caregiver for, and we share the coupons. She calls over the manager. She continues to talk down to me and Even when the manager came over she overrode him When he was very nice and she said for me not to come back to htis pharmacy ever again. So I said Dont worry I will never come back here She said i am really holding my tongue > I said you should not speak at all. The mgr never told her to be quiet. But later he came to me in the store and was willing to let me use the coupon. I said not to worry I am not needing the $4.00. It is just that He let her run all over him, in front of the other customers and me! I think she should not be in customer service.
    Thank you, Marlene Welch Nov !! 2019

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