Cub Foodsservice desk, 7/11/2019 5:30 pm

H Jul 12, 2019

I went to load my netspend card and I experienced some very bad customer service. A lady by the name of Tilly waited on me, she seemed to have a nasty attitude from the beginning, but I proceeded with my load of my card, she asked for my identification and I stated that that wasn't something I was usually asked to do, normally the many, many times I had loaded it I would only be asked to confirm my Birthday or something like that, but I gave her the I'd anyway as she proceeded to go to the computer for the transaction she stated if they don't ask for the I'd I will tell you, in a rather smug way, so she comes back to the counter and throws my card at me on the counter, so I ask her if I could ask her a question and she, walks off to help the self checkout line, so I wait and I ask her why she couldn't give me my card and change in my hand the way I gave it to her, and she says do I want to talk with her manager, I waited around to see if she treated the other people in her line the same way, she was very pleasant with them and I wondered did she treat me with disrespect because I am black, or was she not properly trained for customer service without prejudice, I like shopping there and I spend a lot of money there, hopefully she won't try to intimidate me when I go there, I am already taking antidepressants, so I can't take any intimidation or hostility because a employee is having a bad Day.

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