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Attached are written complaints that I have submitted to Access-A-Ride and Civil Rights for the months of September and October. There also have been telphone call complaints.

Rosann Abdenour
September 10 at 5:58 PM
My complaint is on the driver of a black Honda CRV plate number T663533C who should have picked me up at 3:40 pm. At 4:10 pm I received a message, Your ride is here. My ride was not there. Three minutes later I received the message, It looks like you may have missed your driver. If you still need a ride please call [protected]. I called was put on hold then got disconnected. I called Access A Ride immediately and spoke to a wonderful person. Her name was Sandy. After 45 minutes on the phone with her she finally found a cab that would pick me up from the Bronx and take me home to Brooklyn. I have already made a complaint to Curb about their driver. I called 311 and put in a complaint to the Taxi and Limousine Commission. Tomorrow I am calling our Public Advocate and Governors office. Enough is enough with the companies that Access a Rise deals with. Something needs to be done. We have to start bothering all who are involved with the MTA Access A Ride.

Rosann Abdenour
September 13 at 4:59 PM
In regard to my post on Tuesday, September 10, 2019 at 5:58 pm. I just got off the phone with the Public Advocate office who has read the complaints within this group and he is going to start an investigation on what is going on with Access-A-Ride and the companies that they use. He said he will keep in touch with me. I will keep posting what I receive. I also received an email from TLC who is starting an investigation also on the driver. Maybe if one driver is punished for not picking up a passenger, it might make other drivers think about it before they do not show up. I will keep posting results.

Rosann Abdenour
September 20 at 10:15 PM
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week morning and night I had Curb pick me up. All three days they came exactly my pick up times. Thursday and Friday morning I had CTG. They were late to pick me up Thursday morning. Thursday afternoon the first car was a no show. I had to wait for a second car. This morning they were 30 minutes late. This afternoon had Curb again and they were on time. AAR dismisses EHail to give us a more enhanced program with CTG. I would like someone explain to me why CTG is always late or does not show up. For the record when they finally showed up they had no one in the car. I am definitely writing to the governor again. I will continue writing him until something is done to get better service. The driver that did not pick me up on Thursday I reported to the TLC. I will continue to report drivers until they are held responsible for their actions.

Rosann Abdenour shared a link.
September 21 at 10:36 AM
I have been in touch with someone in the Public Advocate's office and he had sent me this link and asked me to post it to this group. When we have a complaint we should fill this form out and send it to the governor's office. We have to keep complaining sooner or later someone will hear us and help us. I already sent in this form on the driver who did not show up on Thursday night. Please do not stop complaining as a group we will change this horrible service.

I got picked up on time at 5:45 am to go to the Bronx to work. Have to be there by 7:30 am. The driver had to pick up someone by Pennsylvania Avenue which was right by the Belt Parkway. It is now 7:00 am and I am still in Brooklyn. Why because CTG drivers do not get reimbursed for tolls so this guy is taking the streets to the Brooklyn Bridge. 1 hour and 15 minutes in a car and I am still in Brooklyn. This driver could have gotten on the Belt to exit 19 and taken the Whitestone Bridge and I would have been in the Bronx by now instead I am getting a tour of Brooklyn. By going by Brooklyn Bridge that puts on the FDR Drive which is by the United Nations where you are being told to stay way from that area due to traffic. We sat on the FDR Drive forever. I did not get to work until 8:30 am. I was 1 hour late. I wonder who is going to pay my loss of wages for being late. The pity is it will be me. When I called Broker Services to complain, they told me that the drivers do get reimbursed for the tolls. Obviously someone is lying, but in the meantime I am the one getting penalized.
This is the second time I am writing a complaint on the drivers of Access-a-Ride. I still have not received a reply on my first complaint. As a registered voted who voted for you Cuomo, I think you should have the decency to reply.

Complaints to Civil Rights:

I am a handicap person who had two back surgeries in 2017 and I use Access-A-Ride for my travelling to and from work and to shop. I am very thankful for the Access-A-Ride program, but I do have a compliant with the Broker Services they use. Especially the company CTG. Since I have returned to work in September (I work for the New York City Department of Education) I have had nothing but problems when CTG is assigned to pick me up from work. The problems I am experiencing are as follows:

The drivers of CTG do not show up. I have to call to get another car. Sometimes I can get three different text messages of three different cars and all three cars do not show up. At that point I call Access-A-Ride and they get me a cab. This process can take up to 1- 2 hours. I have a 3:40 pm pick-up every day from the Bronx to go home to Brooklyn. Sometimes when you call Access-A-Ride they tell you that the driver has a 30 minute time span to be late, so if I get three different messages of three different cars I have to wait 90 minutes before I can get help from Access-A-Ride. I sit outside on my walker waiting for my cars. Sometimes it is raining and soon it will become cold and snowy.

According to Access-A-Ride a passenger should not be in a car more than 2 ½ hours. This does not happen with CTG. CTG drivers tell the passengers that they do not get reimbursed for tolls. So the drivers do not go over bridges or through tunnels that have tolls. They do not travel on the highways. They take local streets to get to where they have to go. When you call Broker Services [protected]) they tell you the drivers do get reimbursed for tolls. Access-A-Ride also agrees they get reimbursed. Someone is not telling the truth when it comes to the toll situation. They dispatch their drivers in ways I do not understand. For example: Friday, October 11, 2019 CTG picked me up at 3:30 pm (they were 10 minutes early which was great) from the Bronx to go to Brooklyn. When I got in the car the driver told me that he had a pickup a passenger in Manhattan. He took the streets from the Bronx to Manhattan. He picked up the passenger somewhere near 125 Street. After the pick up the driver went onto the Henry Hudson Parkway (which I was surprised) but I figured he was going to take the Henry Hudson Parkway to the West Side Highway to the FDR Drive to the Brooklyn Bridge (no toll), but instead he turned onto West 57 Street. I asked the diver if he had to pick up someone else and he said no he had to go to the Triboro Bridge (from 12th Avenue we had to travel to Second Avenue to get to the Triboro). I asked him why are we going on the Triboro and he said that he had to drop off the passenger in Queens. I live in Brooklyn. I went from the Bronx, to Manhattan, to Queens and then to Brooklyn. I was in the car almost 3 ½ hours. I cannot sit in a car for 3 ½ hours. I do not want to sit in a car for 3 ½ hours. I get up at 4:00 am, I leave my house at 5:46 am, I work until 3:40 pm, I want to go home not sit in a car for 3 ½ hours touring 4 different boroughs. When I called to complain about this matter to Access-A-Ride ( I was still in the car), I spoke to a very caring individual who replies: I am sorry that this is happening and eventually you will be at your home and this will never happen again. That statement is a lie. It will happen again because nothing is ever done with a complaint that you give to Access-A-Ride or to Broker Services. Today, Tuesday October 15, 2019 (the complaint department was closed yesterday)I called to complain about Friday, and I was told someone will call you back about this complaint and I do apologize. Each company apologizes but does nothing. We are handicap people, who depend on others to give us service and they only thing we receive is stress. I have many other complaints with CTG. I cannot name them all. I ask of you to go onto Facebook and search Access-A-Ride Complaints and you will see what I and the passengers of Access-A-Ride goes through every single day (especially with CTG). I beg of you to please listen to me and help us get the service that we deserve.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to me.

From: Rosann Abdenour
To: Civil.Rights
Date: Tue, Oct 15, 2019 10:07 pm
Subject: Access-A-Ride. Broker Services. CTG
I sent you an email earlier today about my horrible experience that I had with the Company CTG a car service that Access-A-Ride uses for the handicap people that need to get around and are unable to use the buses or trains. Well today I had another horrible experience with CTG I will add this one to my list making this at least my 12th complaint with this company CTG since September 3, 2019.
This morning I got a green taxi to take me to work in the Bronx. He picked me up at 5:40 am and I was at work by 6:30 am. It was a pleasant ride. This afternoon my pick up was with CTG my pick up was for 3:40 pm. He was there at 3:40 pm. I got home at 6:40 pm. Another three hour trip. He had to make another pick up in the Bronx which was 2 people. They squeezed into the back because he had another pick up in Manhattan. The car was small and the three of us in the back seat were packed in like sardines. I've had two back surgeries and I need to keep my legs stretched out otherwise I get pulled muscles in my legs (which was happening). The two people that was sitting in the back with me got dropped off downtown Brooklyn. The other passenger Crown Heights. Of course I am always the last because I live in Sheepshead Bay. At 6:30 pm I called AAR to tell them that again I am over the 2 1/2 hour time limit of being in the car. I am going on three hours again. I spent three hours in the car on Friday. She put me on hold to speak to Broker Services and she came back to me and said you should be home in two minutes and the women at Broker Services did not know that I was still in the car. I said I know I will be home in two minutes but it took three hours for these two minutes. If the women was concerned on how long I was in the car she should have called me to find out if I was home. I said to the women at AAR I do not understand why your company continues to use CTG they are always late, the drivers are rude and inconsiderate and you sit in their cars longer than the time permitted. It seems that my complaints go nowhere with AAR. She said that all complaints get investigated and the problems get corrected. I must be living in the Twilight Zone because I do not see anything fixed with AAR and CTG. Another complaint to New York State Civil Rights, Taxi and Limousine Commissioner and of course our governor who runs our wonderful MTA. I will continue to write and complain until I start seeing improvements.
Again, I ask you to take attention to this email and help the handicap people who use AAR and gets this abuse from CTG. Please go on Facebook under Access-A-Ride complaints and see what we the handicap population goes through every single day. CTG HAS TO GO AND EVERY ONE OF THEIR DRIVERS AND DISPATCHERS GET FIRED.

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Oct 29, 2021 9:28 am
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the worst cab service in NYC not reliable
always LATE!

Oct 22, 2021 9:11 pm
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In the past 30 days I have had to take car service 17 times. My pickup is 6:29 a.m. and on Thursday, October 21, Curb finally sent someone at 7:40 a.m. They called at 7 and said someone would be there in 3 minutes, NOT. When the car showed up and called, I was already on my way in a car service and the Curb driver reported me as a no show! Curb has been terrible for me lately as well. CTG and Myle are absolutely horrible. They aren't fair to their drivers either. They play games with the drivers, putting the rides out for low fares and then when no one takes them (delaying us all), they raise the ante. SEVERAL drivers have told me this. Also, while I know it isn't the driver's fault if they are late, they come when they are dispatched and accept the ride, but by that time it is already quite late it is very frustrating. There was a link mentioned in the original article posted here but I did not see a link. Did anyone else see it? I would LOVE to forward my complaints to the governor's office.

Today 9/25/21 I had CTG car service through Access-a-ride to take my son with autism to his vision therapy appointment from Brooklyn to Manhattan. His pickup was at 11:30am and at 11:35pm I called [protected] broker services to ask where the car was because I didn’t get any alerts yet. They said the car hasn’t been assigned yet and told me to wait 5 to 7 minutes. After waiting 30 minutes and they never showed up then I needed to call Access-a-ride to get a taxi authorization and pay $36 for a taxi ride on my credit card. This happens all the time. It’s so sad that people don’t care about people with disabilities. People with power don’t care about us common people. Hopefully, someone in power will have enough compassion to make things better for us. My son is so agitated now because I had to make so many calls and scramble for a cab.

Sep 16, 2021 3:50 am
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Hi Rosanne,

You are not alone. I think it is time for a class action suit against all parties involved including the NYC. I am sure there are Lawyers who would be willing to take this on. I also think media should be involved covering the terrible situation we are finding ourselves in using CTG.
I am a NYC Teacher who is on dialysis and I am also a paraplegice from b irth. I understand your frustration !

Ms. Alarnick, Brooklyn NY