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Had written a long sour grapes complaint, but was wiped out. Driving for these pig farmers for 13 years, I let them rip me off, lie about me, refuse to get me home on time and endanger my safety. Safety used to run the company, but now it's corn farmers, dumb blondes and family.

It really goes on and on how, they've changed. Driving with two mental ###s with autism (couldn't see and hear at the same time), I was given drunken lead drivers and crack smokers in the truck. They had two codrivers with mongolism-one black and one white with the big heads and the crossed eyes.

If they can pass the tests, they have to be hired.

I had just gotten my six year pin and was cited for professionalism and punctuality, when they put relays' lateness on our record. They tried twice to run us with illegal equipment and log violations. All bad reports are understated and good ones are company shills... 1200%turnover rate? That means each member of their entire driver payroll is hired and gone within one month as an average.


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    Crstsucks Jan 22, 2019
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    I was disqualified from Crst training after one week. They said they had a copy of my background and told me I was fine to start schooling. They told me I had a fine background and After a quiestionaire they drop me from the school with no bus ticket. Her name is Emily Arbore. I'm stranded in Southern California when they bussed me from no cal.

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    BAMT Jun 17, 2012

    CRST is hands down one of the worst companies I have ever worked for. I worked for a septic company, sweatshop factory, janitorial, been deployed to Iraq twice, but CRST really takes the cake. CRST stands for Can Really Screw Truckers! They lie through their teeth every turn. If you are under contract from them, Im sorry, make sure you count your fingers before you leave.
    Dispatch, Recruiters, Payroll, all liars and crooks. They wont pay you for layover pay, tolls, scales, def, any reimbursements. You have to fight them tooth and nail. If you get Austin Filer as a Dispatch ask for a different one. He is a lying sack of pig sh*t. This company does not know the difference between their ### and hole in the ground. Night shift dispatch is a bunch of ###ed monkeys. I asked their comdata to department to set up direct deposit 3 months ago, I gave them my routing number and call them several times. They refuse to do it. Now they are taking more deductions from my card which they have been doing to me since start.
    I am on the verge of taking this company to court for lying and stealing from me. I could list a mile long letter of complaints with these crooks, worst company ever!

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    Havetobemorecareful Jan 12, 2012
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    A finally thought, CRST is Preying on the UNEMPLOYED . STAY CLEAR OF THEM. You do not have money to throw away with them.. They will have you in a bigger hole than you are already in if you are not careful.. They are not worth it!!

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    Havetobemorecareful Jan 12, 2012
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    Every comment that is posted above is true. My boyfriend is on his way back from Cedar Rapids as I post this. He left 1/10/12 and will not be home until 1/12/12. Due to a family Emergency he had to head back home. When he approached the staff at CRST he was told he would have to find his own way back home.. That lying Sarah S. assured him before he left for Iowa that if there were a family emergency at home, they would get him back home. They got him there and he was STRANDED!!! They also lied about the lunch feeding.. There were no lunch feeding.. Sarah S lied about that too. He left home Sat to go there and was only there from Sunday until Tuesday. Going through that dumb Orientation mess. What he did not like about was that they had the group to sign some papers and refused to give them a copy of what they signed..

    I heard his recruiter Sarah S over the phone tell him that their would be lunch served he was had to handle his own breakfast and lunch. I also heard Sarah S tell him about any emergency situation that may come up at home, how they handle that. "We will get you back home" Instead they Stranded him. There were other traines that came in like @Angry CRST driver said during my boyfriend couple of day stay there, who had the same problem as the person he mention had. They too were STRANDED.

    They told my boyfriend that he was cleared to come there, they did his background over the phone. He was fine. The day my boyfriend left to come back there were about 13 other traines on their way back home. Each for varies reason. Unlike my boyfriend, his reason for leaving was Family Emergency. I have been talking to my boyfriend for the past two days on his way home and he only had horror stories to tell me.. He said when he arrived there Sunday night, he walked into a very HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT. He was only hearing all of the bad things about CRST, he tried to stay clear of it all, but everywhere he turned the conversation was going on. . First, of all when he spoke to the recruiters the day before he left. Sarah S. assured him that she would see him when he got in.. He never saw her and she made no effort to see him. The only time he saw her was when he went across the parking lot where she was housed and seek ed her out. Then to tell her about his family emergency that he needed to leave. Sarah then told him that she received the call on her phone about the emergency, but never once did she try to find him and made sure he was aware of it.. Thank God, he left her contact information with me alone with other information that she promise him would be. Thank God he had a cell phone with him too.

    CRST made no effort what so ever to get him home or notify him of his Family Emergency at home. As a matter of fact they delayed him getting out of Iowa. That is the reason it is taken him two days to get home when it only took him 1.5 days to get there. When he had not picked up his ticket, I called CRST back and tried to speak to Sarah S, Instead I got a Stephanie on the phone who said that he got the message and they would not be sending him back home. He had to get back on his own.. (STRANDED) I said fine. Ticket paid for he needs to get to the bus station. they told me a shutter would take him. This was at 8:30 there time. There were a major delay in getting him to the bus station to catch the bus.. There were only two times that the bus was leaving Iowa 9:30 am and :2:00 pm. The shuttle got him at the bus station at the nick of time for the 2:00 departure. I had to call back and asked why is it that he had not left yet. I was given the runaway. I spoke to a Kim, who after I could not get Sarah S to pick up her phone. She told them what was going on. They only told her to tell me he got the message and will be leaving. I called back about three times when I checked and he had not been ticket yet. I was told they did not know where he was. She transferred me to what she said was the training area. There I went into a voice mail. I called back and told the dispatcher that I was going to call the police to come there to find him, because he needs to be on the bus on his way home for a family emergency. When I said that someone went to to see have he left and came back and told me that he left 10 Min's ago. It was 1:35 pm I was bothered when they told me they did not know where he was. Knowing that he should be on his way to the bus station by shuttle. Someone should have know if he was or not.. At least his recruiter. Oh I forgot, she never made an effort to know who he was.

    CRST claim that they are about Family and Family come first. They proved that to be a lie. CRST is about MONEY!! by there being not much work for OTR, they are staying in business, by Scamming people, lying to people and bringing people to their CEDAR RAPIDS IOWA telling them that they are cleared for school and once they get there they tell them that they are not and STRAND them with no money, no place to stay, no food. For that person who went there and committed a crime I feel sorry for him. I truly do. That man perhaps was at the end of his rope with trying to get his life together.

    I know that my boyfriend was very excited about the opportunity of going to CRST for his CDL. His dreams too was crushed while he was there. He walked in a VERY HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT from day One. God intervene in what was going on around him there, and made it possible for him to get back home. Although he lost money going there and it was a WASTE of time. Unlike most of the people who has complained about their experience at CRST in Cedar Rapid Iowa, he did not get but half of day Orientation. That was them having them sign some papers and collecting it really fast and refusing to give anyone a copy of it. Telling them it was for their use only. Never heard of such!! I told him what sense do that make. Anything you signed you have a right to a copy of it. They can take what you signed and alter it. That within itself sound fishy to me. I know I am going on and on. But my boyfriend gave me detail about that madness going on at CRST in CEDAR RAPID IOWA. So many people there very Unhappy.. My boyfriend said CRST in IOWA felt like you were in a PRISON.

    Update, remind you he is still traveling as I write this. on his way home he spoke to another driver from another company who has just retired from trucking and has driven over a million miles That is because he is still interested in getting his CDL. . Who knows about CRST and the scam they are running in CEDAR RAPID IOW., This retired driver, told my Boyfriend he went the wrong way!! I wish so much that we have did all of this research before hand and read some of these complaints before he took that trip. We would be 700.00 richer today. He wasted time and money dealing with those lying recruiters at CRST CEDAR RAPID IOWA.

    My boyfriend said they do not care about you there. You are only a number to them. Any company helping you to cheat to get your CDL you need to stay clear of them anyway. Any company milking you while they make you wait for trips so you can make money. You need to stay away from them. Any company who Strands you, You need to stay away from them. I hope and pray that others read these comments, before making a decision to go to CRST in CEDAR RAID IOWA for CDL. This will save you a lot of headache in the end and money. Something I wish My boyfriend would have done before he JUMPED to CRST Sarah S. recruiterss Lies..

    @angry crst driver if you know of anyone that is pushing a class action law suit against CRST, know that we are in. The lies they told to uproot my boyfriend there and strand is unacceptable. I will go as far as to say they are Obtaining business by False Pretense. For everyone that goes there you are business for them. Like I read one complaint that said they are not making money on trips so they are making it with the traines they are bring in from all over the country. I also read that the Gov paid them so much money for bus tickets and to bring people in to train them. But it appears to me that they are using that money for the bus tickets, but they are getting the their money back. I really would like to know more about this Job ACT that was passed by the President for certain companies.

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  • Ex
    excrstdriver Oct 30, 2011

    Kelli Boyle does work at the Dancers Ranch there in Cedar Rapids, IA.
    She works there on Friday and Saturday Nights every weekend!!!
    She gives Great Lap Dances!!!
    Just say you are a employee from CRST!

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    onemaddriveratcrst Sep 18, 2011

    DO NOT GO TO THIS COMPANY!! The people there will lie to you. The inside recruiters like Kelli Boyle is nothing but a lieing [censored]!! She told me that everything was going to be ok and my background check was done and everything. Well all that was a LIE. CRST does not do any background checks or anything until you are in orientation. What kind of sick ### would sit there and lie to the drivers. When you call she does not pick up. When you talk to her if you don't flirt with her like you are her pimp she is rude as hell with you. She is rude with everyone that has delt with her. My girl friend almost cursed her out because she heard this [censored] flirting with me like I was her pimp and boy friend. She asked me if I was married or single and that I sounded really cute and she wanted to meet me at the hotel that I was staying at, not knowing that my girlfriend and I were in the same room. My girlfriend wanted that [censored] to come ouver so there would be a good reason to have this [censored] arrested for being a prositute and [censored]. Kelli did say one time she was a dancer at a strip club several years ago and she is dancing on the side since she does not make a lot of money at CRST and if CRST ever found out about her second job they would probably fire her. She said that the drivers tip her really good and she gives out free lap dance to a few CRST drivers. She is a real [censored]. She is not a recruiter she needs to put her ### back into the strip club and dance around like a [censored]. Once a [censored] always a [censored]. I wonder if she is married and if she is does her husband know what she does while at work and at her other job. I think if her did know he would leave her dumb ###. My best advise is to stay as far away from CRST a possiable. This is a living nightmare. The school part of it was terrific, Kirkwood Community College was terrific, because these people had nothing to do with CRST it was seperate from the trucking company, and the orientation and the trainers in orientation although egotistical, some of them, were very unproffesional and they get you the tools needed to drive 18 wheeler and then you are pretty much on your own and unfortunately the companies level of professionalism stops there..
    As I write this, they have me stranded in Fontana California miles away from my vehicle in Iowa.
    Now I met many bad attitude drivers in my time with the school and the orientation, so let me clear the air in the fact I was not, am not one of them.. Read on to learn more..
    After being assigned a "Lead Driver" the person responsible for your next 28 days of driving, I was dispatched by Greyhound bus to Nashville Tn, to meet with him. I chose to rent a car at my own expense, both for time, and for personal safety and reliability. I met with my driver at a truck stop, and instantly upon seeing the truck, which is his thru the owner op program they have, it was gong to be a long trip, but I had prepared myself mentally for this by accepting certain people in this profession is why the industry has the stigmata of dirty truck drivers.. So I get into the bacteria crusted vehicle and load my stuff up.. The "lead driver" jokes that he had just had a lot lizard in the truck, and the smell in there confirmed my suspicion that it was a brag, and not a joke.. The next morning we take off to finish his load that he has in the trailer, and are then dispatched by our condescending dispatch, lets just call him Phil, to pick up another load and head to Florida. We get just south of Atlanta, Ga, when we call it a night, and he wants to go to a particular truckstop in Jackson, Ga, because it has a bar, and he knows some "women" there.. While we are there we find that there is a truck headed to where we were in Florida, so we are told to relay the load and head to Atlanta to pick up another headed to North Carolina.. He wants to hang out untill the next day in Jackson because he had been drinking all day and the night before, but I am eager to get the load to where we need to be, so that is our first argument. We pick up the load in Atlanta, where he has a fued with what he refers to as "his people" meaning black, and that I am white, so I can not comment on it.. I drive my 10 hours to our destination to deliver the load the following morning, and we are dispatched again, also again to his dismay, to California. He was wanting to turn down the load and hold out for one going thru Alabama and Texas so he could see more of his "people" while passing thru. The entire time I drove he would sit there talking on the phone, or in the back sleeping. My driving skills were such that after 2 days, which by his own admission, were such that we would be classified as Team Drivers, instead of student. I handled all the tasks put upon me, and drove my entire shifts while stopping only for a 15 minute break for days on end. He would drive for 4-5 then wake me up either by his reckless driving and constant stabbing of the breaks, or by slamming things around to get me up to come keep him company while he drove. All the while lambasting the company " CRST" while driving.. He stated many of the other companies he drove for, and pointed out how and why each one was better than this one, and even offered to give me contact names to use as references, should i decide to change companies.. We arrive in california after I had driven all night, roughly 650 miles, and I went to sleep. 3 hours later I am awoken again when I am tossed out of the bunk by his driving and encroaching on other vehicles infornt of him, he prefers the 1 second following distance, and heavy use of the brakes.. We deliver our load and pick up another headed to Florida.. I drive 5 hours out from Fontana, and decide it is not safe for me to continue driving without coffee and something to eat.. Hoping that some food will give me the fuel needed to continue. Once I fill his truck up with fuel I proceed to drive out of the fuel pumps and park to run into the truckstop to get some wendy's.. At the most 10 minutes.. He pokes his head out from the bunk area, and starts screaming that this is not the time to take a break, and to either get going down the road, or get the " f****" out of "his" truck. I calmly say ok, and call dispatch. I speak to a manager, Dave Turner, who politely and proffesionally makes me feel assured that everything is fine, and that once they rescue the load, I will ride with this lead driver back to Fontana to meet up with a new lead driver. I check into a hotel for the night, and upon waking back up my truck is gone.. Thank God I had the foresight to get all of my belongings out of the truck beforehand! Now I am stranded in Ehrenburg, AZ and have to take a taxi to Blythe, then a Greyhound bus back to Fontana, future unknown.. I talk to my dispatcher, Phil, who has been nothing but condescending since I called and introduced myself to him on day one. I have to follow up, which means 33 minutes on hold on the phone, to get my confirmation number for the bus, which he said he ould call back and give me.. At this point I just know I am headed to Fontana, thats all the info given.. Upon getting to the bus terminal in San Bernadino, Ca, I pay someone I was on the bus with $25 to give me a ride to the yard, only to find out once getting here, I could have not spent the money, and the hotel would have came to get me.. I had no idea what hotel they use here, but I guess that was my fault due to no telepathic ability.. I sit here in Fontana now for 4 days, unpaid, which is only a measly $50 a day while going thru the 28 day program, stranded. Im sitting at a picnic table, waiting for my mother to open my new credit card so I can book a flight home, as since I have technically "quit" I have been told repeatedly I am on my own.
    Now I understand some people may have had positive experiences with this company, but after being around the yard here, and in Iowa, no single driver has had a single good thing to say about this company, period... Beware if you choose this company, as you more than likely may end up in this same situation.. I was fortunate to have money as a back up, as this whole expierence to date has cost me almost $4700 for my girlfriend and I.. Nothing is free, and nothing was cheap.. Goodluck, and beware of CRST and the recruiting department and that lieing [censored] Kelli Boyle. She sits there and does pretty much nothing and milks the clock for 40 hours a week. Her co workers hate her, they have to pick up what she does not finish. She is one piece of ### person and I hope the get rid of her and fire her stupid hill billy ###. It is said that she blows her boss in his office. I guess that must be true since she does not get her work done. She does screw most of the drivers over when she gets them all up in Cedar Rapids and then you are sitting there in orientation and then she starts doing the background checks. She calls you and you have to go over the application and when you tell her you already delt with this with your recruiter she says those stupid outside recruiters don't know what they are doing and all they do is bring us the drivers and we do the recruiting. They only scout out the good drivers for us. She also told me and a few other people in my class that if we decide not to pay the outside recruiters for scouting out drivers for us we don't have to as a company. If they don't like it too bad. I thought to myself what a ###ing [censored] and what the hell did we get ourselves into. Just do your 8 months with the company and get the hell out of this hell hole ### hole company.

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  • Pi
    pisseddriver Sep 09, 2011

    I have been trying to contact this frigging Kellie Boyle since Aug. 27 2011. Have called and left numerous messages to no avail!! I am supposed to receive 1000.00 sign on bonus (500 at the end of orientation and 500 after 60 days)!! Even left a message for her boss (Jim Chapman) to call. I am starting to get a bad taste in my mouth with this effing company!!! All the loads that I have been given so far are a money losing hauls. WTF!!! The POS truck I had assigned was not ready (an extra four days in Carlisle PA)!!! I had to eat and spent my own money on food. The truck still sucks. I have a friend at PA State Police that is coming over to look at it and put it out of service so it will have to be fixed before it is moved again. F**k CRST!!! You have made my life a living hell!!!

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    AngryCRSTDRVER Sep 01, 2011

    You do not want to work for CRST. They have bad management first of all. They work you to death. They don't care about the driver at all. They will in fact LIE to you about everything. They will all tell you what you want to hear only. I just left their training and orientation in Cedar Rapids, IA. Those people in the recruiting department are dumbbell as hell. None of the people there knows nothing. They say you are approved but you are not approved. I seen what they did to those drivers in 2 weeks. They sent well over 175 drivers home. They left a few in truck stops. One driver who was left out with no hotel, no food, no money nothing. He had to get home to Jacksonville, Florida where his home is. CRST LIED to him saying he was APPROVED TO BE HIRED ON FOR THE SCHOOL TRAINING AND HAD A JOB. That was nothing but a BIG FAT LIE. I think he had a outside recruiter but the sad thing is his recruiter did not LIE to him. It was the stupid inside recruiter processor that LIED to the driver. They did not run a complete background check on this driver at all. What is stated they didn't run the complete check like they were suppose to. So what the ###s in the CRST recruiting department did, they told this driver he was approved which he was not. They brought him up all the way from Jacksonville, Florida to Cedar Rapids, IA they told him they would cover his meals which they tell everyone which is not true whats so ever and then after several days in training orientation they said you are not qualified and you have to go home. Then they pull his hotel pass so he has no where to sleep or nothing to eat. Well after a few days he gets really tired and he is PISSED OFF with every ###ED RECRUITER AT CRST, for being homeless and yes CRST will do this to you. They toy with their drivers like they are puppets. He had a knife on him and he went to the Howard Johnson or Red Roof Inn and pulled a knife on the manager and held the knife to the managers throat and demanded money. Well this driver was desperate to get something to eat and sleep and get home back to Jacksonville, Florida. Well he left with no one getting hurt. Well the hotel called the police and they got his picture from the security camera and made copys of it. Well the manager figured out this guy was a student or driver from CRST so they went to every hotel in the area and found out if a person matching the description got a room. Well the police did intact find this driver and he really did not put much a fight up with the police. Now because of those ###S AT CRST RECRUITING DEPARTMENT this driver is in some deep trouble with the law now because the processor never did their job or proper background check on this DRIVER. He is now in some deep shut. CRST is 100% responsible for the well being for their drivers and students since they are suppose to be the professionals in their business, in which they are not at all professional in what they do. Now this driver had nowhere to sleep, nowhere to eat or no transportation and he was told by the recruiting department that it was his damned problem. NO it is now not only his problem but now it is CRST PROBLEM. The family does have a lawyer and I hope they go after who ever that stupid ###ed recruiter and processor was and make their life a living hell just like how they make every one else. Now this driver did in fact request for CRST to get him home the way they got him up there and the recruiting department said no way. That is your problem. My best advise for every driver before you go to or think about going to CRST please read this report and every report and driver story on this and every site out there about CRST. DO NOT TRUST CRST. DO NOT TRUST ANYONR FROM CRST. DO NOT TRUST ANYONE FROM THE RECRUITING DEPARTMENT AT CRST. THEY ARE ALL NOTHING BUT ###ED LIARS THAT ONLY CARE ABOUT THEMSELVES AND NO ONE ELSE. If you try to get anyone on the phone that is so called in charge of the recruiting department you get nowhere. CRST is on their way out of business. People do read this information and what is on this site is so unreal on how a company like this can be operated like this. CRST loves screwing their drivers over. They said to my wife and I we were approved. Come to find out they did no such checks on anyone. They all wait until all the drivers are there and then they start the process in checking drivers background. We seen enough for the time we were up in Cedar Rapids, IA. We felt like the trucking world needed to know this. There is a lot more whit that is going on at CRST that people don't know but I am glad that people are posting here on the Internet page. I hope they fire every person in the recruiting department. CRST IS NOTHING BUT TROUBLE AND EVERY RECRUITER WHO WORKS IN THE RECRUITING DEPARTMENT IS NOTHING BUT TROUBLE AND I HOPE THEY ARE ALL WITHOUT JOBS AND A PLACE TO LIVE AND THEY HAVE NOTHING. CRST DESTROYS PEOPLES LIVES. THEY BREAK UP PEOPLES RELATIONSHIPS AND HAPPY HOMES. THERE IS A MAJOR CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT WAITING TO HAPPEN AGAINST THESE CROOKS.

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  • Mr
    Mr.Ellis Aug 28, 2011

    Yea Kelli Boyle is the CRST [censored]. Noboby likes her. Only her boss does. He lets that little ### get away with almost anything. I was at CRST training and orientation a few of weeks ago. She claimed that I was approved and I have proof of this with an email that was to me. Well I do my training for 2 weeks and I was also in Orientation for 3 days. Also I was there at the terminal for several more days on top of that being CRST duty ###. Taking people here to the hotel, airport, bus station, and back to terminal and to Walmart. Well I get on to the truck with my trainer and we go from Cedar Rapids, IA to Phoenix, AZ and I was driving all night. Here my trainer and I come from taking a shower, my trainer told me to check the qualcomm and I did not know for what reason, well I was told to call dispatch. Well my dispatcher told me to get the f*** off his f***ING TRUCK and take all my ### with me. He said that I was FIRED on the SPOT. He stated that apparently my recruiter did not do their job. I told him my recruiter did his job. It was the recruiter processor in side CRST that did not do a proper background check. I said I had an outside recruiter. Then he told me oh that Kelli Boyle sure did it again and screwed another driver this time. She apparently did not conduct a proper background check. They claimed I lied on my application and which I never did no such thing. I demanded to speak to Kelli Boyle or to her boss. My dispatcher stated to me she was too busy with her boss and they could not be bothered. I don't know what in the hell that ### does up in CRST all day long but I know by reading all these complaints and what everyone is talking about, this ### does not do her job at all. I heard she slacks on getting anything done for the drivers and other recruiters. She does not order bus tickets on time. My bus ticket was never order until my recruiter had to call her boss about the problem. If anyone needs to get FIRED is that little ### Kelli Boyle. I heard she is not a little person, she is a pretty BIG LADY. When I left a message for her to call me back she never does return phone calls. If CRST does not watch it, they will lose drivers one by one. People do read this information and they are not dumb and for sure I know no driver in their right mind would go to CRST after reading all of these complaints about the entire company. I am just glad that it was not only just me thinking I was the only one having issues with CRST. I was told that I should get my head examine because I was crazy for working for CRST. I had to pay well over $250.00 for a bus ticket and over 50 hours on the stupid bus back to my home state. I was stranded for a couple of days until I could get the money for a bus ticket back home. This is a f***ED UP situtation because CRST is the ones who took me up to Cedar Rapids, IA in the first place. It was their responsiblity to get me home. I have seeked an attorney about what CRST had did to me and will expect FULL COMPENSATION and an apology from CRST for allowing a stupid person like Kelli to work on my file and SCREW EVERYTHING UP for me!

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  • Cr

    Yes first of all I do work at crst and kellie boyle works in our department and I am not sure who she is sucking off to keep her job. she does not do work, she sits there and does pretty muck nothing all day long. she takes more breaks than anything. she does spend alot of time in her managers office doing only thing she knows is (giving blow jobs) that's the only thing she knows how to do. we have drivers that call in to us and agents that need assistance because she does not complete their files and she fails to do more because she claims she can not work past 40 hours a week. she is only a in house recruiter/processor. she makes people on the phone and all of the outside agents that she is someone that is really important. this is a message to all of you agents and recruiters and drivers. kellie boyle is a no body. kellie is only a recruiter and she is listed on our application site as a recruiter only. because of her, the employees here are getting sick and tired of her. she will do anything and I mean anything even lie about people just to get them fired. yes kellie boyle has lied about in house recruiters and our outside agents that are contracted with our company. she is a living nightmare to work with. kellie boyle is suppose to do all the back ground checks and employment, mvr checks on all of our drivers before they come to orientation or training. she does on prelimiary check on the drivers. kellie boyle says they are approved just to get them through then when the driver gets on the road she likes playing these games with the drivers and she has the driver manager inform the driver he is not approved or lied on his or her application and then she lets them be dropped anywhere in the country. also when kellie does not like a certain outside agency or contract recruiter she will in fact decline all their drivers or just simply not work on the application for days, weeks and months at a time. kellie boyle makes sure that the driver who she wants to screw over just because if she does not like the recruiter or agent that they are far away from home before she tells the driver manager to tell them the are fired. we had several outside agents refuse to do business with crst because of kellie boyle. there are outside agents that she does not like because she stated they give her too many applications to process at one time. that is what she gets paid to do. a few weeks ago we had several agents that needed bus tickets and a few this past weekend that she refused to order for the drivers and their recruiters. she said oh I forgot to order the tickets. but she then goes around and tells people she did not just forget these drivers and agents, she does not care about the outside agents and the last month she personaly and falsely filed complaints with the agents and had some of their contractor recruiters fired. what kind of sick # does that and her supervisor back her up just because he gets his dick sucked by her. there are several of the employees here are tired of kellie boyle and if crst does not take action against her and fire her, then crst will have to look for more recruiters because it's bad enough our outside agents don't like her and the company and it's really bad when the people who has to work around her can not stand to be around her. crst already has a bad name because of the way the students and drivers get treated. it's an ok company to work for, because they do help you establish and provide training to obtain your cdl. any company can do that. crst is not the only company to do that, but crst needs to make some quick changes in the recruiting department and fire kellie boyle, and her supervisor/ boss for allowing her to act this way.

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  • Co
    Combatzone Aug 16, 2011

    Crst is a rip off. the company [censored] kellie boyle is a complete jerk. she sits there and does nothing and argues with her co workers that she works with. no one likes this psyco path at all. her boss defends her like she is his hoe. she gets you into her office and drills you on your past and what you put into your application, and she yells at the drivers like she is some hotty or something. she is one fugly looking thing. everyone hears her on how she is with everyone in the office and on the phone. she takes so many breaks and never gets anything accomplished for anyone. no one likes her. kellie why don't you go somewhere where people will like you. get off your fat # and do something. stop causing trouble for everyone. what the hell is wrong with you, you hill billy. stop sucking your boss off. kellie you are nothing but a stupid recruiter. who in their right mind would hire you, did you really screw your boss like everyone is talking about. keep this # up and you will not be working as a stupid recruiter, they need to put your # in a dispatchers chair and do what you are best in doing, flirt with the truck drivers and go to hell you #. combatzone

    5 Votes
  • comba65 Jul 28, 2011

    does any1 know about covenant transportation

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  • comba65 Jul 27, 2011

    i didnt go with crst.went home for thnkxzgiving an sat for almost 2 weeks, , they kept sayn that there were no trainers yet, i have a family so i went with werner enterprises, bad choice, my trainer bob hattey(great guy great trainer)i was his second student..yeah we sat at their dallas terminal 3 times for 2 are more sucked but thats not the worst part got in a slide-off(hit blk-ice) in oreagon, didnt get terminated got sent home they wanted me to come bck an work still on light duty until my physical therapy was over found out it would take bout 2 months r so for my shoulder to heal..then geuss wat i got terminated.i was not cited charged points taken off(nuttin towards my driving record)but they did put it on my dac.found out through research thatz wat werner does.well does any1 know about ffe trucking services?

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  • El
    ELLENDOWNING May 25, 2011

    Hi I am from ohio was excited about working for crst they said they would pay for me to get my cdl class a I had high hopes quit my job and headed for iowa well it was the worse went to kirkwood for school spent 9 hours total behind the wheel one day spent on skills and the instuctors were so overworked that they were snapping at the students. 9 hours behind the wheel does not make a truck driver I did not feel that I deserved to be given a cdl a they tell you you have 3 weeks of school no you don't you have 5 days behind the wheel with two other students in the truck as long as you get into 6th gear they take you on the road not just back roads either city driving highway driving and on and on real safe ya think one of the instructors at kirkwood feel asleep with the student in the truck and they ended up about 50 miles from chicago. they sent the student home and kept the instructor wow

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  • Le
    legalresearcher Mar 30, 2011

    I have been researching the named companies, all of you have written about in the aboved comments. It is amazing how little people prepare and research companies backgrounds, I have sit at this PC for hours reading comment after comment about CRST...I have researched other websites concerning the complaints and legal suites filed against CRST, the investigations and the involvemant with the F.B.I. for crimes against CRST filed by employees of CRST concerning/ via sexual miscoduct to contract disputes and questionable safety of maintance of trucks. I have read too many comments concerning drivers welfare and the lack of concern of their well-being, , by this large company that extorts hard working men and women, that suffer from low pay (If, any pay) the abandonedment of trainee's by traineers, lack of sleep, or lack of miles and even hunger, male on male sexual harassment and misconduct and threatment of female trainee's by their trainer's via sexual harassment.

    The simple fact of knowledge and being well informed, about who you work for, should be taken in account before, signing with any company. Never, sign a contract that you do not understand or you feel pressured into...NO one own's you for eight month's and no company has a right to treat you inhumane or, threaten you verbally or your person, be you a student or, employee...this is without a doubt a common practice of CRST mangement.

    CRST mission seems too be, to cause grief and strife for men and women that willingly and hopefully, acquiring gainful employment with the belief, CRST will be a company that will honestly pay the worker the worth, of work given in mileage and personal time, away from home. I have never been so utterly, disgusted with the lack of fair treatment from employer to employee.

    I strongly suggest that all, that consider CRST read the websites of complaints and fraud claims against them, being well read and knowledgable about the company is being well-armed. I regret that so many drivers have too go through such heartache, when trying to earn a living...However, from what I have read, these drivers that are moving frieght for this company are suffering from mislead, misguided, promise's from smooth talking recuiter's.

    Read all you can on each company before, signing any paperwork, call for legal advice on breaking contracts and be prepared for CRST to slap a legal suite against you...if, you are not well informed of your legal rights...I have read websites that state CRST has filed claims against drivers that abandon trucks, and filed thief of property...If, you are thinking about leaving CRST...have your legal proof of release of truck to said yard, have your gear together and ready to go...take pictures, note the time, the day, and whom you left the truck with, have a letter of recieved form of reciept that the truck was left of the yard. If, you can use a photocam and record your actions and theirs...
    If. you are wondering how to do this, simply have your letter/return reciept on clean paper state as follows:
    Truck# and trailer#
    Date/Time/ name of yard/Town/State
    condiction of truck as recieved by you/and left by you
    Signature of maintance employee whom, you will leave the truck keys with
    Note: Take pictures of inside and out of truck and trailer prior to leaving the truck
    Keep this information in a safe file!

    Remember, if you are looking for a way out...prepare before leaving, have a job acquire...from what I have researched, CRST will not give a flag waving review of your driving. Doesn't matter if you are a twenty plus year vet OTR, with good safety records prior, seems the hounds of hell are a live and well at CRST.

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  • comba65 Jan 01, 2011

    well i went with crst...went to orientation..waited for a week no i went to werner 2 dy orientation, got into a trck mon 12-06-10..excellent trainer by the way(robert hattey)was in oregan on 12-27-10... hit blk-ice on i-80 wstbnd, mm#326 did a 180 degreez hit middle median, messed up our pete now they got me on suspension, dnt understnd it but im waitin to c wat happens..hope i dont get fired ovr road an weathr conditions,

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  • comba65 Aug 28, 2010

    going with prime inc trucking in springfeild, mo today.kinda scared going to another state not knowing no 1 im from ca.itz all hands on after you pass the 3 day orientation part.i have my permit already so ill b sittn in my hotel room while the 1z that dont study.yeah all hands on 100 hrs on the with your instructor, no 3 day classroom, 1 day airbrakes an pre-trip, n0 2 hr dsriving time.100 hrs straight u cant beat that for leaving today to get there on time on mon.2 dys on greyhound aint my cup of tea but gotta to it to bring in some income

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  • comba65 Aug 24, 2010

    any one has input on prime trucking in springfeild moissouri

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  • comba65 Aug 08, 2010

    leavin for central trucking academy in riverside, ca nervous but im ready to get on the road.ill keep in touch to let u guys know hw itz going.2.5 wks an then 28 dys with a trainer.450 a week ill live military pays lesser tha that, lol an have to deal with mre bs.

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  • comba65 Aug 07, 2010

    i was wrng i tlk to their recuiter and its 22 cpm for me and the trainer get wat he makes, but still their teams i dnt think i could do that for however long im going to b with im going witt central they pay 28cpm after you graduate school, like 450 a wk i could survive on that send my wife enough to pay tha bills the rest on food.thm=nks for all the imput ill keep in touch to let you know hw central realli is i aint cover-coatin crap ill tell u straight up

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  • comba65 Aug 01, 2010

    yeah i heard that they only run teams i want to b solo.uhmm and at 22cents split(thats 11 cpm) i cant feed my family and pay bills with that, so i decided to pay school in cash but im going with central refrigerated.any word about them.i suppose to start their school on the 9th.

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  • Ca
    carl sprouse Jul 23, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i have no idea what everyone else is getting for miles or who their dispatcher is but i disagree about the company. i have been with the company for 11 months with 2yrs prior experience with dick simon and pride and never had a prob with crst. i went through ads in cali which crst put me through, went 24 days with a trainer and then had 20 days at home before i went on the road with a team mate. we ran hard, always getting to pu and del early, never complained, and never turned down any loads and we ended up running 6000 miles a week. i am now a trainer for crst and i get about 2000 miles the first week but then we get anywhere from 4000 to 6000 miles a wk. my dispatcher is Loren and he has always stepped out on a limb for me.. hegets me home when i need it and if i need to stop for showers or meals, i just let hime know and he works with me. It all really reflects on your attitude and dedication to the company. every company has its bad sides and problems.

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  • comba65 Jul 17, 2010

    i geuss crst is a bad company to work for im trying to get them to pay for my schooling here in cali.anyone has anything good to say about them?if they r this bad how r they still a company in bizness

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  • La
    Lady Rider Jun 04, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree. CRST treats their drivers like something that you would wipe off of your shoes when you go inside. I have worked at a prison and was treated better than with CRST. They don't care about their drivers. You are just a number in a truck that makes them pencil pushing peices of dung a paycheck.

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  • Pa
    PappaFrank Feb 11, 2010

    I am trying to get information about these people at superior. I am trying to get back into school and out of know where, i get a bad report on my FAFSA explaining that I owe money on a loan that was bankrupt on. I need to clear this up before I can get back into school. Please help with any infoprmation you have. Thank you.

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  • Mz
    MzsWatson Jan 23, 2010

    I can say, that both sides have an arguement hear. Though the reason that I am on the side of the people who were students of this school CRST.

    Is because I am shocked that, this is still happening. Now you may ask why I am shocked it's still happening is because I attended a truck driving school 23 years ago, yes you read that right twenty three years ago. I went to a school called Superior Training Services, they had a office here in Michigan.

    I went in and spoke to the recruiter, who assured me that I would be trained well, how much I would make and even showed me a letter from a company who hired 90% of the drivers, from this school. Of course I was impressed.

    I was told that I would do a correspondence with my classes, then I would go to Indiana, where I would receive my OTR( Over the road) training. I didn't have a problem with that. Since I was a young single mother, who desperately, want to work, driving and being on the road, didn't bother me. I sat down with my mother, who agreed to take care of my son, while I drove.

    Well I had started a job, since I had my Chauffeur's License class 3 I believe, since a CDL didn't exist at the time.
    This job required long hours of driving, which I knew would help prepare me some for trucking. I took the job, though I knew that I had to finish schooling.

    Well working the long hours that I did. I missed sending in one correspondence course. Then I had to start all over from the beginning. To make matters worse. I had to take out another student loan and pell grant. Well I figured ok that shouldn't be a problem, since when I get out of school. I still had nine months to pay back the loan.

    Instead of going to Indiana. I opted to go out to Rialto California, since I did have some family there. Though the family I had in California was over one hundred miles away from the school. So I stayed in a hotel. To train the class was suppose to be three weeks, though I had a problem with backing up the truck. I ended up staying for two months. Thank God I had family and friends who helped me to stay longer. I did have wonderful teachers, they were thorough in their training, though they didn't train any of us long enough.

    Well I graduated and then the school, kept in contact with me and I went to every job interview, that I was sent on and followed up every offer that was made. All to no avail, what the school as failed to tell me, was that I was suppose to be 23 years old and I was only 21 years old when I took the training. I asked several of the employers, if I could at least ride with someone and get some experience. The answer was no, it was because the insurance companies wouldn't insure them, if they took someone under age.

    Then two months after I graduated the job line, only had an answering service. Well I kept trying to get with other companies. Well J.B. Hunt said sure we will hire you though you have to go through another nine months of training and you must pay us $1200.00 dollars up front. I told them that I had just trained and had a loan and I didn't have that kind of money.

    Then I get a call from the F.B.I a year later, saying that they wanted to talk with me about Superior Training Services. Well I said sure, any information you need I will be willing to tell you what I know.
    The lady from the F.B.I. that came out to interview me said that, first I and others who had been going to this school didn't have enough training, and those that did get a job was later fired. We all were suppose to get at least nine months of training and then at least three months more OTR(Over the Road) training. I told the agent my whole dilemma and she asked if I would be willing to testify and I said yes. Well nobody ever got back in touch with me and I still had to pay back most of my loan. Once I explained this nearly ten years later to Stafford loan, then they help me to reduce my loan, though I still had to pay $1500.00 of the $4000.00 in loans. Also here's the website, that shows the school was closed. Superior Training Services was closed in 1989. If you look under the list of closures, it's number 8 on the list. Also on under truck driving school, you will see that others got screwed by Superior. At the time the internet wasn't popular as it is now. Though I do hope that this helps some other people. The person who helped to close the crooked school, that I attended had a lawsuit against them, that's the only way to close these bogus companies.

    Also I applaud all truckers because I know their job is very hard. Though I am asking those that have made it to try their best to make it a better industry by sticking together and getting some of these really bad companies, out of the industry. I know it's not easy, though neither was the unions when they first got started.

    For those that didn't make it keep speaking out, talk to someone report it to the government, as well as a website called they closed one school and I am sure they will close other bad apples, though if nobody says anything, then it goes on and on. I didn't mean to be long winded here, though I hate that this is still happening now. It's changed just a little since they claim they will pay you now, by telling you that you get to go over the road.

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  • Ex
    extrucker Oct 02, 2009

    4 days ago I posted about the training center keeping my mail. I just got a call from them letting me know they have my letter and will be sending it back to me, so I thank them for clearing that up, so Brian is not an ### but I still think Roy is a ### though.

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  • Ex
    extrucker Sep 28, 2009

    CRST are a bunch of crooks. The people at the training center actually stole my mail. I had a letter sent to me for the road from my wife which had money (cash... I know, my first mistake) and when I asked Brian to send it back because it did not get there before I left he said ok. after a week I called and my letter was right there on there desk when I called. I told them how important it was to send back to me but when I caled back it was gone and that was about 3 weeks ago and no one seems to know anything and Brian doesn't want to return his calls...###. not to mention there dispatcher "Roy" is a ###. What clueless piece of donkey dung.

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  • an honest viewpiont, me and my girlfreind left our companies, me with melton truck lines, and she was with crete, because we wanted to be together.. we were used to people respecting us and being treated like humans... none of that here..!! they gave us a long couple of loads that were rush rush rush.. but, after awhile, we needed a shower, but we were preplanned and our dispatcher actuly started studdering he was so flustered when i called him and told him i dont care how late the load is, im going to take a shower and sit down and eat a real meal.. it had been five days, and they had the loads so tight, that we only had time to fuel and switch drivers... then because we stood up for ourselfs, we got short loads... 300 miles here and 400 mile there. everything above is pretty true and accurate, but theres no way i would start at only 22 cpm! i started with PAM transport making 28 cpm.. still didnt make anything but i ate.. after a year, you can go somewhere making 38 cpm.. (Melton) or crete. but fyi, , make sure if you quit, its after a CALENDER year.. that means trucking companies DO NOT count half months.. pam laid me off on the 17 of jan on my 7 month. they didnt count the 17 days, so i only had six months.. thats pretty common with trucking but it kinda sucked when i thought i had over a year, and then "they" said i only had 11 months..

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  • Kr
    krmckw Apr 11, 2009

    my fiance joined crst in january 09 did the training passed every test with flyin colors..febuary was giving a lead driver for 28 days within thous 28 days he was let in a walmart parking lot for an entire weekend because the lead driver wanted to visit his family and my fiance wasnt welcomed nor givin heads up of this detour. after his 28 days he did his home time after 13 days getting his team together. they left the 1st week the truck broke down; the sad part is someone abandone d the truck that crst to them too start driving with. a few days later the truck broke down again the machinic fixed the same thing again. Now if the same thing gets prepared and the truck keeps breakin down i have the common sense that, that is not the problem, , duh!!! so the whole 1st month the truck less than 5000 miles not even 2000 miles with weekend lay overs all the time maybe at total of 8 trips. he's made no money less than two hundred. he's suppose to be on sunday but probably wont get her until thursday/friday...sooo the whole time he's been out he has no made any money (.22 per mile) truck not properly fixed about 5x which is (unsafe), more weekend layover than trucking, sooo when he comes home he will not be returning to crst. he can make more money in a day than he made in a money with the company.

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  • Se
    SERGEI Mar 12, 2009

    Yes crst is sucks!!! [censored]tty copmany ever. been with them for 8 months. every time I have been on the road something happens. dispatchers dont give a # about you. been sitting so much time and they give you a hard time with layover pay. our truck been broked down for 5 days. we asked money for hotel and they give us an advances. so we had to pay for the room, unbelievabel. also they dont care about if you have experience or not. they getting new student every week. once we went home with my co-driver for a home time for 5 days. dispatcher give the truck away to a diffrent team after 3 days we were gone. and then we had to go for a ride to get another one in ok. stupid company, nobady gives a # about you. before you go think one more time.

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  • Ch
    chicago Feb 24, 2009

    yup crst is a crappy company ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever, those rednecks treat me like ### (slave) im almost done with my contract which is 6 days to go, and they told me to go home to get my hazmat, and then once i get out from the truck they just terminated me for no reason. unbelievable right? all i can say to new student is, before u sign a contract read it carefully and think wise, dont just jump to this recist company (CRST) or else they will mess up evrything u own TRUST me!!!

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