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I am really disappointed with a package purchased for an especific Covet Fashion challenge named City of Light. I got a very low score and everybody who bought such package which included a dress got a low score too.
How could they sell a package without none of the required items like belts and a top?
Now, let's reason a little bit, anyone investing real money in a game wants something in return (at least the 4 star prize) and then players don't get it?!?! How come???
Their flashback prizes are not as good as they were once but my point is winning a flashback has become just like winning the lottery!!! There should be a warranty to the ones who spend real money in these damn flashbacks challenges!!!
I am mad and very, very disappointed!!! You are becoming more and more greedy. This way, I will soon quit this game and I won't be the only one.
Plus, Covet Fashion does not have a support team to listen to their players complaints. There is a hep tab in the game that is useless since one never gets an answer, when the answers come they are as vague an empty as a blank space, meaning the questions remain and the issues are not solved.
There are many technical game issues and not even these ones are solved... many players complain of disappearing dolls due to some makeups or hairstyles and all they answer is: we are working on it. When will these issues be resolved???
Really bad Covet. Improvements must come soon otherwise there will be a massive number of people who will quit playing this game, including me!!!

Sep 29, 2019

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