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I recieved a letter from these people saying they had good news for me and that they had been trying to reach me. THIS IS A FRAUD and I do not know how they got my name and address.


  • Ph
    Phillip Nov 04, 2008

    I just recieved one in the mail too! I searched for it and found this site! Damn Lisa Eastwood :P

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  • El
    el d Nov 06, 2008

    ok i just got one too. what should i do? it's signed by lisa eastwood. what is this???

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  • Ho
    Hope Myers Nov 07, 2008

    hey i got this letter in the mail and I tried to call back and it just rign and ring.

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  • Ja
    janeen Nov 08, 2008

    I just got the same letter, lucky me... lol. Thank god for google. Ms Easrwood didnt do alot of research, if she did she wouldnt be trying to get my account info. I drain that account myself. lol

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  • Ko
    Korey Smith Nov 10, 2008


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  • Ma
    Martrice Lewis Nov 13, 2008

    Lisa Eastwood is a stupid ###!!!

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  • To
    Tofie Jan 29, 2009

    I also received a letter in the mail stating i won something and had to call to redeem it. So i did they said I won a 3 day 2 night stay at a hotel of my choice (out of 90 they supply). They tried getting me to buy magazines to get free ones, but i told them i was all set. Then I made sure to ask if I was signed up to buy anything they stated no, then said they would transfer me to their supervisor. Tanea then picked up and asked to verify name and address i did then she said i would have to pay the shipping of the hotel coupon ($1) by any kind of debit or credit card. This made me suspicious so i told her i didnt like to give out this information to anyone...and asked if there was another way to pay the $1. She said by check or money order just to write the PIN on the check or money order. and thats were i left off i want to send the $1 cause it sounds so good but everyones saying its a scam but I didnt agree to buying anything or give out my info.

    so im wondering did anyone send in the $1

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  • Ph
    Phaethon247 Feb 10, 2009

    I actually was just in the same situation you were! And Yes I did give them my debit card number...I really don't care I've had great experience canceling a debit card several times before and VISA is great about getting your refunded. So if there are any problems, I'll kick them right back in the ###! I'll let you know what happens...

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  • Li
    Liz Feb 16, 2009

    I also received my rewards letter from CRM Rewards Department. I called the toll free number and the receptionist said that I was chosen from my state of people who had cell phones and a license. She said that I won a certificate for the 3 day 2 night stay from a list of resorts. She told me that usually Air and priority shipping are more expensive and to go with the normal UPS ground which is $1.49. I said that sounded fine. She did not ask for my card number or how it would be payed, so I assume it might be one of those "pay when you get it". She then asked for my day number that I could be reached at so her supervisor could call to verify everything. I gave her the number and I asked if that was all and she explained the reward to me before we hung up. If I get a call back I will be sure not to give out my card information.

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  • Sy
    Sylvia Mar 10, 2009

    Lisa Eastwood has struck again!!! I recieved a letter in the mail saying "We've been trying to reach you with Good News!" I don't know what I was thinking, but my mother and I called it to see what the good news was. Sure enough some lady is blabing on about how I won some credit card, phone and license drawing for my state. I got sick of listening to her so I pawned the phone off to my mother. My mother said she could hear kids in the background. That's when she just hung up on the lady.
    This is totally a scam, don't waste your time listening to some chic blab and hear kids in the background. You think they could be a little bit more professional.

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  • Be
    Betty Mar 30, 2009

    I too got this infamous letter as the rest of you. I asked them how they got my information and all the so called "representative " could tell me is that it was a random thing for credit card users, cell phone users, liscensed drivers and university students. Right then and there I did not trust it but I thought I would entertain their pathetic little operation a little longer. Every time I asked the "representative" about the payment options for the postage for mailing the information of the so called vacation package I won she could only respond by saying she was new with the company and did not know how the billing worked and that she would have to transfer me to her supervisor. Once she transferred me to her supervisor she began trying to explain what was going to be sent to me and then she asked me what kind of card I was going to use for the payment of the postage and that she would need my experation date first. That is when I asked her if they accepted any other forms of payment because I did not trust giving my card number out over the phone, she told me they also accepted checks and money orders but it would take longer to receive my information if I did it that way. I told the "supervisor" that I would send her a money order for the amount of $1.00 which is what the postage cost came up to, I did not care if it would cost me more money for the money order I was not giving my card number out over the phone. Once I told her that she said "fine, good bye" and then hung up. After I got off the phone with her I decided to google this company and see what I could find on them, that is when I found this complaint website. Once I figured out that this was fraud I called my local police department and they gave me the local fraud department number. I am going to try and stop these crimals, they do not deserve to be out there trying to steal innocent peoples money, people who actually work for a living, have a family and are trying to get a career the right way. These IMMATURE GIRLS need to be put in their place and that is a very dark place where they can not come into contact with anyone. Please help with stopping illegal operations like these and report it to your local fraud department. DO NOT feel the need the take it easy on these girls clearly they know what they are doing and deserved to suffer the consequences of their actions.

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  • Ri
    Richard Apr 06, 2009

    Tofie I experienced the same thing. I got a call from a girl named Tammie and her supervisor was Tanea and I didn't sign up for any offer or give out my debit/credit card number. I however gave them my phone number. I was told about the 1$ shipping charge and I said I didn't want to give my card number so she said I could send a check to their address. However I am scared that they might use the check as proof that I signed up for their subscriptions and bill my account or something.

    Some of these companies also have a history of not recording the entire conversation and only recording/editing those parts where you sound like you're signing up for their offers, so they can use it in court against you.

    If they are generous enough to send me gifts worth hundreds of dollars, then I don't see why they can't cover a 1$ fee themselves.

    If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. There's no free lunch!

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  • Al
    Allison Apr 11, 2009

    I also received the "Good News" letter. I was told I won a 3 day 2 night trip, asked to buy magazines, I said no to everything. Then I was transferred to a supervisor, Judith Garcia, where I asked a lot of questions, here are a few:

    Me: How did you get my information?
    Judith: Through your internet usage and phone directories.
    Me: Do you have any verification to prove to me that this is not a scam?
    Judith: Well we've been in business for 17 years.
    Me: I don't live anywhere near Bakersfield, CA and I have never heard of your company.
    Judith: You'll just have to trust me.
    Me: Are you accredited with the Better Business Bureau?
    Judith: Yes, I checked just last week.
    Me: Well I'm on the BBB website right now (all of you can do this as well) and it say's you're not accredited. Why is that?

    At this point she starts arguing with me telling me I'm wrong, when I'm starring straight at the "NO" on the BBB website. And proceeds to tell me I should just mail in a $ 1.00 (originally $1.49, they've found a smaller envelope so they can reduce the price, or so I'm told) check because I told her blatantly I feel like this is a scam and was not comfortable giving her my credit or debit card information.

    I kind of want to send in one green US dollar. Not a check. And see what happens.

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  • Li
    lisa Apr 15, 2009

    WARNING! If you are not sure about this, don't send a check either, then can then access your checking account for more than you authorized and charge it under several different company names before you even realize it. And it takes time to prove you didn't authorize it to your bank.

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  • Th
    that girl Apr 17, 2009

    I recived the letter and I talked to them and gave my info got the free hotel stay used it and it was great I love the magz that Ive been getting and I also have switched the magz for diffrent ones and the were o helpfull you people just need to quit being so wrried about fraud because I have fraud protection on my account and I also had to do a recordind with a recording stating everything that I was reciving. they are not a fraud just a maggazine company

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  • haha this last comment by "that girl" was probably from that girl that answers the phone when you call the 1 800 number! trying to scam in another form

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  • BamaBeachBoy1970 Jun 07, 2009

    I have just received the very same letter, and of course te first thing I did was chck on-line with the BBB. And, well I wasn't surprised to see the "NO" in the results. Yet, when I called to confront these charlatan's, I dialed the given "800#". Well, the telephone simply rang and rang. And, eventually switched to a busy signal. So, maybe, between the time of the mailing my "Good News" announcement and my receipt of it, the organization was forced to close by the authorities. We can only hope. I intend to look into this matter further, and update you all on my progress.


    R. Greg Garrard
    14760 C. H. Harbin Drive
    Tuscaloosa, AL 35405

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  • Av
    Avoidedfraud Jun 27, 2009

    Consumers BEWARE! CRM REWARDS DEPARTMENT is still mailing "rewards" letters to the unsuspecting public. Today is June 26, 2009 and I just received a CRM letter stating that they have been trying to contact me with good news, provided an 800 telephone number to call and a Pin Number to provide. Thank goodness I went to the internet first and googled CRM REWARDS DEPARTMENT. The search provided immediate and easy to find information on this company and its history of fraudulant activities. Thank goodness for the internet. I will not be falling victim to CRM's fraudulant activities, thanks to the Complaints Board website!!

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  • Ma
    Maribel Rivera Aug 25, 2009

    I reciving a stupid letter from lisa eastwood for good news i try contact with her and dont answer this its a ### letter and fake dont trust in LISA EASRWOOD

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  • Ma
    Maribel Rivera Aug 25, 2009

    This stupid ### Lisa Eastwood its fake becaus i see all letters and i said dont trust in CRM rewards department its for stolen your identity.

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  • Li
    Lisa Eastwood Dec 01, 2010

    My name is actually Lisa Eastwood!! This is horrible! Trust me people, these letters weren't from me! I really love the comment from the guy that said "Lisa Eastwood is a stupid b***h!" That's scary that people send out letters with your name on them like this! Ugh!

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  • Ti
    tinydancer6892 May 04, 2011

    A few months ago, I did a survey online to receive a free $100 Walmart gift card. A few weeks ago, this company called me and told me I had won the gift card along with a free $40 gift card in gas and a free $25 gift card in dining services. I was pretty suspicious and asked repeatedly whether I could trust them. They gave me the name of their business (Customer Reward Department) from Phoenix, Arizona, and that they have been in business for 12 years or so. All I had to do was pay $3.95 to get these gift cards shipped to me. I said ok, and gave me them my name and debit card number. I'm a college student so this opportunity sounded great to me. For some reason, I gave them the wrong address, and I called back the number to change it. But it immediately said they were busy and could not take my call. I called multiple times, and the same thing happened. So when I checked my bank online, it said that they charged me $3.95 like they said. But me being a college student I only had $6 in my account, and my bank charged me $20 for security issues! Now I'm really in the hole! I called Walmart to see if they could change my address, and they said that I was probably scammed! I'm so pissed...

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