Cracker Barrelemployee abused, double standard, gm and dm heartless.

B Aug 07, 2018

My husband work for Cracker Barrel for over 5 years now. When he first started with them he told me everynight best place to work, until past 2 and half years. The GM has been put so much pressured on all the managers and pitnching the penny to the point of rediculous! Cut the lobors, cut the labors!!! oh wait I just cut the line cook... so managers have to step in to do the cooking and let the building run it self. I have told him many times to talk to someone but seem like that just the way the top guys want it to happended without get theior hands dirty. The CEO and COO needs to get thier feet wet and all the people who work at th ehome office need to get thier butt to work in one of them at least once per week so they would know why their NUMBERs doesnt work! mostly fake numbers and PROJECTION that try to squeese the most out of all the managers and staffs members who work for them. They are so worried about the NUMBERS and would careless about their employees and all the staffs if they have quality of life. They are so big time TRIPLE standards and pretty much abuse all their managers and staffs. He told me the company has lose lots of managers and in the shorts right now for managers and yes I wonder why!!!
I would love to see how the company would go on like this and not be in the news!!! very much of cooperate greeds!!! Most of other country in the world have their staffs 3 days off per week and the whole month pay to go spend time with their family and here in American land of the free ... our fellows have treated others worst than slaves! Yes it is this is the new america!!! with a new type of SLAVATION!!! run by GREEDS and the company called Cracker Barrel!!!

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