Cox Communicationstrying to get a better price

Z Oct 11, 2019

I was Trying to get a better price. They jacked up my price I went to the store @ 1945 camelbacks Phoenix try to drop the phone line which I don't need it anymore and the guy at the desk which is this is the second time that I had a bad experience with him made it horrible experience his name is Austin I was like this is too expensive I'm going to end up w eventually canceling and his response was like that's your choice like I don't give a damn about . No empathy no explaining this we have a better option let me see what we can do he was like I don't care and I ask if I can talk to a manager his response was I'm a senior employee I didn't ask to talk senior employee . Even though I told him leave the way it is my bundle he changed everything when I looked at it today

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