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Count, Professor, Dr Albert Zumbe  -  £4, 755. 00 debt not paid

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Albert Zumbe v Samuel Salvatore Zumbe Nuneaton County Court 4 December 2019 Claim No. B9QZ74Q1
We refer to our previous correspondence in the above matter.
We enclose, by way of service the Order made by District Judge Bull on 4th December 2019.
You will note that the Court ordered you to pay our client's costs in the sum of £4755 including VAT but you have failed to make payment.
Unless this payment is now made by return, we are instructed to commence enforcement proceedings against you.
Our bank details are as follows:
Berkeley Legal Sort Code: 20-41-50 (Barclays Bank) Account number: [protected] SWIFTBIC: BUKBGB22 IBAN: GB3BUKB20415083990206

Yours faithfully,
Berkeley Legal

Update by Mosad
Nov 02, 2021 10:51 am

Albert Zumbe has subsequently lost all court cases all 9 of them.

He hides outside of jurisdiction to prevent being served for over £40, 000 of costs awarded against him.

He is abusing the English legal system, he makes a Claim, loses and then departs forcing the Defendant to pay legal fee, but the Defendant is unable to collect his costs as he hides off jurisdiction.

Please note the character of this sly fox, he is a documented Nazi and Jew hater. He was quoted as saying Britain backed the wrong side in the war. He is a disgrace.

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Sep 09, 2020 5:23 am

This issue is not reported with the full facts. Samuel Salvatore Zumbe is a net debtor to Albert Zumbe.
There are two court judgments in his favour mounting to approx £ 50, 000 not counting interest
and a Trust Deed dated April 2011 for £25, 000 which is still live and accruing interest.
Samuel Salvatore Zumbe is an alleged fugitive, who refuses to provide his true address and never attends court hearing for fear of cross examination.
Claim no B9QZ74Q1 was a travesty. Albert Zumbe was not given the defendant's statement until a few minutes prior to the Hearing and was thus unable to valuate the content. In the Witness statement for the Hearing from Salvatore Zumbe provides an address in Geneva, an address where he is not resident ( as confirmed by the Swiss authorities.
It is allegedSamuel Salvatore Zumbe knows how to play the game and is making a fool of the judicial system by employing very astute defence lawyers.In all the 10 Trust Deeds which were properly signed and witnessed he has never voluntary paid back one penny.He now it is alleged pretends to live at an address in Courtside N8 8EW, but of course bailiffs but I am informed he does not really live there.
If anybody knows of his sure whereabouts that please post them on this site.
Incidentally, he claims to be a international financial investor ( accounting to a recent witness statement) but we know he was or still is on universal credit, with a loan form a loan shark and is or was claiming
attendance allowance for his partner Caroline Lesley Naylor.
My only mistake was to help a brother in difficulty with interest free loans in the period in which he said he could pay the money back.Should you wish to know more about this colourful character go on google
and put in the key words Zumbe and Pentagon, and you will see what I mean.

Robert ( after an briefing with Albert)