Costcocustomer service and retraining

On Sunday Oct 6th 2019 we went to purchase a battery amongst other items. We wanted to purchase the battery and get that out of the way first since we were also going to purchase a pizza and that take approx 20 mins. We went in through the return line and was greeted pretty rudely by Marcie. Wanted to flex and make us go all the way around when we have a baby and we were going to wait for the pizza after the battery purchase. I wasnt very happy about her stance on not letting us go in through that side. I wasnt going to start having a bad day because she was so i politely said excuse us and we proceeded to go.on in she told us we had to go through the other side next time or that she would not allow us in.. im not going to argue with an older lady that was having a bad day! She went back to her counter and started to speak to another person there and i knew they where talking about us because they would keep looking at us and then laugh. I saw other people (caucasian) come in through that side but she never said anything to them. I felt racially discriminated by her. We are a Hispanic family and we do not need any hate from anyone or to be discriminated.

Oct 07, 2019

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