Costco Wholesale Corporationwine

J Nov 11, 2019

Picked up a bottle of wine thinking it was $12.99. Got home and found that I had been charged $39.99. Took the bottle back and was refused refund. Talked with both supervisor and manager at the brighton michigan costco who had apparently not taken the "customer service" training program. Not interested in the fact that this particular bottle was placed in a bin with a $12.99 bottle side by side. Signs were on opposite sides of the bin causing one to believe that the $39.99 was the next bin over. No satisfaction as I was told it was my fault and there was nothing they would do. After explaining that I was taking my $4000+ spend somewhere else and would share this experience, I was told, "oh well". It wasn't the money, it was the blatant disregard, dismissal and disrespect of a a long time customer. You decide.

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