[Resolved] Costco Wholesale Corporationemployee behavior

C Nov 02, 2019 Review updated:

Employee Vincent Clark from the La Quinta store had an affair with my wife. I am now divorcing her and she says she is no longer with Vincent. However, because we co-parent for our two boys, 3 and 5 years of age, we have to go places to buy things for them. I avoid going to that store but rarely I must go. When Vincent is there, instead of avoiding facing me, he keeps staring at me and looking around me to see if my wife is there also, trying to reconnect to her?, I do not know why he would try to provoke like that and harass us. I will file a police report if I have to, or sue the store to get him off my back. I do not wish Costco to fire him, but I hope he goes to another store not in our area, so he stops harassing me, my children, my wife (ex-wife to be, but the mother of my children).

  • Resolution Statement

    since the site is public the complaint has no meaning. It was meant to direct managers only.

  • Updated by Concerned ex husband · Nov 02, 2019

    The way Vincent approached her initially (I found out later) was offering her a manager’s “special treatment and big discount” on tires when she stopped the tire department.

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