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Yesterday, 10/12/19, after I entered Costco with our 6 week old infant in car seat placed in a cart, I pulled the cart off to the side when a cart attendant named Branden/Brandon (not sure which) was pushing a line carts almost hitting my cart with my baby in it just missing hitting my hand which was on the cart handle. I made a comment as he passed by stating, "what the heck, you need to look where you're going." After he passed by with the carts, I was checking on my baby, when he came over and tried to confront me by asking, "are you talking to me?" while not even apologizing or attempting showing any kind of customer care or even human kindness. I told him yes, I was talking to him and that he needed to be more careful and watch where he's going because he almost hit my cart with my newborn, as well as my hand, and he decided he need to berate me and argue with me about the incident in front of other customers leaving me to feel rather embarrassed instead of showing any bit of remorse or even the slightest bit of customer service or empathy. I was left standing there humiliated in front of other customers and quite disappointed in Costco as a whole, while this cart attendant walked away saying things under his breath leaving me appalled. Also, this is not even close to the first issue I've had with rude employees while visiting this and other sites. I've been a member for over 10 years, and my family has been visiting Costco even when it was still Price Club. I'm never visiting this Lodi location again because of this incident and the overall lack of respect the majority of your workers show towards customers. As a healthcare professional, I can only imagine if my co-workers and I treated our patients, family members and guests with the same disrespect and rudeness shown by Brandon/Brendan the Lodi, Ca Costco site who represents Costco just as any other Costco employee does we would definitely not be employees anymore. Apparently, Costco will hire any person as long as they are breathing and have a other qualifications needed, especially not kindness, respect or humility. Truly disgusting behavior seems to be a trademark of Lodi Costco.

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  • Updated by Disgustipated1 · Oct 13, 2019

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  •   Oct 14, 2019

    Are you serious? You can't confront people anymore without them throwing down! You are now responded for a tiny life so you have to stop taking things so seriously, especially in public.

    Those cart trains are ridiculously horrendous to maneuver and control.

    It says AFTER I ENTERED... Since when do they have the cart trains INSIDE the warehouse? All that I have been to have them outside by the doors.

    Remourse!? Empathy!? Humility!? WTF is your problem? How about you pull over and make sure you are out of the way before you check on your baby. Did you put the car seat carrier in the TOP part of the cart and have it all wobbly, or in the large FLAT area where he would be a lot safer??

    So this is not the first time you have encountered rude people in this or other establishments... Could the problem be you and your elitist attitude? What does your profession have to do with anything? You have to do with patients and families, so you need to be more in tune with the world.

    Stop acting younger than your baby.

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  •   Oct 17, 2019

    No injuries are the most important

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  •   Oct 17, 2019

    @Tinkleo Sure. But keep in mind the op was willing to throw down with her 6week old baby in the cart. He could have gotten hurt as she was teaching this attendant a lesson.

    Besides. This, I guarantee you, didn't happen since they don't keep the cart lines inside the warehouse.

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  •   Oct 19, 2019

    that wasn't her.

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