Cost Cutters Salons / Regis Corporationhaircut

Br Oct 01, 2019

I went in to get some split ends cut off. I was expecting a trim of maybe an inch or two but left with 5 inches taken off! Not only did the lady brush my hair starting at the top and ripping down all the tangles to the end but also thought that cutting my hair while wet was the best choice. I also want to point out that the lady said she'd been cutting hair for 30 years. Doesn't every stylist understand that curly hair will look even shorter when it dries and bounces up to it's natural look. Another thing that had me confused was the idea that you can't hardly see split ends when hair is wet.. what was this lady going off of?
So the trim that I wanted turned into a complete haircut. I am very unsatisfied and upset.

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