CosmoProfrefusal to put woody's stache wax on shelf

T Oct 10, 2019

I have requested three times now, to put Woodys mustache wax back on the shelf. I like to purchase a few anytime I go in to buy products. As of today, there is still no Woodys mustache wax on the shelf. They explained that I had to order it now. One of the employees spoke out and said there was another brand right next to me. I explained that I want Woodys, she then said they have eight at the warehouse. How does that help me? As far as I'm concerned, she was being sarcastic and I didn't appreciate that at all. I could've spoken to her about this while I was there but chose not to. I have never had a problem with Cosmo Prof, even when I lived and worked in Texas. I did fill out a questionnaire awhile back and my complaint was lack of product on the shelves. Could this be retaliation? I did notice a colder tone when I shop there. All I want is Woodys Mustache wax back on the shelf! I'm sick of hearing, if I can remember it, new items coming in, shelf space. Seriously, who are they there for?
Thank you
Teresa Ungerer
DBA Teri's Family Haircare

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