Core Elements dubaijob scam


This company is a scam, yet Gulf News Appointment has placed many job ads on behalf of them despite of many people complaining about their scam.
please dont give them 100 dhs or 150 dhs which they usually ask for, they are only making money on you.
They do not have any real jobs to offers anyone, they just make up fake interview calls and are never selected by the client!!..

I have live in UAE more than 20 years and have seen agencies like these steal your money by running 'illegal' business of charging you any kind of fees, before you visit such agencies please read this ..

"Recruitment Agencies warned against collecting fees from job-seekers
The Assistant Undersecretary at the Ministry of Labour, Humaid Bin Deemas, said that it is illegal to collect fees from jobseekers as it is against the Labour Law and agencies getting into such practices will be shut down.
Bin Deemas mentioned that charging fee from job-seekers for acting as a broker between employers and the job-seeker is considered illegal not only under the law of UAE, but also under the international law and the ministry has the right to shut down all agencies involved in such an act.
The Minister of Labour, Dr. Ali Abdullah Al Ka’abi, has expressed anger over the manner in which such recruitment agencies are operating and mentioned that any individual who has fallen as a victim to such agencies should report to the ministry immediately. As an initiative to stop such practices, the Ministry has stopped granting licenses to any new companies for two years."


  • Ab
    abdulqayum Mar 15, 2009

    thank u for infroming about this they called me too on 19/03/08 . so i will not go there any more
    thanku once againg for that

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  • An
    anna liza aguanta Mar 19, 2009

    yes this is so true! wat is so bad is that their office is located at sheik zayed rd so its realy costly jst to go there, maybe thats why they put their office on that kind of location so that it wud be costly for us to go back at them. wt is so bad is that to an unemployed person in dubai 150dhs is so heavy for chest to feel once u knw dt uve jst spent it for nothing. I jst hope dt theres an even more effective way to prevent them from doing this scam other than jst only from here in this site.

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  • Ze
    Zeeshan Mar 22, 2009

    Thts right. They called me today and i paid 150dhs. why are they practicing such a thing having such a aig name. Government should suppose to take action against such a fake agencies. DONT COUNT ON THEM AND DONT PAY ANY THING TO THEM ... i am still and student and 150dhs means a lot to me specially in this current time of recession.

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  • So
    Sousou Mar 23, 2009

    This is true, I just finished the interview and it was Zero: the ask you a very simple questions, they offer you many jobs with high salary, the said that they work with Semi-goverment company in order to reassure you... and at the end she ask me to pay 150 Dhs for the membership and no receipt has been given,

    This is one more scam, similar to same copanies in Sharjah al Bouhaira,

    Please Please don`t do this mistake as I really really regret it and I feel like going back and kill that recruiter


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  • Je
    Jenny Mar 26, 2009

    Yes, it is a job scam then.. I was called today, so i don't need to waste my time going there. Thanks a Lot!!! this site is very informative & helpful.

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  • Fi
    fifa Mar 29, 2009

    they called me as well like twice but i have no time to travel in their office so i just recomend my friend out of knowing that they are getting money from the people then my friend told me that she give 150 dhs and i was shocked and blame her, why she give such money but now i realized i should blame myself i should not pass the info i need to make sure next time before recomending any agency. and yes this is like the agency in sharjah which their front line are people wearing an abaya pretending their local and at the back ithe scam going on, i dont know if those people they employed for this such agency knew what is going on or they might also a victim of ignorance or for some this how they live life to survive.

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  • Di
    dixon Mar 30, 2009

    I am scheduled today at 4pm for an interview. I preparing myself so I do some research first, well, thanks for this information. It is so sad that there are organizations like these.

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  • Sa
    saniya Mar 31, 2009

    I have also some bitter experiences from an agency named 'DUBAI INERNATIONAL EMpLOYMENT SERVICES' located in sharjah Al Fardan Centre. They have collected from me Dhs.200 as registration fees without any receipt. When I asked about it they told me they won't issue any receipt. After that I called them several times about job. Some weeks later they asked me to reach their office as there is a vacancy in a company in Ajman and I want to go there for an interview. For that I want to come Al Fardan Centre & I reached there. Then they asked me to pay another Dhs.100 If I cant pay that amount they will rejected me to bring that interview. After getting job I want to pay 50% of my first salary.All of a sudden one lady staff gave me 2-3 papers and asked me to sign and pay the amount. My husband was with me at that time. He was a bit nervous hearing this. Then another lady who is the HR manager invited us to her room and started to describe the advantages of job & all. Later we paid the amount to them and went to interview at Ajman. A small company with 2-3 staff is there in nthat co. I dont suspect if this is a mutual understanding between this company & the agency. Anyhow, I lost my 300 Dirhams which is the tears&sweat of my husband. For earning this much amount how many hours we have to work. But for these people it is very easy to cheat. After these They never ever called me. Why they want to call me...300 dirhams they got na..My dont fell in to their net..Never pay a single penny before getting job.

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  • Ya
    yawar Apr 01, 2009

    I appreciate guys thanks a lot..

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  • De
    devinder Apr 02, 2009

    Actually, I had been called by this company many a times but, fortunately i could not turn up.. As per everybodys view above, this is not a recruiter but a false co.. may be in this field for long..SO BE WARE

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  • An
    Antony Apr 03, 2009

    I had attended core Elements Interview on 03 April, 2009 at their office in Sheikh Sayed Road, Crown Plazza Hotel Building, They offered me very good Salaried Job in an FMCG company. Finally the girl, who doesn't know even how to make an interview, asked me to pay membership fee. I rejected and told her, you charge me after I get the offered job through you.
    This is absolutely a scam, so my dear job seeking friends please dont pay anything as registration. I will take this into the attantion of the officials of the Dubai Minicipality.

    Apply directly guys by giving some ad in news papers, at least you will get some interviews direct from the company who has vacancies.

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  • Ha
    Haseem Apr 04, 2009

    Thanx to all u guys.. i saved sum money.. my sis had an appointment in dis company today at 11:30 am.. as i was totally unaware of the company so i decided to luk up.. and landed here instead.. a big thanx to all u gud guys and god bless u ppl..

    Sayed Haseem

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  • Jo
    Joseph Apr 04, 2009

    I was just called for an interview tomorrow at 1 P.M. at their Deira office. What I found out strange is that I asked for their location and drop me an email about but the Caller said she will forward an SMS with their location rather than an email.

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  • Ar
    aria Apr 04, 2009

    I am amazed at the assumed innocence which is more of an ignorance from people putting these comments opposed to this site being an informative platform for something that really matters and has credible and accurate content; most of you have only posted reactions without actual experiences.

    One of my friends almost lost a job opportunity because she read your comments. But since she's been trying so long to find a job, she went anyway. Now she's happy to be employed again.

    I do not understand why or what you are all complaining about when half of you didn't even go. This is so pathetic to see that we have a lot of people here who just enjoy adding fuel to the "created" fire because it's more fun to say awful things about something they don't know about than check the truth for themselves.

    Be responsible. Know what you are talking about if you must speak.

    - Aria

    I have lived in this country for more than seven years, but let me tell you abut a world that is real and is not colored in rainbow everyday nor give services for free..the REAL world known as EARTH.

    This is the place where other countries do charge you for everything from toll fees to services, VAT and other stuff. And yes, recruitment agencies charge for placement fees, recruitment, membership, whatever they are selling. The real world is much like a big department store. You don't lose your money if you don't purchase their product. Now products have different categories and service is included. And yes, you can always say "NO".

    However, it's not called a scam.

    Seven years ago eveything in Dubai was cheap. Taxis were cheap, food was cheap, hotels were cheap and houses, flats, villas, apartments were cheap. Nobody had to move to Fujairah or Ajman to live in a two bedroom flat while they were working in Dubai. It was cheap.

    Did anyone scream SCAM when rents were tripled and quadrupled? Did anyone complain when everything else got expensive? NO. Why? Because everyone was too busy making themselves look good by being expensive. Now there's a recession, accommodations have become cheaper, malls and stores are offering huge discounts and hotels are selling on lower room rates. Car companies are now trying to entice people to lease new cars just to break-even. Does this mean they are giving their service for free? No. It means they are still making profit but not much, also they are trying to avoid losses just to keep going on. If you think hard enough, the last three years, all these establishments have been scamming you but you were ok.

    At the end of the day, everyone has to do what they have to do for their business. And integrity may not be high on a lot of people's lists. Just check the classified ads and other agencies.

    I know people who have been placed by Core Elements. I also know people who paid and didn't get a job through them. But they are not complaining because they agreed to become a member and paid for it. This is a sign of a responsible adult. Taking accountability for their own actions.

    By the way, when you lie on your cv about your qualifications or experiences or that you are proficient at a particular language and you are not, THAT IS A SCAM. I'm sure if you didn't do this, you would of people who do and did.

    Instead of whining, make your own decisions. If you are called, decide if you want to go or not. If you do go, decide if you want to take membership or not. Don't blame others for your incompetence to decide and be accountable for your decision.

    Other agenscies place non-existent vacancies. Have you ever bothered to cross-check the vacancies posted on Gulf News lately for other companies? Have you seen any difference? Doesn't it look like the same thing over and over again?

    Common sense. Wake up call! Example, if you see a vacancy for engineers and everyone's getting laid off and there's no construction, where do you think the engineers will go? This is simply a collection of data.

    And to the other one who thought receiving an sms for the location is something strange, seriously, welcome to the 21st century. It is the easiest form of communication because you don't need to log on and print. If you get lost, you can just simply check your phone. DUH.

    If these are the kinds of comments you can give, then you might want to rethink why you are not getiing placed.

    Many people lost their jobs. That means you are not looking alone. We are not talking about incompetent and uneducated individuals. There are a lot of excellent and qualified people competing with you. If you are not getting anything good, then maybe, you should try looking harder or try becoming better.

    Stop complaining and whining. Search for your dream job wisely. It's not easy. It is work in itself. But you will realize, when you stop blaming others and pointing fingers, you will start to see something better.

    Oh and by the way, the Sharjah company is a scam. I know this because they are not even a licensed recruitment agency. They actually sell make-up. And what they tell people is that they assure them of a job in three days if they pay a particular amount of money. See the obvious signs of scam?

    Things you need to look out for:

    It's a scam if you are promised a job.

    It's a scam if you see they are doing something else than recruitment.

    It's a scam if you don't get any service or product for the money that you paid.

    It's a scam if you go back to the same place and you don't find them anymore.

    It's a scam if they don't have transparency.

    It's a scam if they don't have contact details.

    Otherwise, you either being paranoid or too busy making comments to find out the truth.

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  • As
    Asanka Muhandiramge Apr 05, 2009

    Wow here we go again….. Even I disagree with all of these comments. I think you have pass on the message Aria. I commented on another discussion going on about the same topic. Even me I’m a member of Core Elements for the past one month. I joined them recently coz my friend got a job through them. When I first went there I refused to pay. I just wanted some time to think about it. but it was my call I was the one who decided to pay and the consultant clearly mentioned that this is not a mandatory membership, completely optional. And said that even if I join they cannot guarantee a job. I had my own questions to ask.

    The lady’s name was Jodi, she asked me like this…..”If I arrange an interview with my client can you guarantee that you will be selected” then I went speechless… even if I’m so confident about myself how will I guarantee that I will be selected by the client. And I told her I will think about it and if I’m interested I will join.

    They replied to me also invited me for free training. I don’t see anything wrong in this system. if you want to you pay if not just attend your interview and walk out. So simple.

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  • Ad
    adriana Apr 07, 2009

    i went to this recruitment company, in sharjah, at al buhaira road, 2 times, first they asked aed 100, then next interview aed 300 (assuring the job is already mine). this company is a scam also?? please somebody tell me if this company really have cheated my money aed 400!

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  • La
    layaqet Apr 08, 2009

    thank u for infroming about this they called me too on 09/0/09 . so i will not go there any more
    thanku once again for that

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  • Na
    naved shaikh Apr 09, 2009

    yesterday i got a call from the company regarding an interview.
    i was amazed, because i got this first call after two months.
    but yesterday in the night i went to meet my friend in deira.
    and i showed the interview sms to him.
    by looking at the sms he referred me to another freind who paid 150 dhr to this fraud agengy.
    and warned me not to go over there.
    so friends dont rely on such agency.
    thanks ALMIGHTY ALLAH TO SAVE my money.

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  • Ma
    Margaret Apr 13, 2009

    I got a call yesterday and they asked me to come for the interview today morning 11:30. And the venue details were sent to me through sms. When i went they told me that they have vacancies in few companies and they gave me assurance for job. Later they askd me to pay 150 dhr. I told them that i have to think abt this and said that i will come back tom and i walked away. I was confused and thought of checking abt this comp.. Thanks to god now that i saved my 150 dhr now... Thank u frns

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  • Du
    dubai_kid Apr 14, 2009

    'CORE ELEMENTS IS SCAM'!!! I shout; and ARIA is misleading people (and I presume she is part of the team).

    I paid and I was 'PROMISED' an interview which never happened.

    Guys, please dont get deceived!!!

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  • Ls
    lso Apr 14, 2009


    I was made redundant sometime in Jan. As is the case with most job seekers I browsed through Gulf Appointments to find a job. One day I happen to see a Core Elements - half page ad. Presuming that this must be a genuine company, I applied to 2 vacancies which were advertised that day. I got a call from some lady couple of days later - telling me the interview will take place with Ms. Khadija and that I were to meet them at their Deira - 21st century office.

    When I got there, there were a number of people waiting in turn for their respective interviews...Indians, Filipinos and an African woman as well.

    I finally met with Khadija - who was an articulate and genial Indian lady.
    She asked about my work experience, my desired job profile, the salary I was drawing etc.

    Mid-way through the interview, she mentioned that the service would cost AED 150 to become a member - that I would have to pay the amount in order for her to process my resume to the prospective employer. I did find that odd - and obviously felt a tinge of caution. I told her I was aware that such services were normally free and in turn she said that I could avail of some training course once I joined as a member. Apparently the training would help me build my skills etc.
    Under normal circumstances, I would have not bought into such gibberish, but i guess these are trying times and I was desperately looking out for a job. In my head I thought, if i do pay up and that helps me find a job - then so be it. So I paid her. I too was told that they would send my CV to the prospective employer and if I am selected I would get a call in a week or so - if it didnt it would mean that its proved to be unsuccessful.

    Khadija told me to keep logging into my core-elements account for new job listings, and she provided me with a password too. Every week I got the following msg -
    Dear Member,

    We would like to inform you that our clients have already reviewed your job application. Unfortunately, our client have not shortlisted your application.

    However we will still continue forwarding your resume to other clients.

    We will exclusively work on your application and will be available at all times to update you on the process however sometimes if your application is kept under process for longer period than what usually it takes that our reputed clients are still working on finalizing it. However an update email will be sent to your CE Account or your personal e mail whenever the same is received from our clients.

    I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your interest in the core elements, however if you require further details or assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our member support/recruitment team on our E-mail

    [email protected]

    Wishing you good luck

    It's painfully obvious that the above is an automated email sent out to hundreds of gullible and unsuspecting people.

    Its been 2 months now and apart from the automated emails, Core Elements hasnt communicated with me in any way.

    Sometime last week, I sent Khadija an email to the ID she had provided me with. And well...I did get a reply -- it was the same automated reply that I've posted above.

    Its rather unfortunate and sickening that some people would go to such great depth to fool needy job aspirants and make a fortune out of it.

    Core Elements hasnt stopped doing what it does...the other day my brother got a call from them and was even planning to meet them for an interview. Its only when I told him about my experience - thats when he learnt CORE ELEMENTS IS A FARCE!

    I seriously hope people stop applying to them and learn that CORE ELEMENTS IS RUNNING A SCAM - duping innocent people of their hard earned money.

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  • Ab
    abcd Apr 16, 2009

    What I understand from the website of Core Elements is, they are in various HR SERVICES. As one gentle man pointed out there is nothing wrong, as they collect the fee towards registration. They are giving some training on personality Development as part of this package. However, when I checked about the training programme, the consultant was not that comfortable, said the training is done through some third party arrangements.

    They are conducting interview of candidates right from morning to evening and collect the fee of DHS 150 or DHS 100, if the prospect is ready to pay. I am not very sure, whether they have some what justified ratio of job opportunities or placements in comparison to the membership fee they collect.

    The justified ratio is again depends on the morale of management. The whole issue comes, since the agency charges registration fee, as a first step of registration.

    I have registered on 05.04.2009. I have not got a job through them so far. If I get a job, certainly I will post another comment explaining same.

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  • At
    atta Apr 18, 2009

    yes its ture they called me at 16 .04. 2009 at their office in Sheikh Sayed Road, Crown Plazza Hotel Building, They offered me very good Salaried about 10000 dhs . and i said she said to ok now for this you should pay 150dhs to become a mumber and really she doesn't know how to make an interview. so my dear job seeking friends please dont pay anything as registration.that really made me fool

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  • Ba
    Babitha Apr 19, 2009

    if core elements cals you for an interview even you attend pls dont pay them the amt they ask you..its rreally cheating iam giving this information because it happened to be careful and take this information for your safety...

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  • An
    Anas Apr 19, 2009

    what a pity... we watched the innocent call centre staff of core elements leave the office yesterday at 11.00 PM in the night... Guess they are harassed to work by the Manager Jodi and the rogue who runs the company... What option do the staff have at this crisis when they are in the hands of a ### and a rogue..

    Cant the UAE Labor do something about this SCAM??????

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  • Sd
    sdeveloper Apr 20, 2009

    I also got a call at 9:00 PM on 19th April 2009, person on the phone said that "you applied for IT Sales Executive job and shortlisted for the interview on 20th April 2009 around 4:00 PM". When I asked him to email me the details, he made an excuse and told me that they will send SMS.

    As per my knowledge, I didnt apply there for that job and my qualifications and experience is not in match with the job description they have on their website. So why interview a person who simply doesnt fit in the basic profile of the job. I was curios and tried to call them, 3-4 times but no one was picking up. So I Google them to find out and here I am.

    Things I noticed:

    - No Email from them regarding interview.
    - I didnt apply to them, as I checked all my records.
    - Job description does not fit my profile just a little bit.
    - Call from them in night (9:00 PM) for interview.

    I would have appeared for the interview if they had my profile matched to some desired job.
    I might have paid them as well, if things appeared realistic in terms of initial telephonic interview and their serious work in job matching, instead of calling everyone for interview and then asking them to pay for registration.
    (If 3 consultants do this kind of work, they can interview on average 45 people a day with good 30-40 minutes interview, and for 24 days in month it becomes 1080 people and if 60% of them paid 150 AED it calculates to 97200 or approx. 100, 000 AED per month) - A single consultant would do 32000 to 33000 per month.

    Now for ALL those people who think what they are doing is right...
    (As if some of them did get the job through them, or having some friends working for this company, or any other case of blind support)

    I would like to request/appeal ALL of them to ask not only CORE ELEMENTS but all these kind of known to be "good for some / bad for some" companies to do some serious work on HR Consultancy and Job profile matching for REAL jobs. Even if that job is not there, do profile prospective candidates on forecasting techniques (Now Should I be the one to teach how HR Consultancy works with all professional responsibility and ethics)...

    Again, wasting time and exploiting people who are looking for job is not right. And to me, there is nothing wrong in asking for registration, if they do it right away on the first telephone call or made it public on website. Its very easy and simple.

    May Allah Bless ALL with His unlimited Blessings...


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  • Xy
    xyz Apr 23, 2009

    This is going beyond the limits. I have registered with them and made a payment. I have already completed 18 days post registration. They have not arranged any interview so far, where as I am getting calls from other agencies, whom I have not paid a single fil.

    Let us hope that the UAE Regulatory authority will do some thing to stop this kind of exploitation from job seekers. This Agency does not issue any receipt for the money they collect.

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  • Ma
    manoj kumar lalwani Apr 23, 2009

    yes i am really thank full through this complain box i am happy that i didn"t pay them money which they ask me but unfortunataly my wife she paid tham money but almost 6 month finish she never get even a single coll from tham and whenevr my wife she coll tham they are very rood way of talking & misbehaviour its really shamefull that these kind of peoples they are spoiling the repotation of GULF COUNTRY.
    I want to warn all people don"t trust COREELEMENT any how.

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  • Mj
    MJF Apr 23, 2009

    I'm also a victim of Core elements..Last December 2008 when i pay them 150 AED for a job. They are just promising you for the interview and for the sure job but after paying NOTHING...And when ur calling them for fallo-up they are very very rude...I hope that the Government of dubai do something to this matter?...Better close that core elements and return our money back?...

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  • Mj
    MJF Apr 23, 2009

    Reply to Aria---Maybe your one of them. I may correct. On may side i'm a victim okey! 150 is very important for us were working very hard to earn that money and they chetting us like that. I'm very prostrated to have a job during that time they promise me for the urgent interview and nice salary, of course i pay but after paying until now Nothing. No calls at all.

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  • Fa
    faisalone Apr 25, 2009

    I have lost my 150 Dhs on 12 April 2009 + 75 Dhs. in transportation :(, with Core Elements (Crown Plaza Office Tower) and name is Ms. Afshan Sheikh and other one is Ms. Arifa Evan. They are actually Scam company they told me that I have selected in short list and one of 6 and company will take 4 persons. That's why I gave them money for membership purpose, but after 2 weeks no 2nd interview... Now I am looking to take back my money some how, anybody can help me???

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  • Ha
    han1981 Apr 26, 2009

    thanks but i want ot know why till now the police didn't catch them because this morning i received a call from them that i have an interview with the manager but they that they are the client.

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  • Mu
    Muslim Apr 26, 2009

    I agree to call this company A Scam!!! I paid 150 dhs and they promised i will have interview with the user before 10th April .. but until now there are no interview at all .. the only call i got is the first time when they asked me for a registration fee, which is ###.
    They got lots of money from jobseekers, that's how they make money. My dear friends ... Please JUST IGNORE IF CORE ELEMENT CALL YOU FOR AN INTERVIEW, they just collect money from us, there will be no real interview with the user.
    Anybody please report this company to Municipality???? God Bless you dear jobseekers ...

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  • No
    NoypisaAE Apr 30, 2009

    This is true somewhere in sharjah i cant remember the name of co. place and address... its been a year now I was astonished by the offers and very eager in listening to what they are talking about the job offerings and benefits...they talk good and might convinced you as well but on the last part of the interview process they asked for my resume and AED 100...the fee will be used for the processing of my application as they say...what i do i told them no thanks i am here to look for a job because i don't have any penny in my pockets...grab my cv and walk out the building...job seekers/hunters please be aware of this act...we are looking for job to earn money not to be dupe!!!...GODSPEED

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  • Ko
    koko May 04, 2009

    Thank God for this information
    They have called me two days ago about an interview date and the threshold on Crowne Plaza in Sheikh Zayed road
    And then after one hour they sent me an SMS contain of the date, address and name of the person who will be make interview with me and the title of there site.
    Thank God I found this before going because I intend to go tomorrow
    Thank you for the one who wrote this article, and thanks to all those involved, and included information about the company.
    I agree to call this company A Scam.
    By one of the job seekers

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  • Jk
    JKm May 07, 2009

    Ye s this is right ... i am wondering why Govt. doesnt take any action yet on this big ###

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  • Mj
    MJF May 07, 2009

    Is there any body else who can help us to take our money back...Please?... i will really apreciated. May the God bless us all... Hoping to stop this SCAM...

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  • Du
    dubai77 May 09, 2009

    you can tell that there is something wrong with this company because when u ask them "are u a recruitment agency" they "no, we are a management consultancy" and how unproffesional that they send the location and interview detail over SMS. Well, as i ended up asking too many questions, they didnt even send me the SMS they promised to send...
    they are simpy an recruitment agent that collect membership fee, nothing illgeal about it so goverment cant do anything about it. be aware as to where u are going and always do your research.

    BTW, Aria, if i were u, i would have written a simplier comments so its so obvious that you are part of the company :D

    good luck all job seekers and thanks for all the posts, i wont be attending my interview tomorrow either!

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  • Ro
    robin black May 10, 2009

    Monkey business is the name of the game and candidates if you think they are not making a monkey out of you then in my persaonl capicity I call you a Donkey. Mahaaaaaa...

    Core regrets

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  • Je
    Jet May 10, 2009

    Hi All,

    I don't know where you all have come from, but in Australia if a recruitment agency/consultancy asks money from you before you get a job, then it's clearly a scam.

    Recruiters are meant to accept a fee from the company seeking their help to find a suitable candidate. If you also pay them a fee, then they are "double dipping".

    Next time they ask you for a fee ask them if the company they are representing will be paying them one too. No two ways about it - it's a scam and Aria probably works for them!!

    Plus, Aria's comments didn't really make any sense. If they had any real right to ask for a fee (inspite of the fact it's ILLEGAL in the UAE) from employment seekers, then they should only do so once they have successfully placed you in paid employment.

    Keep your cash to yourselves - this is as good as an example of a scam as any.


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