ConnectionsAcademy Complaints & Reviews

Connections Academy / Horrible

Nov 17, 2017

I highly recommend avoiding this school at all costs. And it's clear I would never recommend you to involve your children in this mess. I don't know who these programs were made for, but it's not for average and ordinary people, for superheroes, probably, who have 37 hours around the clock...

Connections Academy / regarding the teachers

Oct 10, 2017

I have doubt and lots of questions regarding teachers' qualifications and professionalism. I think they don't reach the highest level to be called the best ones. I'm myself a top-rank teacher and know what standards exist. I just wonder what the teachers really do if most of the lesson...

Connections Academy / Not that good

Sep 30, 2016

I saw a lot of good reviews about ConnectionsAcademy and I'm actually shocked that they exist! My sister is using this ConnectionsAcademy service and she hates it a lot. She said that teachers are not so polite to students and that lessons are really boring and she doesn't get that much of... / They didn't teach or provide anything useful

Jul 09, 2014

Don’t use the website My friend’s son couldn’t graduate from this school, ’coz they provided bad ad and their virtual school turned out to be real scam. Waste of money and time. Now this boy will start the simply school. They didn’t... / There is no personalized curriculum, as advertised

Feb 29, 2012

I'm in Connections Academy and I am now getting failing grades in classes I was passing (or would have been passing) in public school. They give false advertising by saying a child can go at their own pace, when in all honesty, they cannot. I'm a slower worker, but I turn in A...

Connections Academy Online School / My child can not graduate this year due to Connection Academies lack of communication and misrepresentation

Dec 06, 2011

My child can not graduate this year due to Connection Academies lack of communication and misrepresentation.Most of the teachers sit at home doing other things like watch TV rather then answer their phone and BE A TEACHER! Their solution is pull your child out, they blame the child by...