Computersharewebsite and multiple account issues

L Nov 14, 2017 Review updated:

I work for Western International Securities and we have over 75 clients that have various stocks held at Computershare. Every single client has complained to me that your website is slower than every other website that they visit to view their accounts. I have logged in as well and it is incredibly frustrating to watch the spinning wheel several times while waiting to view my holdings. Is it possible to finally do an upgrade in service to make more easily accessible without the clients having to reset their use name or password? In addition, clients with HCN (Health Care REIT) have been given multiple account numbers and this is completely unnecessary and inconvenient for them. We have requested many times to merge every clients multiple accounts into one account and then have Computershare stop opening new accounts when the clients purchase. It doesn't make sense and it is an issue for many clients. I think the frustration is that nothing with Computershare is easy we should be making our clients lives easier.


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