Complete Dental Careplacement of implants

F Aug 07, 2018

On Dec. 28, 2017 I had two lower front teeth extracted surgically and implants put in on the same day. On Jan. 17, 2018 one of the implants came out. I returned to the dental clinic to have them checked. In Feb. 2018 the surgeon removed the other implant so that the gums could heal and the implants be put back in at the same time. I was to return to the clinic in June 2018 so we could schedule the procedure. In April, 2018 the clinic had major water damage from busted water pipes and had to close. The clinic reopened Aug. 1. The surgeon is no longer with the clinic. The clinic will not send me to their other oral surgeon to have my implants put back in and they will not refund my money for the implants I do not have. Complete Dental states that it is the surgeons place to put them back in or refund my money. I paid Complete Dental in Huntingdon, TN not the surgeon. My dental insurance also paid Complete Dental not the surgeon. Dr. Jeffrey Riggs is the oral surgeon that performed the procedure and he has my implants. I have tried to contact Dr. Riggs with no success.

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