Zoombak / Customer Service/Billing

1 Falls Church, VA, United States

I purchased a Zoombak locator for our daughter in Dec. 2008. In October 2009 we had warranty problems. I returned it according to their instructions. Finally received a new unit about 1 month later and called to have it activated. Once activated it was fine. The I started getting e-mails about owing payments. My original 1-year contract was to have been due to renew on December 16, 2009. I started receiving notices in November that I owed for 1 month payment - $14.99. Then a notice for December that I owed another $14.99. Each time I received a notice I called to check on what was going on - they assured me that it had all been taken care of and a credit would be issued to my card. Now in January I find out that my card had expired and no one ever mentioned that to me. I entered my new expiration date in their Web site and called and told them to bill me for one-year service again. When I got my credit card statement they had billed for another year...PLUS two months and a $2.00 late fee. I called on Friday, Feb. 5 to see what was going on. Was told that once it is charged they cannot issue any credits. I asked to speak to a supervisor. He came on and told me that I had to pay for the 2 months and the extra $2.00 because of the time I used the device and wasn't on a yearly plan and that they couldn't bill my credit card. I explained that I had called every time I got a notice and no one ever mentioned my card had expired so how could I know. He was very unsympathetic and finally after a rather lengthy discussion with the original person and the supervisor, I told them it wasn't worth another minute of my time. I had been on the phone for nearly an hour and got no where. I am very disappointed in being treated the way I was. I had asked to be credited for the $2.00 late fee and $14.99 for each of the months I was charged monthly fees and just include them in my yearly fee. It wasn't going to happen. The amount of the charges isn't a big deal, it is the way I was treated. All of this is handled by someone in another country and it is difficult to communicate with them. I would NOT recommend purchasing anything from Zoombak. On top of all this, the service is spotty and it doesn't always deliver as promised. I will be researching other products after this next year of service is drawing to a close.

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