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I paid for a movie download of .99; this included a FREE 10 day trial. The next day, $29.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Columbus, OH90 was placed on my credit card without my authorization. I've been getting the run around when I tried to get my refund. They refunded .90 to my credit card!

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  • Ri
      Jul 11, 2009

    ZML is a scam! They only give you 24 hours to cancel before charging

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  • Na
      Aug 07, 2009

    this happend to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee alsooooooooooooo

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  • Na
      Aug 07, 2009

    zml is fraud

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  • Ji
      Aug 11, 2009

    Nothing but problems with ZML. It is so technically difficult to use this service, that you feel like you are lost in a labrinth. If it is not one thing, it's another.

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  • Sh
      Aug 20, 2009

    This happened to me too.But I was charged $39.90 instead of $29.90.
    This was on Aug. 19th 2009 and I have not heard from them at all after 3 emails.
    I am going to report them to the Better Bussiness Bureau and the police for internet fraud.

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  • G2
      Aug 21, 2009

    They did that to me, charged me $39.90, and it's almost impossible to contact them

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  • On
      Aug 25, 2009

    Ditto! Charged $39.90 even though I canceled the service within 1 hour of trying the $1 "trial". The movie was taking forever to download, so I aborted the download and then canceled the service. When I got my bill there was a $39.90 charge. I have disputed the charge with my credit card company and emailed the company again.

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  • Wi
      Aug 31, 2009

    Yes it also happened to me. ZML replied to my query pointing out that in their 'acceptance' page it states that $39 will be charged if you dont cancel within 24 hrs.
    they pointed out that their servoice is good value.
    Retrospectively I now agree !
    Determined to get good value for money I have downloaded 21films in last 10 days and they are excellent.
    That said I have cancelled any future payments as I believe they do intentionally decieve customers initially.

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  • Ge
      Sep 06, 2009

    I've been taken too! They charged me the $39.90 fee. It will be reported to the Better Business Bureau as well as the Internet Crime Complaint Center. The Federal Trade Commission can also step in. I will blog the FRAUD practices that ZML practices in as many places that I can.

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  • Os
      Sep 16, 2009

    Same here... Charged 27 Euros for the .99 FREE 1 day trial

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  • So
      Sep 25, 2009

    I also was charged $39.90 after the first 24hrs of signing up for a $0.99 1 day trail period, when I checked my credit card account I found the unauthorized charge. I liked the service and their concept of movie download, which I had no problem getting movies through my cable service. I was prepared to upgrade to the premium account status and that is when I found out they already had charged me. So emailed them and said if the 39.90 charge was for the premium account status then I'll keep it but if it is more then that I want a refund and cxl my account. The next day I received an email from ZML, they said the 39.90 was a hold on my account towards future movie downloads. And they would release the hold which will drop off in 2 business days and cxl my account. This did happen as the said, but I felt they could give a better explaination of how their proceedures work (just plainly tell people upfront what your going to do). I believe if they had better business practices they would be the best movie download website on the net. Lastly stop being so greedy give a affordable month charge with a limit of downloads with access to all movies, and do what you say on your website, you'll have less complaints and more long time customers. I hope this helps all. Bryan Harvey, Las Vegas, NV

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  • Bu
      Oct 02, 2009

    same crap happened to me, tow days ago, .99 trial turned out they charged me 39.90 put my acc. in neg, so i got charged $25.00 overdraft, then they charged .68 for currancy exchange and i got anather 25.00 fee the $1.00 trial turned into almost $90 frikkin dollars and i have sent them a e-mail canceled my account yesterday, and haven't heard anything at all, i am noe trying to find a phone number to the company or something, if anyone can help i would appreciate it, just e-mail it to me at [protected] and for the subject, put zml phone number thanks so much to anyone who can help me john

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  • Sm
      Oct 07, 2009

    Gee what a surprise -- wanting to get something for nothing (or close enough -- something worth more for less) and you wind up *giving* something for nothing.
    Remember the old line, "you can't cheat an honest man."
    If you all hadn't been greedily trying to get something for less than it's worth in the market, you wouldn't have been scammed.
    And pointing out that "everybody else does it" just makes it worse. Remember when you were a kid and used that excuse, how your Mom used to ask "if all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?" She was right then, and she's right now.
    ZERO sympathy.

    That said, the firm are clearly ### too.

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  • Kr
      Oct 18, 2009

    My brother in-law signed up and we have both been able to login at the same time from several different computers and have downloaded a total of 78 movies this past month, sometime the downloads are slow but only at peak hours, overall its well worth the 39.90 if you have the resources to take advantage of it.

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  • Bw
      Oct 19, 2009

    they charged 39.90 to my account and it hasn't even been 12 hours. Same scam $.99 a download, with 10 free... then they hit you with the fee.

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  • Mi
      Oct 20, 2009

    I was also charged the $39.90 on my Visa without my authorization. I was ok with it as I intended to pay the full price to sign up again anyway. This is my second subscription. I had no problems the first time. NOW I cannot download an entire movie...all I get is the first few minutes and then it is over. I have uninstalled the codec and reinstalled that many times. Some movies I have tried to download as many as six times. I am very frustrated. I do not mind the charges if I can get what I am paying for. Since I am not getting my movies I will contact the authorities also. Perhaps we should all consider a class action suite. Maybe then ZML will either pay attention and operate their business correctly or give us back our money.

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  • Ra
      Oct 21, 2009

    I have never used the site or been to it until i was charged 39.90. I have filed a complaint with my bank and will be filling out the fraudulent charge paper work and pressing charges if asked. I have no idea how they received my card info but they have it.

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  • Eo
      Nov 03, 2009

    I did not even try this internet service and there is a charge on my card for $39.90 - and this is the card I use for only gas charges. So either someone fraudulantly used my card to try to download movies (still not sure how they got my # since it's always on me and locked up when it's not and I have 2 firewalls and internet security software) OR someone transposed #'s and my card was accidently used. I can't even download movies - I have satellite service, and one movie would put me over the fair access policy threshold and I wouldn't be able to even browse for 24 hours. SO - now trying to figure out, without having my account closed and a new one opened, to get my credit company to read all the fraud online about them, remove the charge and block them. And why aren't they shut down by now if there is this much fraud going on with them? What is this world coming to?

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  • Bo
      Nov 17, 2009

    I also was scammed. I was told that I would recieve a free 24 hr. access to their downloads and for a ONE TIME fee of $29.00 I would be upgraded to premium and I would gain access to as many movie downloads as I wished which was in May of this year. I was recently robbed of my laptop computer from my home and did all of my banking on-line and discovered when I acquired a new laptop that not only was I charged what I thought was only going to be a one time fee of $29.00 that I was being charged every month since. I think I will do what another disatisfied customer did and that's to download as many movies that I can in a short period of time before I cancel my subscription (If I can). I hope that justice prevails for these crooks & I too will see to it that the Internet Crime Complaint Center & The Federal Trade Commission gets involved & I will also spread the word to as many people as I can. SHAME ON YOU ZML

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  • Ex
      Nov 25, 2009

    ZML are pretty good, I paid the $39.00 australian dolars and I have so far downloaded MANY great new releases that aren't even on DVD over here when I compare the price of ZML monthly membership to walking into our Video shop down town it works out a hell of alot cheaper considering at $6.50 for a new release DVD at the shop...$39.00 only gets you six movies at the Video shop...but ZML enables me to get as many as my little heart desires for only $39.00 now thats awsome...think about it, ...calculate it and you will realise your'e better off with ZML...

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  • Co
      Nov 27, 2009

    This is rather amusing. While I do feel bad for the few bumbling folks or kids who somehow just don't seem to know better...the ones threatening CLASS ACTION suits and FBI are cracking me up! Could you imagine the phone call? 'Hi, yes I'd like to report a crime - an illegal download site scammed me out of my money that I paid to illegally download a movie I really wanted to see.'

    Ha, ha. People - you aren't entitled - you are lucky the authorities aren't pursuing you and throwing your butts' in jail! Movies aren't public programming. They cost a lot of money to make, so you deserve being scammed for this nonsense.

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  • Hl
      Dec 02, 2009

    Yep.. and they like to hack other websites and place Phishing schemes on their servers to get hits / link referrals. these guys are a bunch of ###-clowns..don't give them any money.

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  • Al
      Dec 04, 2009

    i was looking for a movie online, and reportedly, the ZML site had it, but i had to sign up for the trial to get it. i thought it was decent, but when i finished signing up, they didn't even have the movie i was looking for. there are no clear instructions on the site about how to cancel your account, so as i was clicking around, i clicked the "upgrade account" button, figuring it would take you to a screen where you could edit your account. instead of even confirming that my information was correct and i wanted to upgrade, they just upgraded my account. this all happened within minutes of me signing up. when i e-mailed customer support about this issue they sent me the following message:


    You got charged 24 hours after you had signed up for the ZML service. In the Activate Your Account section you could read the following notice: "In 24 hours the one day trial membership will be extended automatically at the $39.90 membership fee per month". Please see the screenshot attached. Since you didn't cancel the subscription, you were billed.

    You are now entitled to download 200 movies in any format you want. If you calculate the cost of each movie included in your membership packet, you'll see that it costs 19 cents only. 39.90/200=0.19 You won't find such a large movie collection at a super low price anywhere else.

    Once you have downloaded movies, they are yours to keep forever. There's no limit to how long you're allowed to store downloads on your computer. You can watch them on your PC, DVD and DivX player, PDA or iPod as many times as you want, whenever and wherever you want.

    Do you really want your ZML account to be cancelled? We hope you will give it a try at least for this month.

    I emailed them back to tell them i wanted my account cancelled, and i have yet to get a response. they are lying and manipulative. their website is misleading. they are fraudulent. i was only signed up for maybe 0 minutes before wanting to cancel my account, yet they said i had been a member for 24 hours. even as i'm typing this, i still have not been a member for 24 hours, yet my account got charged nearly $40 for NOTHING.

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  • Ma
      Dec 05, 2009

    ZML is a scam service and has several different names it uses to disguise itself. It's operations is overseas and has a banking service in Limassol CY or Limassol Cyprus. This is a matter of the FBI to investigate since it involves international fraud.

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  • Ma
      Dec 05, 2009

    Little mister Cocala, you think this is funny? International fraud is no laughing matter, especially when money is transacted under false pretenses to overseas. Don't think you can't be excluded from being one of the suspects.

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  • Ji
      Dec 07, 2009

    I was charged two times for the amount of 39.o0 each and I did not sign up for this service(s0.

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  • Cc
      Dec 10, 2009

    Just like everyone else, I had paid for the initial day and was charged the $29 before I had a chance to cancel the service. Trying to make the best of my mistake, I started downloading movies. Some Internet research revealed that a paid ZML account allows 200 movie downloads per month. In one month, I downloaded somewhere around 50 movies. I did check the billing information on the site, and planned to cancel the account the day before the next billing date... however, I failed to compensate for an apparent difference in time zones. I was billed again for a second month recently, so once again I made use of the service... until tonight. Is anyone else having trouble accessing the site? seems to be down as of the afternoon of 12/10/09.

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  • La
      Dec 10, 2009

    zml have taken 109dollars even after i cancelled my credit card i have reported them to the bank who are investigating please people be careful cause i dont know how they managed to get my NEWcredit card no. from pissed off new-zealand

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  • No
      Dec 18, 2009

    Same thing with me too. had the promise of the .99p free trial, but just as i was about to click on the acceptance button i noticed a box appear that said something about £39.90, being a bit worried as it was my mums credit card she allowed me to use in her presence, i downloaded my chosen movie then urged her to check her account as i had noticed something briefly that wasnt explained from the outset and guess what? she had been charged £39.90 within a couple of hours! I, like everyone else will now do my damndest to have this stopped. I will contact the people responsible and the all the authorities who need to know about it. And i will not stop until i have achieved the desired result, I.E to have my mums credit card refunded and this website prohibited from operating any further in the way they are doing. Im disgusted by what they are doing, they are con people and a pack of ###, and they have ###ed of the wrong person!

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  • Ja
      Dec 20, 2009

    Below is the text contained within my reason for cancelling 'sunscription' with ZML:

    You advertised that you had the tnt/hallmark movie 'The engagement ring', and I paid 99 cents for a 1 day membership. I then discovered a few things:

    1. You do not, in fact, have the tnt/hallmark movie 'The engagement ring' available for download.
    2. Your designers/developers are sub-par, to say the very least. Your site is sluggish, your server returned an error for 90 minutes+ after I'd registered, and your WAY TOO front end heavy.
    3. Recurring billing. I can't stress this enough, so pay very careful attention YOU ###ING ###S:


    1. Your content sucks.
    2. Your site functionality sucks.
    3. You automatically bill a customer $39.99 24 hours after he/she has paid 99 cents for a 1 day trial.

    If I'm charged 1 red cent more than the 99 you ###ED ME on, I will come after you with my LLC's counsel and, much more importantly, I will make it my business to tell as many people as possible about what happened here. I run a social media site [censored]heads, so feel free to call my bluff.

    The second most unfortunate part of this is that I have to explain this to you. The most unfortunate part of this is that I've wasted my time on you clowns.

    To all the people who posted above: Let's take this co. down. Copy and paste your experience everywhere you possibly can.

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  • Je
      Dec 29, 2009

    This service is a virtual Russian based company. No bricks and mortor, in a country that doesn't care about anyones rights.
    Obviously, if they allow someone to download a movie still playing at the theater the service is functioning illegally. But you all know this, its too simple to miss. Good luck getting any U.S. based organization to care that you lost money trying to steal from our own movie industry. You'll be lucky if you are not in trouble for trying to do something that even in ZML's terms and conditions you violate.
    Quit whining and pay the monthly fee. where else are you going to get these movies? especially in an unlimited membership for $40.00/month? I'll bet you spend that either renting movies, games or going to the theater to see the same movies available at this website.

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  • Ma
      Dec 30, 2009

    I hope I don't have that bad of an experience trying to get my money back. There is a new charge on my account for $57+, how in the world would they get that figure. I don't like deception, if you weren't going to charge my card .99 for the trial then don't say that. I hope someone contacts me soon, I have no money to spare a whole $60 bucks. I need help. Maybe I need to seek some legal help.

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  • Co
      Dec 30, 2009

    zml is a chinese scam, the gooks are sitting back in china laughing at you all

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  • Ic
      Dec 30, 2009

    ZML - I was just looking for how much the "premiun" membership was going to cost.
    I had already entered my info for the.99 cents thing and it automatically said "thank you for joining" for @39.90.
    I immediately got off the site and emailed them /i was cancelling the CC. they replied and until I see my CC statement, they said they were removing the charges.

    I will keep you informed.

    Lou Cossa

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  • Ma
      Jan 01, 2010

    1/1/10 SCARY!!! Thought I'd give my card info and join the site to get a look at .99 downloads and gain access to site. The site gives no info about costs other than that. So joining I can gain info!! Right? It's probably a fee per movie depending on what movie and you have to join to find out? So? I joined and gained access. In the upper corner, button says upgrade to premium. Great! I'll click there and it will tell me info there about their premium service, cost, etc. After all, I'm not buying anything yet. WRONG!!
    Immediately it reads: "For your safety and privacy our charge on your credit card statement will appear as" Premium Membership has been activated. Now I have 59.95 charge on my card!!! I don't see anywhere on the site where they explain their service and costs! This site must be a scam site. 10, 000 movies! Looks like a great site, just what you want! But watch out! They must be doing this deliberately to have their site so poorly vague and then charge you like this!! In my opinion::: SCAM, get out quick!!! I've e-mailed them immediately and will contact bank on next business day.

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  • Ma
      Jan 02, 2010

    I have been a member for almost 3 years never had any problems. Pick the type of download, click download and wait for it to complete download then watch the movie. Nothing hard about that. I would have to say read the agreement before pressing the buy button. It tells you how long you have to change your mind. Which is 24 hours only one minute pass that is not their problem. Before I go, I called a number of the movie studio's to see if this site is legal... as well as emailed them. They have NEVER told me it is NOT legal to buy from this site.

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  • Ve
      Jan 03, 2010

    The fact that they say you have a 10 day trial at that low price is wrong! However.. The site is not a scam as most of these people would lead you to believe. The movies are real and of good quality. I have downloaded almost 200 movies, which if multiplied by normal the normal dvd price of $20.00 is $4, 000 worth of movies. I have been with this site for 4 months, and at 40 bucks a month is... well, you do the math. But yes, they will charge for more than their "trial" period price, which they really should stop saying that, because their service is beyond the best I have ever seen, other than limewire, which kinda sux when it comes to movies.. so if you want free stuff, just go get a torrent or something.

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  • La
      Jan 05, 2010

    Help..I like most of you was gonna try the .99 trial..but on doing so saw that i could only download prior to i went ahead a upgraded right then..
    i used the site for a day..downloaded a few movies then logged on the next day and it said my account was inactive..and had a button to activate account..i clicked it and it was wantin me to do the .99 trial if i didnt ever have an account with them..ive wrote them 2 times already with no response..
    i like this site the movies i have downloaded are good quality..but it just wont let me have access to this site..and download movies..ive paid for my month but have only had it 2 days..
    can anyone help? know anything bout this?

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  • Ch
      Jan 06, 2010

    these people are the worst to deal with. my step son got on here when his father and i where in bed and took our credit cards and used my info to sign up for this and now we are stuck with these charges that we did'nt even allow. this kid is only 16 years old. they even put a private phone number on here to contact them, so we called and it was son young girl that had no idea that they where using her phone number. so we are reporting them to the better business companies to see if they can stop this company from cheating all these people out of there money. we are very unhappy with the child and is paying us back big time cause this coast us alot of money. so be aware of these people and most important your children getting on these things and using your info and credit card info too. sorry to all the people that are dealing with this problem and we need to stop this company dead in their tracks from getting other people too! WATCH OUT ZML HERE WE COME!!!

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  • Kn
      Jan 09, 2010

    I too was taken in by this scam. for $57.90. I noticed it when I checked out my bank account online on 1/5/10. They had a link to their website in the withdrawal section on my bank statement online so I emailed them with the explanation in the field that was provided on their website for cancellations and complaints . The amount was credited back to my account the next day. I checked my bank account on 1/10/10 only to find out that they had taken it out again so I contacted my bank, put a "block" on them and ended up having to get a new debit card and have the bank investigate zml. Thanks to all of you for contributing to this thread.

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