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Applied to Zambon company to work for and all they did is interview & hire me by gmail chat??1st red flag.
2nd red flag= They will send me a check to buy my work at home supplies but I need to buy my supplies and materials from their office supply company they have been using for 4 years. and the only method of payment for my supplies is to send them western union money gram etc.
3rd red flag= I was to get the check they sent me and deposit it and then withdraw the funds and then turn around to get a money gram to send back to them a western union for my home supplies, etc.
4th red flag= I called the bank the check is cut from and they said the company "REMS INC" has been closed and the Account # on the check they sent me was no good and would and will not clear if depositted.
Mr. Lenard Davis & Mr. Austin Adams & [protected] came into the picture the moment I got the check.
Yours Truly,

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  • I've heard this happen to others who actually depositted the check from similar online work at home and other online scams with checks, etc.

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  • Ra
      Apr 27, 2016

    Happened the same to me today through upwork.There were so many issues with them.a Chat interview...seriously...then they said a check will be send for buying some softwares.Are we in the year 2000.All can be done online ...all we need is a activation code.This is so wrong...please be aware of this scammer.

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  • Al
      May 11, 2016

    This happened to me today and I can't believe I fell for it. I am typically the one that warns others of scams and I didn't heed the warning signs and red flags. I was invited via UpWork and asked to email my resume to a contact email [protected] and then to connect on Google Hangouts with a "Mrs. Maureen Thompson at [protected] They gave the website of a legit company Zambon Pharma/Chemical and then put me through about an hour of online chat questions/interview. Questions they posed were sketchy and should have been a red flag. They then said that they would be sending me a check for equipment and software and to report back tomorrow at 8am my time for more information. After googling them I found this site and others reporting similar experiences and that it is a scam. I have Flagged them on UpWork and hope they are blocked soon so that others don't fall prey to this.

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  • Ma
      Mar 03, 2019

    Good thing I read about them. I am on gmail chat with this character offering me an audit profile job as of this moment (:D).

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