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Bought a pair of shoes there 2months ago returned them a day after I purchased them and they would not give me my money back said that they dont have to so they gave me a credit voucher which I dont want I want my money back !

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  • Si
      Jan 10, 2012

    To whom it may concern:

    The subjected story as follows -

    Day 1 - I went to this store on the 24th of December. This subjected
    sales assistant was sitting there playing with her phone but not even
    greeting customers. Then I found a pair & asked her for my size. She
    straightaway said "we don't have your size in this"
    Then I found another pair. She went upstairs to check my size & came
    back saying they have none. Then the other sales girl went upstairs &
    came back with my size. (That was the same pair Zania said which is
    not available) I purchased this pair of sandals.
    She was still been racist refused to serve me in the counter.

    The very next day the shoe sole was broken. Unglued. Not in a condition to use.

    Day 2 - 26th of December - I went to ask for a refund. Zania was in
    the counter. She refused to give me a refund. She said she would look
    for another pair. (She refused to check the stock 2 days back) I said
    I do not want another pair because it will break in the next day too.
    Then she throw the money notes into me & said. "DO NOT EVER COME
    BACK, ” I said 'I will not, because you're been very rude to me.'

    I really wish someone will look into this incident & will do the justice.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Be
      Jan 29, 2012

    Hi There,
    I shop at that store religiously ever since it has opened. Never have I had such a negative experience in store. I find it very difficult to believe that it was a racist snare just because they are very multicultural staff whys and such. Very crude firstly to mention a young girls name online, and secondly I find it very hard to believe you would have taken that without throwing nasty remarks in there. I have nothing but praise for that store and its staff. They were very busy before Christmas and they still found time to acknowledge ALL of the customers in store. Quite honestly i think you are fabricating the story because you were upset at the shoe itself. It must have been something of the $10 rack because there stock I've had for YEARS.

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  • Ke
      Feb 06, 2012

    I have had nothing but great experiences. for years

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  • De
      Mar 27, 2012

    Thats very idiotic, aren't the workers there multicultral? Please go to google and define the word racist or rather racism. I have had nothing but great experiences. KEEP IT UP!!

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  • Je
      Sep 11, 2012

    I like that store, and the service!

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  • Ge
      Sep 14, 2012

    I love Zamani Shoes

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