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YMCA / lack of training

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I was hit in the faced with a basketball while waiting for my grandson game to start by 3 employees playing basketball in the gym with 3 rims and they choose to shoot the ball in the rim where they have chairs for the parents to sit. After I was hit the the men came over and apologies while laughing and making a big joke of it. I said what the hell is the matter with you there's 3 ###ing rims in here and you choose this one to shoot the ball at with people sitting here . The so called activities director came over about 5 mins later and said they said they were sorry and I said yeah and they were laughing about do you really think they meant it and she left. One of the guys that was involved came and told me that I have to leave and I said no then he left and came back wanting my information for a so called incident report and I told him I wasn't giving him nothing the activities director knows where I am and she should come and ask me not you. They continue to shoot ball into the rims where we were sitting and almost hit another person. The Activities director either doesn't care about the members, can't control there employees, don't know what she doing or all the above. Due to the trama I got a migrane headache that afternoon and ended in the hosp on monday.

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