YMCA / deceptive cancellation policy

Ca May 20, 2015
Contact information:
Phone: 904-744-2233

The contract says you have to give 30 days cancellation. What it doesn't say is they are going to charge you one more full month after the end of the month you have paid for when you turn in your cancellation request. If you give 30 days notice in the middle of a billing cycle, you still have to pay for the rest of that billing cycle PLUS one more full one. That is 45 days. You can require 30 days notice and charge someone 45 or more days. They hold your credit card number hostage when you sign up so they can steal as much as they want from you. When I brought the 30 days policy to their attention and told them I won't pay more than 30 days, the branch manager emailed me that she would make an "exception" and grant me a "grace period" and I wouldn't be charged for May 2015. I didn't trust her for one minute so I closed that credit card. On May 3, I got an email that my payment was rejected!! She had NO intention of granting me any grace period and tried to steal my money after telling me IN WRITING that I wouldn't be billed!! FRAUD, FRAUD, FRAUD!!!


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