Brussels, Belgium

Dear all, please take this complaint seriously. I have been toying with the idea of investing some money into and playing around with stocks/currencies/commodities. The site seemed legitimate so I signed up to receive a free training package. I got called a day later with a woman asking me for details to set up an account (even though I had put these details in during registration. She explained that in the next 48 hours an professional trader trainer would contact me and walk me through the basics of trading. She asked me how much money I wanted to invest and then passed me off to another man. He immediately asked for my credit card details, on the phone, which I was unwilling to give. I told him as much and he said that the first woman would email me back and that I could give my details via email since I was uncomfortable to do so over the phone, which I would still not accept to do, seeing as there is no securitised or automatic way of doing so. Moreover, they seemed really rushed to get me to sign up so I asked them for some time to go through the documentation and asked them to give me a telephone number that I could contact them on one I had been through the terms and conditions. They were insistent about their legitimacy and how they are regulated until the very end. They never gave me the phone number I requested and instead offered to call me the following week. After that, I got suspicious and decided to read up on Xforex and it seems that many people have been scammed. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!

Dec 18, 2014

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