www.gosportstickets.comNever ever buy from GoSportsTickets!!

I am absolutely disgusted with, they caused me nothing but trouble and turned my life into a real nightmare! I bought a ticket for a match from them and game was supposed to be held in London. So I bought a ticket, then I booked a flight to London and paid for the hotel. Everything seemed fine and I was super excited about the entire event. But two days before the actual even I received a message stating my order was cancelled and I'll be given a refund!! I was shocked and tried to reach them but no one replied! I did get my money back, but these people ruined everything and I hate them for that. I had problems while cancelling my flight and hotel. In the end hotel refused to refund me and I lost my money. Never ever buy from GoSportsTickets, they are good for nothing, scammers and cheaters!

Jan 16, 2017

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