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Worldwide Moving Systems / Awful company

1 1419 NW 65th AvePlantation, FL, United States
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This company is a scam. My first clue should have been the many complaints with them here as well as with the BBB. Regardless, here's a brief description of what happened. October 19 2008 the contract was signed. Delivery was promised within 7-10 business days. I informed them that I needed (ABSOLUTELY NEEDED) my items by November 8. I was again assured this would be no problem and they they will meet this obligation.

The days start to tick by with little to no word on progress. We get to the end of October, and still no updates. I call multiple times, each time a return call is promised and never received. Eventually, I start getting 'it will be delivered on X day' - I stay at home all day, and guess what? No delivery. Call again, 'it will delivered on X day' - stay at home all day, nothing. Rinse and repeat.

Eventually I was told the 'truck broke down in Virginia' - the woman became rude with me when I pointed out my deadline, and changed their story to '21 business days' - go figure. Now, my stuff was shipped from Maryland. Where the 'truck broke down' was 80 miles away. It took them 3 weeks to get 80 miles. Wonderful. They wanted to charge me for taking my stuff out of storage. I told them to fork off since they weren't fulfilling their promises, they relented.

I go to the storage locker to get the items I NEED NEED NEED ABSOLUTELY shipped down overnight since the movers failed. I noticed the storage place they had my stuff at had a red padlock on the door, and the storage employees had to open it because the movers were without a key. Curious, I asked. The red lock is for people who didn't pay their bill!

Eventually after being lied to dozens of times, they breach their contract and deliver my stuff late on November 13, 2008. A few items were damaged, including some water damaged (warped wooden door on entertainment center), but this is trivial compared to what happens next.

They arrive and I pay them the remaining due balance. I'm told there is a problem, I didn't pay for the upstairs delivery (2nd floor). I did pay for this. I argue back and forth and decide to start carrying stuff myself since they want 100 dollars to go up a few stairs, which I already paid.

After a few boxes, I'm told that I have to stop taking stuff unless I pay $50, and I'm getting a 'deal' since they're cutting it in half. I pay it, I just want my stuff. They give me change for $60 out of their own pockets, with no receipt for this. They pocketed the money, I guess. Extortion.

After every thing's said and done, they have the nerve to tell me they've been 'very polite to me' and they they are going to charge me an additional $100 for it. So for the $100 I was supposed to pay for 'upstairs delivery', I pay $250. Fraud.

Please, even if this company quotes you a lower price, even if it is unbelievably lower - DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. You could end up paying more than twice what you were quoted, with your items arriving extremely late, with many days wasted waiting for the falsely promised deliveries.



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