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This company is a fake being used by scam buyers! I had placed a Craigslist ad in Phoenix to sell furniture for $400. Within less than 4 hours of placing my ad, I received an email response from a prospective buyer named Rachel Alanna ([protected] She claimed to be handicapped, not able to come see the furniture, thereby requesting additional photos. I sent these to her; about a day later I got an email saying she was buying the furniture for her daughter in New Hampshire and stated she needed my full name and address to provide the shipping company. I asked her to provide me the $400 payment in cash; she replied telling me she would use PayPal because it was secure and asked for my email. Foolishly I sent that info to her, but my gut feeling was there was something fishy going on. Sure enough, I began getting emails from a Shipping Agent Mike Sears asking me to send $300 via Western Union to his address: 95 Shady Ridge Rd, Somerville AL 35670. His email listed: [protected] The Western Union request immediately raised a red flag! They list the furniture is to be shipped to Rachel Alanna, 110 Broadway, Concord NH 03301. But when I Google'd the address, it isn't legit. I also got 4 emails from a phony PayPal address listed as "[protected]" stating they had deposited $730 but that the funds were not accessible until I paid the shipping fee. Just like another complaint stated, their English writing is very poor; within the PayPal email with all the fancy logos to make it look legitimate, you can see the English is badly written. The Craigslist warning about avoiding deals involving wiring money and shipping are true. Sellers Be VERY WARY and if it smells like rotten eggs, then it probably is rotten eggs!

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  • Ub
      Nov 12, 2011

    I too recieved the same thing..I had listed an item on craigslist...and got the same run around too about her being disabled that she couldnt come look at the item but to send more pictures and that she was buying the item for her daughter...but I caught on before being asked to send money and wanting my email address and all...make sure that you trust your gut instinct if it doesnt feel or look right dont go through with any of it...

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  • Cr
      May 12, 2012

    Just got the same address and smelt fishy so i googled it, sure enough... I told i already sold it for CASH

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  • Jm
      Jul 08, 2012

    Stephen McIntyre <[protected]
    Stephen McIntyre [protected]
    These are the email addresses that also contacted my for furniture and the 110 Broadway, Concord NH. USA.
    He continually called what I was selling "the item" when it was actually several related, which he was apparently going to pay for having a moving company come pick up.
    He also tried very hard to get the item by noting that it would be purchased through PayPal, which he tried to convince me was the safe way to do it, continuing to push, "Am located at 110 Broadway Concord, New Hampshire 03301.USA? and the moving company will have the item pick up from you in which I will like to continue with the payment through paypal which is good and secure to do online transaction right?"
    110 Broadway, Concord is a scam!

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  • Tc
      Aug 04, 2012

    Why would you fall for something like that. People who basic get what they deserve for being that stupid, I WOULD NOT DO ANYTHING UNTIL THE MONEY IS IN MY PAYPAL ACCOUNT PERIOD!! Because of people stupidly being scammed like that everyone else has to suffer and go by ridiculous selling rules!!

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  • Ls
      Aug 08, 2012

    I am in Ohio and have the exact same thing happening with 5 different people or emails...same address as you all...and the exact same language in the emails! SCAM!!!

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  • Sh
      Aug 28, 2012

    I received the same thing and was very uneasy about the whole thing!!!
    Emails I received were from:
    Mary Morgan [protected]
    Soulmate [protected]

    Be very careful! They reply fast and sounds too good to be true...

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  • Cl
      Aug 30, 2012

    same just happened to me...same emails as well...

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