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Don't believe what you read or hear about these bicycles. I bought one recently based on hours and hours of research for a good bicycle. I landed on Worksman Cycles . They claim to be the oldest bicycle company in the U.S. That may be true, but their product is of very poor quality. I can compare it to a $80 Huffy from Wal-Mart. Expect, Worksman charges over $400 for their junk! Please do not be fooled by their "Made in the USA" pitch. Their customer service people are rude and just plain lazy. They barely took the bike back and took more than 2 weeks to give me a refund. I ended up paying over $600 including all the shipping charges. Now, I bought a Nirve bicycle which is 100 times better than Worksman. "Made in USA" aint what it used to be. You are better off with a hand made bicycle made in Taiwan. Trust me.

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