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In April I received a cold call from a WordSmart telemarketer. She told me that WordSmart had a table at my daughter's high school college and career day and that she had expressed interest in their product. The telemarketers probably used this line with everyone. She lied to me. My daughter had never seen the product. THIS IS IMPORTANT. If you get a cold call from WordSmart, PASS ON IT. Once they have your credit card they will change your card every month for their subscription service plus shipping and handling to the tune of $62.68. There is no chance of getting a refund past the 30 days. After reading the complaints from the other people who took the time to write and submit one, I called our bank and cancelled my credit card. I sent back the unwanted/ unused CDs by certified mail requesting a refund which I will probably never see. After the way that the customer service people treated me, it is completely apparent that they don't care if their customers are dissatified with their telemarketing services or customer service in general. When I referenced the scam complaints re: other people who had be duped into their subscription service her response was that people who write complaints have nothing better to do. Wow. I think she truly enjoyed the process of telling me that I wouldn't get a refund. When I called back to make sure that no additional CDs would be shipped she had me repeat my customer # four times probably just for fun. THESE PEOPLE ARE TRULY HORRIBLE --- DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. WORDSMART IS A SCAM. If they really cared about their customer service they would review their telemarketing procedures to find out why so many people are signing up for a subscription with monthly charges being made to their credit cards without knowing it.

Lady customer service rep -- since you say you read these online complaints, people who take the time to write and post complaints online are people who genuinely care about other people and want to share their experience in the hopes of helping others avoid an unfortunate situation rather than that we are a bunch of freaks with too much time on our hands. You propably tell people that to shut them up.

Given how many postings there are re: WordScam -- oops, WordSmart, I really think a class action suit should be filed. I am definitely writing and calling the BBB, FTC telemarketing dept., FCC Consumer Complaints and State of California, Office of the Attorney General, Department of Justice, PO Box 944255, Sacramento, CA [protected].

If you've been scammed into WordSmarts' subscription service please call and write and be heard. Not because you have "too much time on your hands" but because you care about other people and what them to be spared having to do business with a company that is out right deceitful in their telemarketing practices.

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      Nov 17, 2011

    I too believed my son had "shown great interest" in this product. I thought it would be a nice surprise for him. He opened it and looked at me like "what's this?" After attempting three times to return the product because he didnt like it, I was told it was too late. The customer service lady was rude and refused to let me speek to anyone else. I did report this to the BBB. PLEASE do not answer your phone if they call. Chances are you too will fall for their spill. They play on your emotions with your child, convincing you that your child wants this product. Terrible business practice!!!

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      Jul 02, 2012

    I too was led to believe that my son wanted the program. The customer service "lady" was rude and unhelpful. We are being charged $89 a month for tutoring that my son has yet to receive...and that I didn't agree to! I was told with our cd purchase he got 30 days of free tutoring-which never happened either. But I was supposed to call and say I didn't want to continue with the non-existent tutoring! So I can't cancel without paying $150 MORE for still nothing!! Nice scam...charge people, give them nothing and charge them so they won't continue to get charged while receiving NO SERVICE! Canceled my debit card--good luck continuing to charge me.

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