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Wolf and Goat (Troy and Jesse) / Fake Quimbanda Priests

1 new york, NY, United States
Contact information:

Troy Chambers and Jesse Hathaway aka Wolf and Goat are using there store as well as etsy and the Religion of Quimbanda to SWINDLE people out of money. They LIED to me 4 separate times as to when a statue I bought of Exu Omulu Rei would be sent to me. After awhile It became clear they were trying to make me wait until the time expired so that I could no longer give them a bad review or report them to etsy. After such poor service I became suspicious how they could have 5 stars accredited to there business when it comes to the satisfaction of there customers. After a little investigating I found out that most if not all of there good reviews were created by themselves for instance the belagile review belagile is also the name Jesse the wolf of Wolf and Goat goes by on his yahoo instant messenger. So they basically created fake accounts bought there own stuff and then gave themselves wonderful reviews.

I bought the statue from them October 7, 2014. Wolf and Goat replied this to me:

I found out The statue is currently slated to ship Dec. 2nd We will be in touch by Nov. 28th with pictures of two different Omolu statues, and you will have first pick of the two. I'll of course charge it according to the traditions of my cabula, please let me know if you do *not* want it charged.

If this is acceptable, let me know. I'll be in touch by Nov 28th with photos of the charged statues. If this is not to your liking, we are happy to refund the money today.

I said it was fine and I wanted the statue charged. That time came and no one was in contact with me. I sent him a few messages asking about it which were ignored for about a week. I then sent them a message on facebook which was read immediately but when I looked at it again it was marked unread.

This got me suspicious so after a few more days went by without reply I had a mutual friend of ours contact them to see what was going on at this point they contacted me saying that I shouldnt waste that persons time (as if there not wasting mine) and that they were just waiting on a crown to come in the mail for it.

I don't hear from them for about a week. On the 15th of December they say it arrived but his feast date is on the 17th. Since its so close we'll wait until then to make some last minute touches and on the 18th it would be mailed and id be messaged with tracking information. This doesn't happen.

I sent them messages for the next couple of days and once again receive no response. Even though hes clearly on facebook it says hes online and hes even posting on his status. I realize im being ignored and this person has done nothing but make excuses. Which pisses me off but I still try to be as civil as possible. Because after all I am a gentleman and im not going to allow someone else to make me lose my cool or behave in a juvenile way.

On Christmas Eve I receive this message from him:

Long story- but we had to do a last minute licença on Sunday night and spirits came down. Omolu received an extra 'charge' but has to remain away from light for a week. This meant that we were unable to ship him before we left for the holiday. We return in mid-January and I'll absolutely mail him upon our return. Sorry for the extended wait! I know you've been patient- but he's a really amazing statue!

At this point once again I hold my composure and try to seem friendly as if its no problem and that I might be interested in buying products from him or even receiving initiation. This is a bit of a white lie I only said this in hopes if he thought he might be receiving additional money from me in the future he may be willing to give me better service and actually give me what I paid for.

Finally Im sick and done of all this crap and I send him a message saying I want an exact date before the dead line on Etsy is up for me to file a complaint in which my statue will be mailed to me along with a tracking code. If I don't get it or if its not sent at that time for ANY REASON I will be filing a report against you. Once again they don't respond.

I also saw a review on there page from a guy named Abraham possibly one of the only legit reviews on this business since it was rated 1 out of a possible 5 stars. 1 being the lowest. I contacted him and asked if he got ripped off to and he replied:

No, just wasted my time. I first contacted them for a custom order. No response. Weeks went by. I tried again, same thing. I then made a purchase for a custom order, and sent them a message. They did not respond quickly, a good length of time went by, i sent them another message. They eventually responded. I let them know that i dont appreciate them taking my money and then ignoring me, i told them that i would take my business elsewhere. They responded that they won't be threatened and do not respond to threats. They refunded my money. I waited until i could leave a review to let others know what kind of people they are. They contacted me after i left the review and told me that they would give me 24 hours to change my review or they would tell their side of the story. My advice is Beware of calling them out on their lack of customer service.

I also talked to another one of his actual customers on facebook who goes by the name of Libertina Starr aka Kris Durana De Leon. When I told her about my experience she replied :

Oh thanks.. I had the same problem with Jesse.I actually had him consult last october 2013 and he kept ignoring my messages and kept telling me he had sent my reading but I was not receiving it.

She also then goes on to say:

Oh my gosh! It seems Jesse has so many excuses. He did that to me as well. Jesse is supposed to send me a macuto as what my Pomba Gira asked him to do. He keeps on telling me he will send it but there are many delays and hes always making excuses.

So I contacted them on facebook saying hey wheres my statue I need to hear something now or im going to report you. I then get an inappropriate message from them of a sexual nature. Me being a married man and straight I blocked them. And filed my report. Finally making good on my promise

I then get the following message from him:

Jesse responding here. I am unable to respond to your message to you on FB, so I will have to respond here. As you know, we were on vacation until the 9th. As I open up the tronco on Mondays and Fridays to begin / end projects, and as we've just gotten back end of last week, I am ready to wash Omolu one more time and pack/send him.

It appears we have a miscommunication. If you are not wanting the statue, or to communicate, then I will happily refund you the money for the Omolu Rei. I cannot imagine what your process is on blocking someone on FB, but I have no interest in ensouling a statue for someone with a Exu that cannot be patient or check their own issues in regards to communication.

Followed by: Reason for issuing this refund:

Shop owner declines sale

Message to buyer:


This is Troy speaking. Despite my firm desire never to write to you again, I feel the need to do so now.

We are choosing to refund your order in full. The statue will be made available for sale to someone else.

I believe this is easier - and ultimately the best move - in dealing with you and this situation. From the start, from your first interactions with me and with the store, your instability has been noted both from the tone, content and phrasing of your emails and persistent requests, your inability to take no for an answer, a dogged persistence, and pointed out to me in no uncertain terms that it is a bad idea to make anything for you, or sell you anything. Despite being intent on refunding you for this piece the *moment* you placed the order - despite me saying I would not be sculpting for you previously - I went through with it. Despite my better judgement, as it so seems now.

Regarding your commentary accompanying the complaint:

'The seller continues to delay sending me my order. I've received 4 different date changes as to when I would be receiving my item."

- Yes, surely. You were notified of the changes that came about regarding a custom commissioned piece, that then had to sit through the charging process of aligning it to a spirit - both processes being ones not set in stone, and given to unforeseen changes, extensions, etc. The important point is: you *were* notified. It was communicated to you when delays arose or extra things had to be done, and you responded each time that this was no problem.

Regarding the ignoring of your messages, 'Now he's ignoring my messages all together.'

Please. Your last message was sent less than a week ago (business days), during a time when you knew we were on vacation - as it was communicated clearly to you that we were on vacation until mid-January. Mid-January, by the way, would technically be two days from now. You were told that the statue would be shipped on our return. Did you assume that somehow this had changed? If it had, then you would have been notified - as we have done every time there has been a delay. As I have previously mentioned. Was it simply then the desire for a response? To have us repeat ourselves to you? If this is the case, you are presuming you buy far too much when you order something from this store. You ordered the statue, that is it. No friendship was ordered with this, no 'special needs' package that includes coddling an unbalanced client through their own issues. A discussion on the statue is all that needs to take place. Jesse may have chosen since then to be polite in the world of FB, but I have not. You will not be coddled here - nor in Quimbanda if you somehow manage to find someone willing to entrust you with an invite to anywhere within ten miles of them. I highly suggest you find some self control and patience if you plan on doing anything of any worth in anything magical. Hint: look somewhere other than Etsy.

Let me make this more entirely clear than I ever seem to have done before: do not order from us. Do not send communications of any kind to this store or anyone to do with it, in any place. Do not request anything from us.

May you find whatever it is you're looking for - as long as it's somewhere else,


Wolf of Wolf & Goat

He did not communicate with me in a prop fashion or for the most part at all with a few exceptions mainly third party interventions being etsy or mutual friends. He never said he wouldn't sculpt for me previously. If I wanted there friendship so bad how come i'm the one that blocked them? On facebook during the time he was supposedly on vacation he mentioned in a comment he was at a particular club drunk and playing pool this club is located in the same city and state they live in which leaves me to believe they weren't really on vacation or they were manufacturing this lie to fool someone else.

Hes right on one thing though I paid for a statue nothing else and I did not receive it. Even though I waited almost 4 months for it. And all I have to show for it is verbal abuse and sexual harassment. His comments lead me to believe hes a delusional sociopath who's projecting his own inadequacies on me. As he clearly believes his own bs. As far as him being a Tata Quimbanderio its just a meaningless title to someone who can not step up to the role of being a Tata or even a man for that matter.

Buyer Beware.

Jun 13, 2015

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