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United States

i did not sign up for the Wix.com website.i was sent an email if i was. they try and suck you in by creating a login for you and you get a welcome email. Well I new I did not sign up for Wix. I went to the sight to see if someone stole a credit card but no info other than my emai laddress and a login name I never would have created. what a deceiving thing.
Angry internet user!!!


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A  2nd of Apr, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I too am closing my account with wix.com
The website has done nothing for me.
The only thing they do is take my money.
What a scam.
So sad.
Glad there are others I can now spill my anger out to... watch out all you newbees.
D  26th of May, 2011 by    -2 Votes
I had two web sites created using WIX.com. One of my sites is ForestRidgeToyPoodles.com and the other I am currently working on. I will probably develop a third site that will be store front shop with Wix eventually. You can develop great web sites using this site. You can create a web site that is dynamic and not static as most are, thus making your site much more interesting and desirable. It is also one of the few on-line site generators that provide telephone support.
Some people think that web site generators on-line or off-line will instantly open the flood gates and they will get thousands of hits - but for real - it takes YOU doing some work to get attention to your site. So if you are one who will not put in the work to advertise your site, such as on social networks for example, then don't put up any site. I would recommend one using WIX to create a site be a bit savy with web development - that would help in creating a better site - but that knowledge is NOT a must, you can still develop a wonder site .
I recommend one take a look and see for themselves. You can try it for free and thus play around to see if it is for you. If you want to have your own domain, then there is a small $ to be paid.
N  30th of Jun, 2011 by    0 Votes

Wix.com - This guy isn't real
United States

This guy isn't real. He think he owns a country in a game called littebigplanet. His name is alexgangsta4 or alex white. For the record, this isnt against wix but a sub account in wix called leadersweare.leaders.wix.com.
D  1st of Aug, 2011 by    -1 Votes
BS, Wix Is A LEGITIMATE SITE, i Use It EVERYDAY So Doesnt over 10, 000, 000 Others! First off Learn how To Spell Before trying ing to wage an Anti-Wix Campaigne. If something Is Not old and you just got it it is NEW to you, If you already Knew that learn how to spell it correctly. The Proper term for some who is Inadequate at reading and/or writing is Know is illiterate, Which is the best description I Can Find For You. (Directed At "Angry internet user")
N  13th of Nov, 2011 by    +3 Votes
wix is a ###en scam I ###en hate them you dumb people are probaly sorry ### wix employee cause you got noone to back your dicks up and u need to fake it.
N  27th of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes
Dear Wix users,

Our support staff is committed to our users and as we continue to expand, it is important for us to make sure that anyone who uses Wix feels that they are being heard and addressed.

After all, our main goal is to keep our users satisfied with our product and our service. We are here to serve you, our users, and we
are eager to address the issues you have stated above/below.

Please post a comment in the following link and we will do everything we can to resolve any technical or billing issue you may have:


Jordan Wix Team
A  10th of Oct, 2012 by    0 Votes
Dear wix
People are saying that wix is a scam, but to me it is not.People must take them time out to learn how to build a website which is that u all wix make it easier for newbies to learn how to build a website without coding and html.Well i am apart of wix put i am still the free mood so maybe soon i will step tp premium because i like to build website online for a career.i want to no is if i could sell website from wix in premium when i build them online?
N  10th of Oct, 2012 by    0 Votes
Another deadbeat looking for something for free.
N  9th of Jan, 2013 by    +2 Votes

Wix.com - deceptive practices
United States

Wix.com sent me an E-mail saying I had set up an account. Which is simply not true.I have a web presence and perhaps this is where they got my email. This is the second incidence of this deceptive practice
N  26th of Dec, 2013 by    0 Votes
I think wix.com is deceptive in the following ways: 1. the 'free' site has ads 2. upgrading to "Premium" means no ads but $150 a year just for a site with no email account or analytics is absurd. 3. I got the 1st year for $75 as a "deal", but when billing you for the second year, I was not sent an invoice, just a reminder that my credit card needed updating, then as soon as you update that, they take $150. You should get a reminder of the price. 4. Most of all, I've called their support line several times over the year, and they were surly, rude, impatient, and just wanted to get you off the phone. I hate Wix! BEWARE!!
N  19th of May, 2015 by    +1 Votes
First - no support. Literally. When you have problems, no answer or simple answer "go to topic number so and so on the forum". So as usually, Users have to help users, no staff really involved. On the phone rude and unpatient, like they were not working but someone punished them to answer the phones of clients who actually pay their wages.

Second - AND MOST IMPORTANT!!! - never, ever use these people to get GMail thru them! Go directly to Google, they are respectable company. With WIX I opened four mailboxes almost 1.5 years ago. I have cancelled one 13months ago, the other one I closed 2 months ago when I noticed that they were still charging me for the not existing one. Since then I am having "lovely" conversation with them for the last two and a half months!!! My mailboxes are still on, the cancelled ones too. They still are charging us, refusing a refund, there is always something that stops them. We tried not to pay them for a moment, something that we don't normally do but this time we hoped it might help - we got the quick answer that we will get our two mailboxes closed and money refunded once we will pay. We paid off hoping it will resolve the issue. Nope! Four mailboxes are still on, they still charge us for all four, nothing, like a solid rock! Thick as custard!!! Never ever use these people and their so called "services"!!!
N  19th of May, 2015 by    -1 Votes

N  30th of Jun, 2015 by    +1 Votes
This is nothing but a rip off. Please beware. You make a site and then if you don't upgrade within a few weeks your site disappears. I'm turning them into the BBB and making as many complaints as possible against them. Don't be fooled, they allow you to build a beautiful site and then it is gone. I'm going to go after them for all of the money I put into posters mentioning my (domain) they gave me. They will be out a great deal of money. I'm retired so I have nothing better to do than ruin them for good.
N  27th of Jul, 2015 by    -2 Votes
Theyre jews of course they will scam you...nuff said!
N  28th of Sep, 2015 by    +2 Votes
WIX.com needs to inform people that they are not a completely free site. It's a misleading representation and this tactic should not be used. (Especially for a company running advertisements on multiple television channels, social media and live streaming sites such as hulu and YouTube. If something has a price then STATE that it has a price... Freemium is not free. Anyone who uses this needs to do a bit more research and move on. DO NOT WAISTE A CHUNK OF YOUR ANNUAL INCOME ON A MEDIOCRE WEB DESIGN SITE SUCH AS THIS.
N  24th of Jun, 2016 by    0 Votes
What are some good website builders?
N  14th of Feb, 2017 by    0 Votes
@mjpop97 I hear weebly.com is decent. They also let you see and edit your website's HTML code, unlike Wix.
N  6th of Sep, 2016 by    0 Votes
my account was debited by wix.com for almost £112.00. i have never used this service or approached them. i recently set up a website and used wordpress and mojo marketplace but i have never approached wix.com. i am seriously worried that my bank account details have been hacked as this has never happened to me before.

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