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Wow, Can it get any worse?? they claim they don't use bots to power lvl on there accounts but yet my account was Brand NEW And it was "some how" Banned, Hmmm i wonder... well check out the Chat transcripts from this rude and ridiculous PLEASE DON'T ORDER FROM WITH GAMES. COM I SWEAR THEY WILL NOT BE HONEST WITH YOU!!! Please wait for a site operator to respond. Please don't forget leave your feedback when this chat end.

All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

You are now chatting with 'linda'

linda: Hello, how may I help you?

Me: Hey, Remeber me?

Me: IM back

Me: *************
linda: ah, sorry, not exactely

linda: many customers a day lol

Me: I Understand :P

Me: Lols

linda: :)

Me: I Was checking your mind

Me: How was the new year?

linda: sorry, not so good,

linda: on working, u see , very busy lol

Me: Ah Yeah

Me: Well did he find info on the account?

Me: your Farmer?

Me: Because im still banned ;

linda: Hold on a moment please , I will check it for you. Thanks for your patience

Me: ok

linda: :)

Me: :P

Me: sucks my account got banned :(

linda: i am waiting for his responce

Me: k :

linda: :)

linda: our guy said he has finished ur order already

Me: Yes, correct but Rememmber my accoutn got banned becuase you guys used bots

Me: account*

linda: no, our guy never use bots

Me: "linda: if it is really our fault, we will give u a compensation, when my partner respond , i will tell u :)"

Me: You did

Me: Becuase my accoutn got banned

Me: i cannot logg into it

linda: yes, i said that, but i asked him , he said when he finish ur order, ur acc was ok

linda: he didnt do anything wrong with ur acc

Me: No, after he logged out

Me: I Was on my firends account the whole time

Me: As soon as he logged out i logged in and it sayed "i was suspended"

linda: sorry, he said he didnt do anything wrong

Me: Are you kidding me?

Me: I Was wathcign him the whlole time he did the same thing for 7 hrs straight and he was on the accoutn for 3 days straight im pretty sure h DID Use a bot.

linda: wait, plz

Me: If this is the case, i will simply not sell any more guildwars gold to your company any more, nor will i order here ever again.

Me: I Suply your company with 75% of the guildwars gold..

linda: i asked my partner to check , wait, plz

Me: k

Me: Ask, Amily she will tell you that i sell guildwars gold.

linda: just plz wait, i asked mypartner to check again

Me: I am..

linda: ok

Me: Check on what?

linda: check if the trainer did anything wrong

Me: How, He obvisly lied the first time to you, he was on the accoutn for 3 days straight.

linda: !!!

linda: how did u know that ?

Me: I Was on a friends account and every hour or so id log in he'd be in the same spot killing the same thing and never moving.

linda: but it cant say he used bots, and maybe his rest time is when u are off line,

Me: And i know he didnt "bot" when he lvled it from 2-23 but once he ht 24- 30 he botted it was clearly obvious

Me: I even noticed it

Me: And WOW Admins noticed it also now, im banned

linda: still no responce from him yet

Me: ah, Doese he know that i know he was using a bot?

linda: i still dont think he used bot, since he never use that

Me: He, May have not but could you please explain why my account got banned?

Me: It's brand new your the only people that were on it.

linda: i asked my partner to find the trainer to ask for the details, plz wait,

Me: ok, also do you need me to paste e-mail blizzard sent me?

Me: I Gave it to you once.

linda: dont need now

Me: kk.

Me: Ill just paste it here

Me: * * * NOTICE OF FINAL WARNING * * * This is a notification regarding the World of Warcraft account ********. Access to this account has been temporarily disabled for exploitation of the World of Warcraft economy or for being associated to accounts which have been closed for intended exploitation. Based on a review of the information presented, this World of Warcraft account has been given a final warning and a 72 hour account suspension, in addition to any previous warnings issued. Until the suspension has been lifted, the account will not be accessible. Please note that Blizzard Entertainment will be unable to provide further information regarding the specific time an account will become accessible again. This action has been taken in accordance with the Terms of Use ( and our game policies ( According to the World of Warcraft Terms of Use, to which all players agree when installing World of Warcraft, Section 5, Paragraph C [Rules Related to Game Play] states that you may not do anything that Blizzard Entertainment considers contrary to the "essence" of World of Warcraft. Be aware that any additional inappropriate actions may result in the permanent closure of the account. With that being said, we have reset the password to the World of Warcraft account ********. Please use the new password that has been sent to your registered e-mail address to log into the game client first. After you have successfully logged into the World of Warcraft, you may proceed to the Account Management page to set the password as you choose. It may take up to one day for our system to generate and send the temporary password; your patience in this matter is appreciated. If you have not received a temporary password within one day of receiving this message, please check your: · Spam folder · Junk Mail folder · Suspect Mail folder If you are still unable to locate the temporary password message, please contact us at For the continued security of the account, please log in at and take the following steps: · Verify that your contact information is accurate; update it if necessary · create a new, not-easily guessed, secure personal password; has password creation tips. Please be sure to maintain safe Internet practices and safeguard all World of Warcraft account information for the most secure gaming experience. Feel free to contact us with any further questions or concerns you may have. For more computer/Internet safety and security tips, please visit Any disputes or questions concerning this account action can only be addressed by Account Administration. To learn more about how Account Administration is able to assist you, please visit us at We thank you in advance for respecting our position and hope that you will continue to enjoy your gaming experience in World of Warcraft. Regards, Hacilus Account Administration Blizzard Entertainment

linda: ok

Me: k :)

linda: ok, my partner responded me

Me: kk

linda: it didnt shows ur acc is banned, it justt shows ur pass is wrong

linda: so ur acc is not banned,

Me: yes, when wow accounts get banned pass resets

Me: hold on let me get it

linda: so it is not a banned thing,

Me: yes it is


linda: it maybe just frozen, and u can get the new pass from blizzard,

Me: **************
Me: Is pass

linda: the trainer just tried ,

Me: Really?

linda: the infor just showed ur pass is wrong,

Me: Wait here pls

Me: ill check

linda: didnt say the acc was banned,

Me: brb :)

linda: kk

Me: Hey, tell him again

linda: ok ?

Me: I Just tryed it, it worked but tell him to read it carfully

Me: i have a snap shot

linda: it worked so means ur acc is not banned, right ?

Me: Ok listen to me ok?

Me: You cant logg in and play it says your account is suspended

linda: ok

linda: u need contact with blizzard,

Me: Want me to send you a snap shot?

Me: Why, you got it banned

linda: we tried , it didnt show ur acc was banned, ok ?

Me: Yes it doese lol..

Me: Wow..

linda: u can contact with blizzard for more details

Me: This isnt right..

Me: Okay well whatever you can lie all you wnt.

Me: want*

linda: no,

linda: we never lie,

linda: just tell u the truth

Me: You just did.


Me: Got a e-mail so i can send a pic?

linda: dont need, our trainers dont need cheat us,

Me: ha, funny well your trainer is a joke, or maybey your trainer is a bot.

linda: no,

linda: he is a real person

linda: ok ?

Me: Ah, I Do not believe it's humanly possible to play for 3 days straight and, stay in the same spot all day killing the same thing's not even moving once and doesn't respond to anything also, it is CLEAR it is a bot He lies to you, and for this i will not sell you any more gold that i farm, so good luck in your business.

linda: who told u he play for 3 days stratightly ?

Me: No one told me i saw it for myself

Me: and Blizzard even noticed it.

linda: wow, u got on line for 3 days ? ??

Me: Nope, Every hours or two id check on the account

Me: The account was in the same spot doing the same exact motions

Me: you know im right..

Me: Just dont want to admit it.

Me: i understand.

Me: But tell the staff they were good especially Amily she helped me out alot and i did for her too.

linda: yes, u also said every hours, then how did u know he didnt rest when u were not online ???

Me: Like i said it was my friends account, He told me when you were online and offline and the accoutn nver logged.

Me: Im going to file a dispute

linda: anyway, we didnt make ur acc banned, and ur acc was not banned , bye '

Chat session has been terminated by the site operator
los lier.


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  • J
      7th of May, 2008
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    hAHA nice convo that was some good reading. If i was interested in selling an account is there any place that doesnt run a scam operation?

  • Br
      12th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    Hey sorry that you guys had trouble...

    In the future if you are checking for virtual currency vendors to try to avoid getting scammed check out this site that I found:

    It lists full consumer-reports-like vendor reviews of all of the top vendors, and has a pretty sweet price matching feature along with some graphs. That way you can find the cheapest prices along with the best customer service for all the major MMO's. I've had great gold purchasing experiences since I started using it.

  • Er
      21st of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes = = = = = = = Scamer!!! is best for me

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