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The following is a summary of my bad experience with a WoW gold selling company based in Beijing, China. It was the last chat after over TEN HOURS of chat with live help during a week. Hello, how may I help you?

me: I have been waiting 7 days for my wow gold to arrive '' said she changed my realm info to ******** for a face to face trade because the sender was BANNED in the first realm. '' also said alot of your collectors have been banned for using gold farming BOTS and it is ‘VERY VERY’ hard to collect gold since last week? I was also told days ago my order was in processing in this new realm and the sender was above lvl 50… It’s been days since my realm info was changed and Yesterday I was told your guy still has ‘NO’ gold I was also told the sender IS being payed so what is he doing? hello,my guy said that the gold on that server is out of stock,u need to wait more long time.

me: what has he been doing all this time? he was banned,we need to find another acc.

me: BANNED AGAIN?!? i have characters in the following realms... do you have any lvl 50+ in these 5 realms... ******** ********** *********** ********** *********** my guy said to me that the acc on other servers have their job for sending golds.if we transfer u to another server,u will wait for one more long time.

me: it says on your website gold delivery 'promise' of 1-3 days is that true? but we met with an accident ,our acc was banned.

me: Yes twice… but if the account was banned in my realm you've set the order info to it will takes months for someone to create a new account and lvl up past lvl 50+ ? we can buy a new one

me: why would you buy an account when you offer a 'power leveling' service yourself? lol sorry,im not sure about this.

me: your site claims to be able to get to lvl 50+ char in 14 days so your telling me you know nothing about the powerleveling service you offer? Lol nevermind…

me: you have no way of contacting your sending department? im afraid that.

me: ic

me: we have a problem then :) i already cancelled the order, u will get ur money back,then u can place a new order. Thank you for chatting. and welcome to Good-bye.

(That said I did receive a refund to my HUGE surprise after the 7 days of pain with livechat support)


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  • Wo
      Jul 20, 2008

    Dude, using hacks or paid someone else to lvl for you is already against the ToS
    and Withgames is NOT located in beijin you noob.
    withgames is not even accociet with the Wow game itself.
    its like buying stuff from black market, there is no warrenty or cashback grarrentee.
    so stfu thanks.

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  • Br
      Aug 12, 2008

    Hey sorry that you guys had trouble...

    In the future if you are checking for virtual currency vendors to try to avoid getting scammed check out this site that I found:

    It lists full consumer-reports-like vendor reviews of all of the top vendors, and has a pretty sweet price matching feature along with some graphs. That way you can find the cheapest prices along with the best customer service for all the major MMO's. I've had great gold purchasing experiences since I started using it.

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  • Ma
      Sep 16, 2008 - currency
    San Jose
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    its been 4 days and my currency order is not yet available. I've been chatting with customer service for days but they keep on saying its not available and no refund.

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  • Tr
      Oct 06, 2008

    I made a small currency order and have not recieved it. There website claims it takes 1 hour to recieve, its been over 24 hours. I have chatted with customer service many times, each time I have been told they are "gathering" my order. Other excuses have been "the guy just is getting back from holiday" and "all plat farmers were banned from that server today, everyone is out of plat". When I asked for a refund they said there "system is down" and I should check back later. DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE!!

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  • An
      Nov 08, 2008

    To be honest, you seem like a bit of a jerk. The sales rep was pretty calm and explained the problem. Learn some patience.

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  • Wo
      Dec 23, 2008

    they have done the same to me, i have been on there "livechat" 11 times over the last 4 days, been lied to every time, they it will be only 2 hrs.
    How you get your money back is, if you have payed by paypal, just start a complaint with them. Don't even bother talking to withgames, they are completely hopeless in every regard. But as soon as they get the paypal complaint they will refund straight away cause if they get a bad paypal rep no one will ever by of them (which would the best option from the start, cause they are a joke)

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  • Re
      Sep 13, 2009

    Lazy idiot gamers who use gold-selling sites amuse me when they complain about getting ripped off.

    You ARE the problem.


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  • Ze
      Oct 05, 2009

    ordered small amount of gold to see if this company was legit. they claim they delivered the gold via ingame mail. my account received no gold.

    this website is a scam.

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  • Er
      Jan 21, 2010

    omg, is scam~~~~!!!
    i think is best

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  • Er
      Jan 21, 2010 = = = = = = = Scamer!!! is best for me

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  • An
      Apr 19, 2010

    I agree. This is a scam. They locked me out of my account after a few days and I have never been able to recover it even though I have all the information they say they need.
    Buyer Beware!!! Do not buy from this company, , , withgames_affiliation.

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