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Winning in the cash flow business / Selling Real Estate notes beware

1 FL, United States Review updated:

If you are like me and my husband after being laid off we have tried almost everything to find work or income.This real estate scam is the bigest fraud out there.At first they just wanted $40.00 then no sooner then they, sent us this package, they were calling us and trying to get us to give them 4, 000 dollars. They did set up a website but then pulled it.They keep e-mailing us with stuff that reads. Last chance how can you turn this down! There also was one that read if you don't want to even try, then we will give you $70 just to pass us on to a friend.I don't know about everyone else but we need to make money not spend it.
I could kick myself really, because if you really listen he kills hiself in saying"You need no money to buy these notes, just call people to obtain them and sell it for those people".Yet in the next phrase it is"You will own tons of notes".He totally re-words his self.
There are people out there who have spent thousands of dollars on this please beware.

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  • La
      2nd of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Work from home,,, (this is Teletech, they take calls for major fortune 500 companies), google Cloud10 they only pay 8 or so per hour but it is better than less than nothing. These are legitimate work at home companies that pay hourly wages, or per talk minute (in fact, when you called to order, you probably spoke to one of these at home agents/employees). The website, has legitimate at home companies who have you sign W2's or I9's. Depending on what you are interested in, you can find something that suits your situation. $40 would have paid for your headset phone for a legitimate job.

  • Di
      26th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    What you get are 3 little booklets, and a couple CDs and some extra "free fluff" reports that don't even begin to cover the business in depth enough for you to succeed. That's because most of the money they make is by trying to "coach" you to make sense of their woefully inadequate course of study.

    I got constant emails and calls (sometimes 8-10 calls A DAY to my cell phone!) asking me to participate in this or that offer to help me succeed...but I thought "isn't that what I had already spent money on?!?" These "helpful offers" ranged from hundreds of dollars to THOUSANDS of dollars. After hours and hours and days and days of wasting my time trying to find notes WITHOUT spending thousands on advertising and additional "helpful programs" from Russ I came to the realization I had been taken by one of those too good to be true "get rich quick" scams. The most lucrative offer I got was to BUY a website from him to promote HIS cash flow business and he offered to pay 90$ per referral. Here is an actual quote from his email he sent me about that: "All I ask in return is that you tell your friends, family, neighbors-everyone you know, who you think can benefit from making extra money-to visit my Winning in the Cash Flow Business website."

    Yeah right, like I want to foist this stinker off to other people and pretend it's great just to get 90$ from Russ. At least my reputation and integrity is worth more then that to me.
    There are better programs out there that can help you make your dreams come true.
    Russ Dalbey's program is not one of them.
    -Diane Augustine
    You can find out more about me by going to:

  • La
      6th of May, 2010
    +2 Votes

    This is definetly the biggest scam out there. I guess what bothers me the most is that my father out of financial desperation spent $4, 000 on this scam and that is money we cannot get back. They put extreme pressure on him to make him hurry up and pay the money off his credit card. Here it is 3 years later and my dad is still paying off that debt with not one penny made back in return. This is a scam. Dont suffer like my family has.

  • Vi
      15th of Sep, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I can’t even put it into words ... am in a desperate situation in my life - mom had a stroke, have made several sacrifices to keep her out of a nursing home- sold car, rented out condo - moved in with mom, - spent a small fortune in paying for care-giving services while I am at work .. etc. The winning in the cash flow business was my way out. Today I was pressured on the phone for 40 minutes to pay 10, 000 to become a part of the winning circle which would give me all the tools I need to become finical independent. They told me that they guarantee the program -- but just can’t guarantee how hard I really want it. When I told Mr. King - (Dalbleys right hand man) that I cannot afford to pay the 10, 000 that if something else would happen to my mother it would affect our lively-hood, I am struggling as it is--that I will continue the program at home and try to become successful that way... All he could do is say how I really didn’t want my dreams to come true etc... I have never felt so vulnerable- ---he was never concerned with how much I already have done at home - my progress, or acknowledge how much time and money I have already put into this program -- all he would say - again and again - is to be a man, take a chance on making your dreams come true, that I really do not want to be important or successful, and finally he asked me why I was wasting his time. - I really thought this was to good to be true - and never should of dared to dream!

  • Ri
      18th of Nov, 2010
    +2 Votes

    i agree this russ delby is a scam he should be sued and report to the feds or some agency or some one that knows what to do to stop him from stealing peoples money

  • Ky
      22nd of Nov, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I agree it is a SCAM...You know it's sad that people like Russ Delby takes advantage of people like us well not everyone like us but i am sure there is more then enough...Be advised people this is a SCAM to suck you in so he can empty your bank account.. Cause if you listen to his payment terms it says no checks or money order, he wants you to pay by credit do that and he is gonna suck the Green out of your wallets..I give this 100 thumbs down x a 1, 000, 000...I did alot of research on this and i yet to find something positive about it !!!

  • Ad
      13th of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I want to thank you all for your in-put on the cash flow business. I was looking to buy this program, but I thought I'd come on the Complaint Board and see if there were any disturbing stories. To my surprise, I cant believe there are no legitatemate home-base businesses where people do not have to put any money into it.

  • Tr
      26th of Feb, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I'm sorry to hear how someone can rip you off and still be allowed to be on TV. The BBB should be able to shut them down. Yes it sound like a wonderful business but what you must do first is to check if there is any complaints

  • Ga
      27th of Feb, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Thank you all for your info on this company. I just viewed the show and was thinking of purchasing the business, when I decided to see if it was listed on Complaints Board. Luckily for me, I read the comments above and now what little cash I have will not be wasted on this scam. One thing I don't understand is why "Winning in the Cash Flow Business" is a Complaint Board sponsor. While looking at this page, I discovered the link to "Russ Winning in the Cash Flow Business" at the top of the page. I have to say I was very disappointed to see it listed at the top of the page, just above the letters ii thinking that Complaint Board would be more discriminating with the companies they advertising for.

  • Tr
      27th of Feb, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I'm happy you found out before it's to late and send (money)

  • He
      18th of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    If it worked like they say it does they wouldnt have anyone working in the call center, i called and asked the call center ladie wait if this works like you say it does why are you working there if you could make so much she just kept saying im not aloud to buy it or else no one would work here i told her to quit and buy it she laughed and changed the subject. What a scamah

  • Wa
      18th of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Just a quick note - the Better Business Bureau is a business, FOR PROFIT. Although they claim they are a watchdog/enforcer for the Consumer - they also get paid by companies to "look the other way" when needed. It's EXACTLY like "Consumer Reports". Think about it - how else would Consumer Reports be in business if companies & manufacturers weren't paying for closed lips? They practically give their book away for free! So where and how do they get money to pay employees and print their publications? From companies just like this latest "Cash Flow" scam. Wake up America!

  • Da
      22nd of May, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Just a short note here, I read all the posted comments and just wanted to say to Gaylemac that most of the time on Websites where Google advertisment are displayed the owner of that site have no say in what Google places on their site. also I am glad I read your comments because I was thinking about the cash flow business but now its a distant memory, my only wish is that I could find a way to let people know before they find themselves in the situation some of you have found yourselves.

  • Ms
      25th of May, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! We were also looking into buying this program after we just watched it and I thought I am going to look online to see what I can find on this. Thankfully I found these complaints and can no use the $40 on a half of tank of gas. :)

  • Ca
      28th of Jun, 2011
    +1 Votes

    It' amazing that this "offer" is still running on TV in June of 2011. I just saw it at 8:15 this morning and while it sounded good, my instincts told me to do some online research. I'm glad I found this site and thank you to those who explain, in detail, just how insidious this company is. Unbelievable. Thank you also to the person who mentioned that the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Reports are also for profit companies who sell ad space and reports. Much appreciated, you all.

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