Wingstop / manager diana

I called corporate concerning an incident at the wing stop Vermont location located at: 8330 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90044. i went there early January 2016 and asked about a replacement for an order of wings I never received (wings with a purchase of a 32oz soda from a promo lakers text). I informed a young lady there by the name of Diana about the situation. She asked me who did I speak to about the manner, to which I replied I couldn't remember the person's name. She goes on to say she was the only person I could have talked to because I described I called around the same time I go to pick up wings which would be between 6:30-7pm during the week. I had never seen her there nail that day. Therefore, I know she was not the person I could have spoken to. She insisted that I spoke to no one and told me they weren't going to anything about the wings in a very rude tone. as I turned to place my order with the young lady that was taking it, Diana told the young lady not to take my order. I asked her for what. She wouldn't answer me. She simply told the young lady to refuse me service and did not give me a reason as to why. This was the most rude, unwarranted, poor customer service I have ever received to have someone refuse me service simply because you perceive I have an attitude or because you don't like the tone of my voice. Her bizarre and extremely rude behavior is a serious violation of customer service ethics. You need to have a reason to refuse a customer service other than the fact that you don't possess the necessary customer service skills to deal with customers, but instead make a personal outrageous decision to refuse them service because you don't like their tone. This type of behavior can be detrimental to a business and does not need to be taken lightly. If that's all it takes, any customer that she comes across who speaks to her in a tone that isn't pleasant to her will be refused service. As I've stated this is very bizarre and extreme behavior. I made the complaint to corporate and never got a response as to the outcome of this matter. I will pursue this until this individual is dealt with in a way befitting to her unnecessary, rude actions.

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