Wilson & Fishercrackle glass solar lights

I have many brands of solar lights around my yard with many of them working with no problem for even 5 years without replacing batteries. I have 10 Wilson & Fisher solar bought during the spring/summer of 2016 at Big Lots. They are the crackle glass globes. Initially I bought 5. But after 2-3 months and in direct sun during the day they stopped lighting up at nite. So I replaced the batteries but they still did not work! So I decided to buy 5 more of the same. I asked the manager at Big Lots if any he had any customer complaints regarding these crackle globes & he said no one reported any problems. But I couldn't return them because it was past the 90 days. So I bought 5 more thinking the original 5 was a "bad batch".See Top 10 Worst Companies in Bethlehem, PAAnd again they worked fine for about 2 months then stopped working. I spent hours taking them apart & again replacing the batteries but only 1 has a slight "flicker" at nite time. I have placed them in various areas around my house. Even taking them inside my house into darkened rooms just to test them. But nothing has worked. So now I am stuck with 10 lights that cost $4.50 each for a total of $45.00. The lights are so pretty & the neighbors wondered why I no longer have them outside! I would like Wilson & Fisher to contact me. Maybe there is a problem with this type of light because the little solar panel is actually inside the globe instead of on the outside??? I cannot find any contact information for Wilson & Fisher and I saw their products are sold thru various stores including Big Lots & even thru Amazon.

May 18, 2017

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