Wildblue / Lies

1 Austin, TX, US

I hope anyone looking at WildBlue for service reads these comments first.

After having Direct TV installed and not having internet for awhile (since there was no additional bandwidth with the DSL in my area) I called WildBlue. There was an insert in Direct TV's handouts they left with me.

First they advertise one price, then tell you while you are on the phone that because of the high volume of installs they are doing in the area, that price is no longer available.

The order taker I spoke with was very adamant that I would not need a pole installed, only to find out later that was not the case and it would be in the neighborhood of $150.00 to have the pole installed.

Being that I felt I was misled, I called 2 days after the order was placed to cancel the service. I was then told there would be a $50 restocking fee. I argued that I wouldn't even be having a conversation with them if they were honest to begin with. The two folks I visited with and pleaded my case to were extremely rude and couldn't care less what my story was.

I will post comments on every site I find and complain to anyone that will listed. They seem to be a very dishonest BEWARE.

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